How To Do Cat Makeup

The image of graceful and graceful catwoman is suitable Catwoman for Halloween, but also for any other party where you need to look attractive and unusual. And when creating this image, the most important thing is to make the “cat” makeup without missing even the smallest detail.

Features Of The Cat Makeup

Sly, attractive, mysterious – that is how you can characterize the look of a cat, and therefore creating this type of makeup is very important to emphasize the eyes.

Then it will be necessary to accurately, but initially draw a mustache and nose, highlighting the cheekbones to look like a natural “cat’s face.” And another accent is the lips, for which it is desirable to choose lipstick with a bright and catchy color.

At first, glance, creating cat makeup will require some special cosmetic equipment and professional means. However, as practice shows, it can be done with the most common improvised means in the cosmetic bag of every girl who cares about her beauty and attractiveness.

Cat Makeup Step By Step

The creation of such a makeup takes place in several successive stages:

  1. Skin preparation To ensure makeup does not lose its original appearance, does not spoil the mood, memorable photos/videos, and in general, the whole celebration, it must be as durable. To achieve durability, the skin should be treated with skin primer, removing shine, evening out the topography, and disguise minor breakouts.
  2. Drawing the eyes Yes, this step should be the second, and you can apply the base only after that. Otherwise, the shadow in the eye makeup process can crumble and ruin the perfect tone.
  3. Application of the tone You can choose the usual shade, but as for the formula itself, it is better to give preference to a stable and dense foundation. After this, it will be necessary to use sculpting powder, with the help of which it will be necessary to highlight the cheekbones. This product allows you to sharpen the shape of the face and make it look like a cat’s face.
  4. Drawing of eyebrows There are no particular recommendations. The main thing is to accentuate the upper contour. To give realism, you can brush the hairs up and arrange them, applying the transparent gel.
  5. Drawing the nose and antennae It is better to use a soft black pencil, which holds well and does not smudge. Also, on the cheeks can be applied a discreet blush the main thing is not to overdo it with color.
  6. Lip makeup Ideally, if the cat makeup will be complemented by creating an ombré effect on the lips – the central area is painted with a light shade of lipstick, and the contour – with a dark one. In general, any bright lipstick that has a liquid matte texture will do.
  7. Fixing the makeup It is enough to spray your face with any makeup fixing spray, and you can be sure that your makeup will stay fresh and attractive for a long time.

As for making your eyes more expressive, there are different options. It all depends on personal preferences and the availability of the necessary tools. The most popular way is a clear drawing of long and thick arrows, which line goes beyond the outer corner of the eye. At the end you can make a flirty sharpening.

The cat eye is no less interesting, which implies a combination of an arrow and shadows, visually raising the outer corners. And another way is the famous smoky eye, which uses a pencil or eyeliner to trace an elongated contour along the growth line of the eyelashes on the lower eyelid.

In the end, you must thoroughly color lashes with permanent mascara.

Important Recommendations

“Cat” makeup is suitable for any face, regardless of the clarity of the oval, cheekbones size, lips, and cut of the eyes. However, it does not hurt to know about some tricks:

  • If the eyes are convex, it is better to highlight only the upper eyelid when tracing them.
  • If the eyes are far apart, it is better to lengthen the arrow from the inner corner.
  • If the eyes are close to each other, it is better to make the outer corners of the eyelid visible.

In addition, the shadow should always be applied before drawing the arrows with a pencil or eyeliner and before applying the main tone. And to emphasize the lower eyelid (where mucous lines are supposed to be drawn), it is preferable to use a kajal. It is a special soft pencil that makes a clear line even with the lightest possible touch.

Above are the basic steps of cat makeup in the classic style. If you wish, you can try to complete this makeup with a beautiful drawing, which will give your face a real cat’s face. Only in this case, be sure to need a suitable costume because it will be extremely difficult to create a spectacular, festive, and stylish image without it.

The right approach to creating cat makeup, following a step-by-step sequence and the choice in favor of permanent makeup, will allow from the beginning of the party until the morning to remain the queen of the occasion and attract the rapturous glances of others.

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