How To Choose Woman Leather Wallet

Every day we make fewer and fewer cash transactions, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up our favorite wallets. Today, the wallet is still a stylish accessory, on the purchase of which you should not spare money. It is a leather wallet, like shoes, belt, or watch, tells others that you have good taste and know how to follow fashion.

What Material Is Better?

Modern leather wallets come in many varieties. For example, they differ in material and can be made of:

  • genuine leather;
  • synthetic leather;
  • suede;
  • velour;
  • other textiles;
  • exotic skin.

Today, as before, natural leather wallets are most valued. Usually they are made of calfskin, which is very soft, durable and wear-resistant. A more expensive option is a leather wallet made of reptile or eel. Such an original accessory looks very extravagant and in quality is not inferior to animal skin. An expensive python wallet only seems too soft and unreliable, in fact, this leather is not afraid of active use and is durable.

Some brands today consciously refuse to make handbags, belts, and wallets out of genuine leather for humane reasons. They use high quality leatherette, which is as good as leather and in some ways superior to it. Also popular with fashionable women are bright branded purses made of rubberized textile, which is perfectly wearable, does not get dirty and does not rub off. These accessories look stylish and cost less than women’s leather purses. Suede and velour are not as durable as patent and matte leather, so purses made of these materials are purchased more for going out than for every day.

Choosing A Wallet Model

The choice of purse style depends on how and in what bag you plan to wear it. In terms of style, purses come in a variety of styles:

  • rounds;
  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • original form.

They also differ in size and can be a miniature designed to hold coins, and large – they fit money, cards, smartphone and cosmetics.

The most popular is a rectangular, long wallet that can hold bills without kinking them. A large rectangular leather wallet is suitable for girls who are used to carrying a lot of plastic cards, money bills, photos of loved ones, eye shadow, lipstick and other necessary things. A large purse must have a coin holder with a secure zipper. If it is there, your change will not scatter around the bag. Owners of small purses suit branded square leather wallets, which fold the bills in triplicate and placed a small number of cards and change. If you carry bills and bank cards in the inside pocket of your bag, you should get a stylish coin holder for change. These tiny wallets are produced today by such famous companies as Dr.Koffer, Giudi, FABRIZIO POKER and many others.

For going on a date and a party, it is necessary to buy a clutch purse. It may have any shape, size, or clasp, but most importantly it must have a thin long leather handle or a metal chain. Here you can put everything that you need for going out: a minimum of makeup, handkerchief, money and phone.

Branded leather wallets can also be original shapes. Remain popular wallets in the shape of a lemon, apple or orange. For the romantic nature came up with purses in the shape of hearts, flowers or sweets.

An important element of a leather wallet is a clasp. Wallets with zippers remain the leaders. This clasp is chosen by female customers because it seems the most secure. Indeed, a large wallet will not fall out of the contents, if it is tightened firmly to the metal zipper. Elegantly look leather purses in the form of a reticule with a frame clasp-fermoire. It is suitable for small coins as well as for large clutches. The such clasp can be decorated with original floral ornaments. Textile purses are often closed with Velcro – this type of clasp is not suitable for leather products. If you do not like extra decorative elements, you should pay attention to branded wallets or laconic wallets with a round button. This is a good option for a gift for men, but it will also suit women who choose a formal and business style of dress.

All Colors Of The Rainbow

This is what we can say about today’s palette of leather purses. Modern Italian, French, and American brands still offer their customers classic black and brown wallets. And many female customers still believe that this important accessory should be in this color scheme.

Relatively recently a red leather wallet has been added to this popular color line. This was partly due to the influence of Eastern philosophy on European society because according to the ancient doctrine of feng shui, it is the red color that attracts money, which means that to become rich, you need to buy a red wallet. Red wallets looked so stylish and unusual, that over time appeared in almost all branded collections.

Today, along with the restrained classics, colored purses are in fashion, and every season there are more new tones. At first saturated shades of blue, green, yellow were popular. Recently they were replaced by gentle, muted colors: lilac, salmon, mint, olive, turquoise, powder. Color preferences change almost simultaneously among interior designers and designers of clothes and leather goods, because a purse should enter your image as organically as shoes, headwear and jewelry.

The choice of wallet color depends on your clothing style preferences. Hundreds of black, brown, and burgundy wallets of different shapes are produced each year for fans of classics. The world’s best designers work hard to make these purses beautiful and comfortable.

Those who follow fashion should pay attention to green, emerald, lavender, orange, blue, pink or khaki. It is these colors that are especially popular right now. And those who want to add more bright colors to your image will like a multicolored wallet: dark outside and finished with bright leather inside. Do not go out of-fashion wallets with drawings, inscriptions, or large logos of famous brands, decorated with rhinestones, rivets and bright applications.

Which Wallet To Choose?

When choosing a style of purse, you should be guided by your favorite style of dress. If you prefer a classic style, you can buy a large rectangular wallet made of black, red or brown leather. Some brands produce purses and bags in the same style – this is a great option for the modern businesswoman.

If you prefer pastel colors in clothing, you should not buy a bright purse, and vice versa. Girls who like sports style, suit textile or leather wallets without large decorative elements. Wallets with rhinestones, embroidery or applique will fit into the evening image.

The modern girl should ideally have several wallets. Large capacious – for everyday use, trips to work and shopping, a small square – for going to the movies and meeting with friends, a miniature coin purse – for when you want to go out of the house with a small purse, a clutch purse with a beautiful clasp or rhinestones – for going out.

Any purse should be made of quality material and have reliable fittings. Remember that you will be holding the purse several times a day, so it should be pleasant to the touch and easy to use.

A leather wallet is an important accessory in a woman’s closet. This is the thing we use every day and unwittingly show to others. It is said that money willingly comes in beautiful wallets that have no holes and all the locks and clasps are in good working order. For all these reasons the purchase of a wallet should not save. Treat yourself – buy a quality wallet made of genuine leather in a comfortable style and fashionable shade.

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