How To Diversify Your Office Image With Stylish Blouses 2022

Decorative Finish

Blouses of 2022, as a choice, will be equipped with large and massive decorations. Fashion has decided that jewelry should not be a light finishing touch but the main accent of the piece. Whatever the style of the blouse, it will be fashionable to place beautiful voluminous made-on ruffles on the front and back shelves, which may be vertical or horizontal.

Giant jabot collars, sleeves of several “steps” complemented by strips of material, are in fashion. The square fabric insertion on the chest is often framed by ruffles, artificially given the ironing effect. The sleeves were brought back with romantic ruffles. The fashion blouses of 2021-2022 are breaking out of the ordinary. They are designed to show their individuality.

Another fashion trend that will prevail in 2022 is the tuck on one shoulder, which looks like several flounces gathered together. The other sleeve, at this time, is decorated with fabric stripes of small width. Such a fashionable blouse looks both chic and youthful.

Guipure appliques and translucent fabrics, which will decorate the fashionable blouses for Fall-Winter 2021-2022 season, have acquired a new breath. Lace trimmings perfectly combined with satin. Applique can accentuate a separate part of the piece and occupy almost the entire area.

In fashion, translucent models of blouses with a deep neckline, decorated with guipure patches. White blouses 2022 will look great with black “cobwebs” reminiscent of the forest thickets. In addition, a rough belt, epaulettes with long fringe, massive pearls on the collar will fit in here.

There will be relevant voluminous bows on the neck, made of the same material as the blouse or from some other. It can play the role of a clasp or be a decorative element, replacing the usual collar. Place a bow on the front, as well as on the back, on the half-naked back. Either way, the element gives the image a unique presentability.

Drawings And Prints

Silk, knitted, chiffon blouses 2022 are suitable for women of all ages and complexion. They can be bright or monochrome, with geometric or abstract prints.

You are free to choose what to wear, the best blouses of the season, because they are almost universal. Especially since stylish blouses in plaids, stripes, and polka dots are still fashionable. Peas and flowers look best on satin or silk.

Futuristic prints on space, planets, comets and flying saucers will be very relevant. They can be presented cartoonishly or in abstract form. Such clothing items can be worn on vacation, and everyday life leans toward the usual checkered or striped. There are also mesh blouses, which are often combined with velvet and embroidered with various stones or three-dimensional patterns. Such a sexy outfit is suitable for a romantic evening.

As for the individual colours, shades of steel, gold and other metals are trending. It will be the most successful colour solution in 2022. They are combined with elements of the boho style – ethnic appliques, ribbons, and bows. The blouse should shine and shimmer, and it will be correct to complement it with a modest monochrome bottom so that the image does not look garish. Of course, it is impossible to ignore the classic white blouses, suitable for any day or event. They are invariably included in any capsule closet.

Shades of gray – ash, pearl, and graphite – are not inferior. Most often, they are used on silk or chiffon. Other topical colours: fuchsia, brick red, dark green, cream, beige, and deep blue. Often these colours are used to form animalistic or other bright prints.


In 2022 you should pay attention to feminine and delicate blouses with a zipper. They are beautiful and can hide figure flaws, so they are ideal for overweight women. In general, for the obese, the year 2022 can be a chance to dress very beautifully and stylishly. Asymmetric fashion blouses will also help in this – they look unusually bold and extravagant. If desired, they can be incorporated even into a business style.

Timeless classics are blouses with a basque, so beautiful and coquettish. They can be made of silk and decorated with lace decorations. Also a great option for summer is an open back.

To complement the effect, you can wear high-heeled shoes. The length of the blouse can be different. The same applies to the sleeve length. A blouse with short sleeves can be suitable for a walk in the street and work in the office. It all depends on its style.

Blouses for girls with open shoulders will be very popular in 2022. With its help, it is very easy to create a variety of images – being short, it can play the role of only background, and elongated, on the contrary, serves as the main detail of the closet. Strapless blouses can be sleeveless with long sleeves, and each option is unique. In addition, in recent years, comfort and versatility have been in fashion, so fashion designers focus mainly on this. You can throw a fur vest on the blouse if it is cool outside.

Winter and autumn seasons do not allow you to wear too open clothing, so the novelties include blouses with high neckline. This detail will emphasize the slimness and length of a woman’s neck, as well as allow you to do without a scarf under the outerwear. If the blouse is complemented by a one-piece sleeve cut, the image becomes even more solid and strict. Such a thing can be worn with midi length pants or skirts, it looks very noble.

Many people’s favourite shirts will also play with new colours. It is one of the most versatile types of blouses. The shirt can be monochrome, striped or checked, but it perfectly combines with almost any bottom. An interesting option is to wear a shirt on top of a thin, knitted turtleneck. You should also definitely consider shirts made of thin denim. The flirtatiously unbuttoned top button will give an element of mystery to the image.


Fall 2022 and Winter 2022 will offer the most fashionable blouses in almost any material. Silk, knitwear, and more will be in fashion. Chiffon, cotton and linen blouses will be in fashion. From 2022, fashionable blouses may even be made of suede or leather.

The trendy blouses will also be made of transparent guipure and organza. These materials are well suited for creating all kinds of bows or jabots. They are often embroidered with beads or imitation jewels.

Beautifully combined such blouses with long skirts of any fabric, even wool. There is no need for additional decorations – the image becomes complete, delicate, and romantic.

Model houses that will present new types of blouses:

  • Sonia Ryikel;
  • Francesca Liberatore;
  • Margaret Howel;
  • Fendi;
  • Baja East;
  • Maryling;
  • Chanel.

Their novelties include both classic features and fundamentally fresh ones. Silk or knitted, striped or plaid – blouses, in any case, will remain a staple of a woman’s closet.

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