How To Decorate A Dress: The Most Fashionable Options

Decorate a boring dress with your own hands – a creative idea that will allow you to get in the end a brand new model, which will refresh your closet and allow you to shine among your friends and colleagues in an interesting outfit.

To decorate you can use a variety of materials – beads, rhinestones, ribbons, decorative flowers, artificial pearls, lace of all kinds and satin bows.

In hardware stores you can find a lot of options for the realization of the most daring ideas. Here you just need to remember that there are some restrictions on the selection of jewelry for coloured dresses, but even in the case of a multicolour outfit you can always come up with something: for example, pick up rhinestones to match one of the bright shades present in the fabric, or lace.

Shining Beauty: Decorating A Dress With Rhinestones

The very first thought that comes to mind is to decorate the neckline or neckline of the dress with rhinestones or stones. A win-win option for almost any model! The only question is the amount and size of shiny elements.

If the dress is monochromatic, made from a dense material, there are almost no restrictions: you can embroider the top of the dress, the neckline, decorate the neckline or neckline with small beads of appropriate colour. As an option – decorate the shoulders with spectacular Swarovski crystals.

If the material is light, then heavy stones are definitely not suitable, as they will pull away the fabric and spoil the image. Here you can choose beads, light rhinestones, small stones of contrasting colours. In rare cases, you can offer to decorate the bottom of the dress – this is possible only if we are talking about a spectacular mini of dense fabric.

When decorating a dress with your own hands, the main thing is not to overdo it, in order to get a harmonious image. Therefore, it is better to choose appropriate rhinestones and beads in advance. This is because you can make an outline of the future outfit, and not to sew or glue decorative elements to begin with. Instead, you can sew or attach in order to evaluate the resulting model. In the case of glued rhinestones you will have little chance to change anything, so think several times before you turn on the iron.

It All Depends On The Style

  • For the selection of jewelry a great role is played by the style of the dress. If the dress is long and straight, the emphasis will be on the top, the hem is better left untouched. The top can be decorated with an unusual collar, complete with a bow, a flower from felt and coloured ribbons.
  • A monochrome floor-length dress definitely requires some kind of addition. Most likely, it would be more reasonable to decorate the bodice or the top of the outfit with large enough details, for example, a bright spectacular embroidery or a decorative flower. Large contrasting rhinestones are welcome. You will have a great option for a holiday! Please note: small elements on a floor-length dress can get lost.
  • The mini gives more room for creativity. A straight short dress can be transformed with lace, bows, pearls and decorative stones.

Decorating A Black Monochrome Dress

Do you have a black dress hanging in your closet for a long time, and you feel that it only clouds your closet? It’s high time to give it a new life! We tell you how to decorate a black dress with your own hands.

Here you have more room for imagination, because the black dress, as a rule, harmonizes with many accessories and design refinements. A felt flower or a crocheted flower in almost any color will look beautiful on the black background. A suitable place for design – shoulders, neckline, neckline.

In the case of a black dress, you can also decorate the hem, for example, with black lace. Bolder individuals can choose lace in red or other colors to suit their taste.

The neckline on a black dress will look very appropriate framed with small faux pearls or coloured beads. Another appropriate place to place the accessory is the belt. This area can be decorated with an artificial flower or a contrasting belt.

New Life For A Pink Dress

The pink dress is an interesting outfit that should be in any fashionista’s closet! But here’s the problem – such a dress is so remarkable that it can quickly get boring.

Decorate the red dress with white or light red ribbons. You can complement it with a spectacular bow, and accentuate the neckline with sparkling stones. If you are absolutely confident in yourself as a designer, we suggest you to try decorative elements of contrasting shades – for example, black or red stones, red or dark red bow on the belt.

Wedding Dress: Add Details

  • The bride’s dress can also be beautifully completed with your own hands. Of course, this requires more responsibility, because the wedding dress is a very special outfit, and all brides dream of looking like real queens. It is important not to spoil the gorgeous dress!
  • A wedding dress is usually characterized by an impressive neckline or deep neckline. And it is this area that can be decorated with artificial pearls, lace, satin ribbons.
  • An interesting model for the bride is a white floor-length dress. Such a dress can be embroidered along the hem with small white beads, and the bodice can be decorated with artful beadwork. However, for this you need to have the skill of an embroiderer, and it is better to assess in advance your abilities in this area, so as not to spoil the dress.
  • There is also an option to decorate the wedding dress with ready accessories: a spectacular brooch, large pearls, monochrome embroidery in white. It is recommended to decorate the belt area with a white decorative flower.

Lace Miracle

How to decorate a dress with lace? Here you have to choose materials very carefully. Not all lace can match the fabric of your dress. If we are talking about a monochrome satin dress, then there is more space for imagination: you can decorate the neckline or neckline, neckline and even the hem with lace. An original option is the side of the dress.

The top of a classic austere dress can easily be enlivened with lace in white or black. This is a win-win combination that you can safely use when decorating an outfit with your own hands. Lace looks gorgeous on a floor-length dress.

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