How To Decorate A Straw Hat Or Felt Hat

Ordinary is boring without interesting details. You only need to wear the right hat to make a stunning impression. Eight out of ten people spend their entire lives wearing a hat with the same shape that fits perfectly on their head and highlights their facial features. There’s no need to change your favorite hat for a stylish one every time you want to create a stylish look, just decorate it in the right way!

Hatmaker’S Tools: Getting Ready For A Makeover

Making a small miracle with your hands is possible if you have in advance the right tools and beautiful materials.

Tools needed:

  • Large tailor’s scissors
  • Handy awl
  • Set of needles (small and large)
  • Sturdy coloured threads, for reliable stitching of dense fabrics
  • White chalk, a piece of soap for cutouts
  • Glue gun for straw hats
  • Acrylic paints for fabric
  • Stencils for prints

Useful materials:

  • Colored ribbons of different widths, lace
  • Wooden, plastic and glass beads, small and large beads, rhinestones of different shapes, sequins
  • Large and small buttons, original brooches, unusual badges
  • Pieces of fabric with different textures, ornaments.

Old-time needlewomen know that you can transform any thing with your own hands. All it takes is a bit of imagination to turn a boring hat into a work of art!

Original Summer Hat Decoration

Straw hats protect from the summer heat, but rarely survive one or two seasons. Therefore, manufacturers rarely succeed with truly original products. Of course, you can endure and wear a boring model, but why? After all, a summer hat is so easy to decorate!

Flowers and berries

It is easier to decorate a woman’s hat with artificial flowers or berries. The flowers can be made by your own hands from suitable fabrics, or you can buy ready-made ones in a needlework store.

  • Choose the ribbon that will encircle the hat. Thin ribbons of translucent material are best made neatly along the edges, and thick ribbons can be secured with hot-melt glue.
  • Assemble the composition of flowers, fix the “bouquet” with threads, and then glue it on the hat.
  • For decoration, you can use no more than 2-3 colours, so as not to turn the hat into a flowerbed. The colour of the ribbon and one of the flowers (preferably the largest) should match – this will give the product sophistication.

Draping the sides with fabric

A beach hat can be transformed by using fabric with summer patterns (flowers, fruits, nautical scenes, butterflies).

  • Put the hat on the fabric and trace the outline with white chalk, soap, or a simple pencil.
  • Sketch the diameter of the inner cone (put on the head) on the fabric.
  • Cut off the circled areas. The resulting “bagel” is placed on the special adhesive cloth and repeat the procedure.
  • Align both fabrics (regular and adhesive) and fasten them with needles on the inside or outside of the hat.
  • Go over the sides of the hat thoroughly with the iron. Make sure the fabric is securely fastened.
  • Make the edges of the hat neater with lace braid or thin ribbon. Secure the ribbon to the hat with hot melt glue.

Homemade stencils

Creative women do not need to use ready-made materials for decorating hats, because you can create original prints with your own hands! To do this, you need to choose a design and create a stencil.

  • Take a moderately thick rubber and put a pattern on it (for example, an apple with a leaf).
  • Cut out the stencil with a box cutter or fine scissors, glue it to a small wooden board.
  • Apply acrylic paint (fabric or wood) to the resulting print and make three or four impressions.
  • The first print will be the sharpest, and the subsequent prints will seem paler. This ensures that the hat will not be overloaded with bright elements.
  • If you only want to add two or three apples per hat, then apply fresh paint before each new impression.

Scarves, ribbons

The easiest way to decorate a woman’s hat with your own hands are bright ribbons, airy scarves. Would you like to change your image often, but are unable to find a hat in the right shape? Change the ribbons often!

  • Choose a ribbon of a suitable colour and wrap the hat with it, fixing the place for the future bow with a pin.
  • Take the threads of the background colour and “dot” sew the ribbon to the straw. The distance between the dots depends on the density of the fabric (the thinner, the more often). Don’t forget to stitch the joints.
  • Wrap the ribbon twice around the cone to hide the made areas and tie a beautiful bow.
  • Don’t intend to swap one ribbon for another in the future? You can use hot melt glue instead of thread!

Any summer hat can be decorated with your own hands – stock up on the right materials and start experimenting!

The Mysterious Autumn – Malleable Felt

A felt hat can be decorated even by a novice needlewoman, following the basic recommendations.

Forget the glue!

Felt hats never fall out of style and are easy to repair. It’s easy to restore the former stitches with felting tools, but it’s impossible to remove the glue marks. Remember that felt “doesn’t like” glue – use “fallod old fashioned” thread!

Minimal decorations

A felt hat is stylish on its own, so it does not need bulky or pretentious details. Decorate the product with original elements, but do not go overboard with their quantity or colour. Use complementary rather than contrasting colours.

Consistency of style

By decorating a fedora with your own hands, it is easy to give the classic silhouette the right mood. Try to use jewelry that complements the style of clothing.

How to decorate a fedora?

Hat made of felt can be transformed with the help:

Beautiful brooches, beads and buttons

Large pieces look gorgeous on the felt by themselves. And medium-sized badges, beads, and buttons look better as a chain. Alternate medium and small pieces to create a harmonious headband on the hat.

Ribbons on the inner cone

With your own hands it will be easy to fasten a beautiful ribbon (thin, medium width) to the hat. It is not necessary to sew the whole headband – it is enough to make discreet fastenings in 1-2 centimeters.

Dangling jewelry

Look cheerful hats made of felt, decorated with a variety of dangling ornaments – coins, flowers, leaves, butterflies. Make with your own hands preparatory holes along the edge of the hat (you can use an awl or a gypsy needle). Fix the decorative elements. The advantage of this method is that the decorations can be easily replaced if desired.

With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform any closet item! Fashion trends have changed, but you do not want to part with your favorite thing? Why not just decorate it appropriately!

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