How To Decorate Jeans Or Denim Shorts At Home

Jeans – a favorite item of everyday closet of many modern women. They are comfortable and stylish, spectacular and sexy, versatile and practical. Why not extend the life of your favorite clothes, even when worn out.

Old, torn, frayed or faded pants can be an excellent basis for handmade fashion creations at home. All that is required from a fashionista is a bit of imagination, a desire to create a radically original thing and to find the minimum of necessary accessories.

Decorating Ripped Jeans

These clothes are usually very durable and long-lasting. Often, your favorite jeans get bored. You can update them at home, without wasting time looking for anything else but scissors.

Older women’s jeans are laid out on a flat surface. You can do it on the floor of your house. Using a small piece of chalk or a washcloth, mark on the fabric’s surface where the cuts should be made.

Here fantasy must border on common sense. Sometimes, by making one hole, you can completely transform an old thing, instead of turning quality jeans into rags.

To create a slight “shabby” effect in the area of the hole pull a couple of threads to the frayed edges. And the brand-new item is ready.

However, for creative individuals more is needed. Lace can be used to fix the hole in the jeans. It looks unusual and stylish on women’s clothing, also advantageously presents children’s jeans.

A New Colour For Old Things

Denim is one of those few fabrics that are fertile ground for all sorts of experiments with dyeing. Dyeing fabrics when the product has significantly lost its original “commercial” colour or just because of boredom.

We are not planning to do simple manipulations such as changing from one monochrome colour to another. Study how to decorate jeans in the on-trend “space” style.

Initially, the denim should be dark. Prepare a spray bottle with bleach, acrylic paints in different colours, an old toothbrush and a small sponge. This “young artist” kit is not difficult to find in any home.

The jeans are laid out on the floor on a protective sheet. First, a little bit of bleach is dripped randomly on the fabric. It will show itself very quickly. Orange stains will appear on the surface. The light areas are further treated with bleach to whiten the fabric even more.

Several colours of acrylic paint are mixed with a sponge and gently worked into the orange areas. Using a brush dipped in white paint, you can make very believable clusters of stars with your hands.

The coloring must be everywhere for the space print to look organic and the product itself to look holistic. This includes on the bottom of the pants and places with seams, pockets and possible accessories.

Bead Scattering: Glamorous Solutions

The most popular way to update old jeans is to give them a glamorous gloss. The easiest way to do it with your hands is with beads, rhinestones or stones of all colours. Ornate patterns can be created on the entire surface of a pair of pants or on the pockets and bottom only.

If the pattern consists solely of sequins, you will need the strongest and most reliable glue. With rhinestones, you need to get used to working. The sequins are “set” on the adhesive liquid, quickly forming the desired pattern on the surface.

Drawing with beads, beads or pearls is formed with a needle. Nowadays, pearl scattering in random order is very fashionable. For a spectacular transformation, you can take several dozen large beads. Having placed the pearls at a large and, preferably, equal distance from each other, the jeans’ front segment is only decorated with pearls.

Small rhinestones or rather tiny pearls adorn the front and back pockets and the waistline. Choosing the pattern, colour, size and texture of the accessories is imperative to remember that stylish and appealing decor looks only if carefully thought out. Here it is extremely imperative not to go overboard.

Bold Drawings

Sometimes before you decorate jeans, it is worth carefully considering all the nuances of the future transformation. Sometimes, it’s enough to follow your inspiration and devise the most daring and unthinkable improvisation.

In the case of the drawing on jeans, you can improvise to infinity. It’s enough to arm yourself with fabric markers. Even if you don’t have any artistic skills, that’s okay.

Let the drawing look naive and childish. This kind of imitation of children’s primitive creativity as a print on clothing is now very relevant.

Some more inspiring ideas:

  1. You can use lace as a stencil. Instead of sewing on a delicate fabric, it is applied to the jeans and imitates interesting patterns;
  2. Create a stencil (you can form if you want quite a complex pattern or a whole plot picture) and use it to update old jeans;
  3. As a pattern, you can make an imitation of ethnic embroidery.

Shorts: A New Variation Of The Old Pants

Shorts – that’s it, new life for even the oldest and most worn out pants! All it takes for a stunning transformation is to take preliminary measurements and trim the excess fabric.

It is possible to shabby or trim a new piece of clothing, giving the cropped jeans even more texture and relevance. Shorts are a piece of clothing with which you can continue to experiment.

For example, the bottom and pockets of “updates” can be decorated with lace. Excellent seem with white decorations on dark blue jeans. Black jeans shorts seem incredibly stylish with snow-white lace and a couple of large pearls. With rhinestones or stones, the shorts seem less spectacular.

You can also play on the contrast in another way. For example, white or light blue shorts or pants may be complemented by black textured lace. In this case, small accents with rhinestones will be very helpful. Also look good with black matte beads.

Embroidery: Expensive Exclusive

Embroidery probably won’t surprise anyone. If it is handmade with exceptional quality and in a bold bright design, it becomes a work of fashion art.

For true handymen and needlewomen willing to spend hours on such an amazing craft, it will take them only a few days to completely change the old shabby jeans.

Suppose we are talking about complex, textured ornaments and unusual prints of large size. In that case, other elements of decor should be forgotten. Complementing the product with lace, pearls, or stones is optional.

In contrast, if the embroidery is small, you can add volume with all kinds of decorative elements: beads, pearls, sequins, and sequins. Drawings on clothes are the only decorative device you should avoid. Otherwise, drawing on some elements can create the impression of incomplete decor, as if the embroidery is unfinished, and there are only outlined sketches.

Creativity in all its forms is beautiful. That’s what all the famous designers say. When it comes to clothing, the most important thing is to enjoy wearing it. It should create a mood, be comfortable, and fit into a certain philosophy of life. You must remember when modifying your favorite thing, even if it’s very old.

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