How To Curl Your Eyelashes

Every woman dreams of beautiful, thick, and long eyelashes to make her look expressive, to give it beauty and seductiveness. Many women face a problem – their eyelashes are naturally short, lacking density, and grow horizontally and upwards. And yet the eyes – it is the main argument on the face of women, and the eyelashes should demonstrate the natural beauty of the eyes.

To correct this injustice – resorted to different ways of curling lashes and got their persistent, beautifully curved curves.

Eyelash Perm

A chemical eyelash perm is a great option for daily curling with the help of special devices. The procedure can be done in a salon or at home, the most important after perming – the correct care of lashes to maintain long-term results. Girls who wish to get the effect of an open look for a long time choose chemical eyelashes perm.

The manipulation requires a curling agent and small curlers. The duration of the procedure is about 1.5 to 2 hours.

A master should do the first perm in a salon to understand the sequence and technique, then repeat the procedure at home. A beautiful curve will please you for a long time. To preserve the effect as long as possible, it is necessary to care for eyelashes after the procedure correctly.

Provided that the perm was performed by an absolute master using quality products – the effect will last up to 5 – 7 weeks. Then the curled eyelashes will begin to fall out, and new ones will grow in their place, so it is worth repeating the procedure after three months.

The algorithm of the eyelash curl procedure is quite simple and safe:

  • Using a self-adhesive roller, the eyelashes are curled;
  • A special gel is applied to the bent eyelashes, and then a harmless fixative is applied to the eyelashes.

When performing curls use rollers of 3 sizes depending on the length and desired degree of curl – small, medium, and large.

There are the following types of perm eyelashes:

  • root (recommended for owners of long thick eyelashes);
  • curl (for thin and short eyelashes);
  • combined (suggested for women with almond-shaped eyes).

Advantages of perms

  • minimal risk of eyelash damage if quality products are used;
  • The possibility of achieving any form of curvature;
  • An excellent alternative to their daily curl different devices;
  • long visible result;
  • It can be performed on lashes of any length and shape;
  • Does not require special devices and complex care of lashes;
  • the possibility of refusal of decorative cosmetics – cosmetic pencil, mascara, eyeliner.

The disadvantages of perm eyelashes

  1. The use of chemicals can cause allergies to the preparations in some users.
  2. There is a risk of discoloration of eyelashes after treatment with the product.
  3. There are medical contraindications (e.g., visual pathology, hypersensitivity, wearing contact lenses, etc.).

Attention! In the first day after perm can not apply mascara on lashes!

A perm is most suitable for those who have thin or short eyelashes. The procedure can be done at home using ready-made curling kits, including micro curlers, a fixer, and a chemical solution.

Biochemical Eyelash Curling With Curler

Curler is a special device for curling eyelashes, gaining popularity. It differs from the chemical curl in that the components include natural products, keratin, and vitamins, making the procedure softer and gentler.

Biotwisting is chosen by owners of eyelashes, sticking straight up or down.

A curler is a device that resembles forceps with interlocking plates. The plates are covered with soft pads, and the eyelashes have to lie on these pads – they are clamped in them and curled. The whole bio-twisting procedure lasts from 40 minutes to one hour.

Curlers are made mechanical and electric (models are running on batteries).

Bioswaving corrects the shape of lashes, giving them volume and the desired curve for a long time. Also, this simple procedure can change the growth line of lashes.

The benefits of bio swirls

  1. The procedure is harmless and contains no components of ammonia and other acids.
  2. It is possible to create any eyelash curve, making the most diverse forms of curling hair.
  3. Absolute painlessness of the procedure.
  4. It can be performed by those who wear contact lenses.

Disadvantages of bio twisting

  • Allergies and irritation to the ingredients can occur occasionally;
  • eyelashes become noticeably lighter, requiring touch-up or semi-permanent makeup;
  • For those who suffer from increased tear production, the manipulation may not be the most pleasant;
  • Biotwisting in the salon is an expensive procedure.

Warning! The procedure is contraindicated for pregnant and nursing mothers – as it can have a bad effect on the fetus and the baby.

Whichever type of eyelash perm and location you would not have chosen – the main thing – is to assess the pros and cons of each procedure, taking into account the desired result and contraindications.

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