How To Cut Your Hair In 2022 And Not Regret It

There are a few things I’ve regretted so much in my life as my punishment. But that was the beginning…

стрижка каре 2022

Stylish haircut bob – the trend of 2022.

How To Choose The Right Haircut

Psychologists say a carriage cut is the most emotionally addictive haircut in a woman’s life. I think they are right.😂

Someone decides to change the image to become more fashionable. For someone, a short length is easier to style. It holds its shape well. Someone is tired of long hair and constantly walking with a ponytail.

In my case, an experiment in the style of “if I could get out of black in one go at home” decided everything for me))). And then there was my husband’s long business trip. I wouldn’t know for sure if our separation had an effect. Well, as psychologists say – emotionally dependent haircut, so maybe.😄

I made an appointment with my hairdresser at 9 a.m., so I wouldn’t have time to change my mind. Sitting in the chair, I showed pictures on my phone of what I roughly wanted. And several times, I asked for shoulder length – not shorter.

It came out shorter. It was very short at the back of my head. It was up to my shoulders in the front, and my neck was halfway open in the back. Do you remember that famous Buzova cut? That was something similar to what I had. It had very profiled strands at the back of the head.

Why do hairdressers ALWAYS cut it much shorter than you ask for? Such a stark contrast, from the length below my shoulder blades to my open neck, stunned me, to say the least. I got my hair styled and went home.

For the first two days, only one thing was on my mind. How to grow the hair on the back of my neck faster. But a week went by, and my mind changed.

Short and Long Bob – which one do you choose?

I was learning how to style a square haircut. At first, it took me a long time. I even cried. 😂But then I got the hang of it, and it went faster. I started noticing the pluses.

I started getting compliments. The style holds its shape for two days. Stays volume at the roots for a long time. Washing, drying, and styling take less time and money than below shoulder blades.

I also realized that sometimes you have to change something about yourself. After changing my haircut, I wanted to update my closet a bit. I was happy to buy new shoes, a coat, and a dress in shades I wouldn’t usually pay attention to.

Right now, I cut my hair to my shoulders, and I love it. I trim my ends once every three months, and I’m happy.

Now I understand the main thing is clearly understanding what you need. If you cannot determine what will suit you, look for a master stylist with extensive experience. ☝️ Ask for recommendations on the master in forums, in pubs in your city. Examine the work in social networks. This is important.

The right craftsman with whom you find common ground, will make the best shape for you.

The choice of the right length and the presence or absence of bangs can be decisive. Do not be afraid to experiment with color if you are confident in the master. Look at the photo below, and how the length and color of the hair change the appearance.

What In Style In 2022 When It Comes To Haircuts

Now let’s talk about fashion. What to look for when choosing a haircut. What’s in style in 2022?

In one forum, I read a statement that long hair is for lazy women. I washed and combed it, and it was already beautiful and feminine. There is no time to clean – tie a high ponytail, put on makeup and be pretty. And with a bob, you need a long time to work. I can’t entirely agree with that. If you choose the shape according to the texture and hair growth, learn how to style it – you’ll get the most stylish and comfortable haircut.

Graduated Braids With Volume On The Top

Graduated haircuts look good with oblique bangs or without bangs at all. If the shape is done according to all the rules, it is easy to style and holds the volume for a long time. Graduated strands on the crown visually stretch the shape of the face. Therefore this variant is suitable for round-faced women.

каре на ножке с градуировкой - вид сзади

Graduated leg carriage – back view

Square Cut With Ripped Ends

To create a ripping effect, the ends are strongly filleted. Some people use filing scissors for this. Others use a razor. On short haircuts, filleting allows you to lighten the strands and add volume.

A square cut with split ends is not suitable for thin, volume-deprived, and split hair. But it is a suitable option for the owners of thick and dense curls.

For Those In Fear Of Radical Change, Here Is A Long Braid

The elongated brace can be of two types. The first is with a shortened nape and long strands in the front. The second is long all over the head, with a slight lengthening at the face, as if the classic square-cut had grown out. It can always be gathered into a low ponytail if needed.

In the second case, there is nothing complicated about styling. You can dry and straighten the length using a hair dryer and comb or iron. You will have to style using a brushing brush in the first case. Particular attention should be paid to the back of the head.

удлиненное каре

Straight or Slanted – which one do you choose?

Medium Hair

The medium length allows you to make a beautiful hairstyle. The medium-length bob can be straight, graduated, and with an extension at the face.

If you have naturally curly curls, that’s a plus. Natural textures and light waves are in fashion.

Short Bob

The short bob has several advantages. It is easy to style. It always has volume on the head, it looks good when it grows back. It is better to style it in thin strands and layers. They lay on top of each other and create wow volume.

Before you cut your hair, ask your hairdresser to leave more length in the front. This will give you more room to experiment with styling. Don’t cut a cascade at the nape of your neck. A single-length bob is easier to style and will look prettier.

Variants Of Bangs

Bangs are so individual that it is not worth following fashion trends here. Some people like square bangs with oblique bangs. For someone, the best option would be the bangs with a curtain. And someone will look perfectly straight, long, and thick.

 каре каскад

Cascade braids with bangs

The Best Bob For Thin Hair

Hairdressers call it the best option for thin hair. Drying and styling it is, of course, better with a round brush, drying well the root area to create volume. The main thing is to blow dry well with a hair dryer. First, we dry and style it with warm air, then pass it with cold air.

Use a good heat protectant. For example NIOXIN hair density and volume spray or Bed Head Small Talk.

The Best Type Of Square For A Round Face

You might think that if your face is entirely round, flat, and cheek, not every square cut will do. But it is not. The primary condition is to have the volume at the roots. This visually elongates a round face. If your hair is smooth and straight, your cheeks will draw all the attention to themselves.

A Classic Straight Braid Will Suit Those Who Prefer Clear Lines

The classic never goes out of style. The traditional braid is a straight, straight line. But if you style it, it becomes a voluminous and lush hairstyle.

Photo Of A Before And After Haircut

I suggest you look at the results before and after the haircut howan  the face and image of women have changed. Maybe it will help you decide to make a change.

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