How To Color In Eyebrows For Beginners

A clear and neat line of eyebrows makes the image complete and the face attractive and expressive. Unfortunately, not all girls know how to achieve this result. It is worth taking a closer look at how to dye eyebrows correctly to attract the eye.

What To Dye With

Eyebrow tinting is a process that must be approached carefully. First, it is worth deciding on the material. Possible options:

  • pencil;
  • shadow;
  • paint;
  • henna

The choice of material depends on the girl’s preferences and the peculiarities of the eyebrows and skin hairs.


The easiest and oldest way to color. In the past, mothers and grandmothers used lip or eye pencils. Today, manufacturers produce special eyebrow pencils with a unique texture suitable for shading material. Basic recommendations:

  • Blondes should choose a pencil one tone darker than the shade of their hair;
  • to achieve the effect of natural eyebrows will help the palette of brown shades from black colors should be abandoned immediately;
  • it is recommended to avoid tracing long lines so that the eyebrows would look more natural;
  • Before painting, taking care of the shape and plucking out unnecessary hairs is necessary.

It’s easy to paint eyebrows if you follow the simple instructions:

  • First, combing the hair and styling, and giving the required shape to the eyebrows, is necessary.
  • Next, with small strokes, you should accurately paint the eyebrow, going from the temple to the nose. The tip should be thin, extending towards the bridge of the nose.
  • Girls with thin eyebrows should draw a contour, using a thin line to indicate the shape. Then the obtained area should be shaded and shaded.

Just three steps and the perfect eyebrows are ready.


First, a girl should consider shade when choosing this method. Additionally, you should pay attention to the texture and consistency of the material. You can not use wet and glossy shadows.
For proper coloring, you will need a beveled brush. Masters distinguish several techniques for applying shadows:

  • One-color coloring The technique involves a single shade. The color is applied in the middle, gently stroking along the edges.
  • Partial staining Also uses one color, but the material is applied only along the lower part to flatten it upwards.
  • Ombr√© In this case, two shades are used – light and dark, between which there should be a difference of 1 tone.

The latter technique is suitable for professionals who confidently hold a brush and do not doubt the correctness of the chosen shades.


Not the most popular but durable option. It is necessary to choose the shade of the dye composition responsibly because it will last a long time. Recommendations:

  • Those who have blond or red hair should give preference to light brown shades;
  • For girls with brown hair, dark brown is the right color;
  • Brunettes should opt for a black palette.

The graphite shade will be universal, but the color is cold and will not suit all skin types. General rules for the application of paint:

  • The first step is to shape the eyebrows. In this case, blondes should go straight to the second stage and correct the shape after dyeing to make it perfect
  • The next step is peeling the face to ensure a reliable paint adhesion to the skin.
  • Then it is necessary to trace the contour of the eyebrow with a pencil of a contrasting shade, which then merges with the color of the paint. Additionally, it is worth applying cream around the contour so that the excess dye is not absorbed into the skin.
  • The fourth step is preparing a mixture of paint and oxidant in the ratio prescribed in the instructions. When the composition is ready, it should be carefully applied to the eyebrows using a beveled brush. It is better to paint from the middle to get the desired gradient. You can remove the excess with a cotton swab.
  • Immediately after applying the paint, it is worth correcting the shape.

You need to sit with the eyebrow dye for 10-15 minutes, and then you can wash it off with warm water. The shade will need to be renewed regularly. Masters recommend doing it about once a month to avoid burning the hair.


Another simple and safe method is using environmentally friendly materials. However, it has recently been rarely used because the paint gives reddish and reddish shades. Dyeing technology:

  • First, you must achieve the desired contour of the eyebrow and perform hair styling. At this stage, you should also use a pencil.
  • Then it is necessary to prepare the composition for application according to the instructions.
  • The third stage involves carefully distributing henna on the eyebrows in three steps, where the first time is the coloring of the tip. In the second – the middle, and the end. In the third – the entire length. This will achieve the desired gradient.
  • In the end, it will be necessary to keep the composition until it is completely dry, and then wet the henna and rinse it off with warm water.

There are other ways to color the eyebrows. The final decision depends on the girl’s preferences and capabilities.

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