How To Choose Wedding Jewelry

Jewelry is the final stage in creating a beautiful bride’s image. But how to choose a wedding bijouterie and not make a mistake? Little tricks and valuable tips will help you.

Wedding Hair Decoration

Wedding Earrings

Decollete Area

When choosing wedding jewelry for the decollete area, the main thing is their harmonious combination with the outfit and the shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face, you should prefer a long elongated necklace, pendant or chain. But wedding bijouterie – “collar” in this case is not suitable.

A short round necklace with emeralds or pearls is ideal for a slightly elongated face shape. Rectangular type can be advantageously emphasized by V or Y-shaped beads.

Brides with a triangular shape of face should pay attention to complex jewelry in several tiers, which will balance between a wide forehead and a sharp chin.

Important: beads or necklaces should complement, not weigh down, the neckline of the wedding dress. Do not wear too many stones to an elegant boat neckline. It is best to try on costume jewelry, gloves and dress at the same time.


Wedding Necklace

It is a piece of neck jewelry with a pronounced central part in the form of a hoop. And the middle of the necklace is always wider because all sorts of rhinestones, stones, flowers or beads are there. But do not forget that in everything, there must be a measure. A very flashy or provocative necklace will overshadow not only the wedding attire but also the bride herself. Wedding bijouterie should not exist separately! Its main task is to complement unobtrusively.


Short or long beads, from large or small parts – already a favorite of many classics. It is a symbol of elegance and simplicity. The beads fit almost any neckline. The only condition is the presence of the same beaded earrings.

Pearl beads

And those who prefer extravagance will definitely like diamond beads, oval or rectangular.


Wedding bijouterie in the form of a hoop. As a rule, it is not long and close to the neck jewelry. It can be sectional, woven, or fused with sequins or rhinestones.

The necklace is divided into two types:

1. “The collar is the tightest possible fit around your neck.

2. “Choker” – a decoration in several tiers.

Wedding Necklace


Unlike the same necklace, elegant little pendants are not very popular among brides. And, of course, in vain! After all, they can be the perfect option, for example, for a stylized wedding.

Young couples are increasingly choosing unusual wedding themes: 19th-century and puffed outfits with corsets, vampires, punks, rock and roll, etc. That’s where the original pendant will be appropriate.

Also, look suitable pendant in gold or silver with a strapless outfit or V-neck.


A beautiful pendant for a wedding

Elongated pendant

Pendants with massive stones

Bright girls prefer this jewelry. The wedding bijouterie of this plan looks excellent with a pantsuit or a short dress.

Stone pendant


Sophisticated and elegant cameos are a great choice for a vintage wedding. Cameos are a combination of details such as beads and a pendant. The latter usually has a carving with a woman in the profile. This piece of jewelry will perfectly complement a non-puffy floor-length wedding dress and hairstyle with flowers.


What Kind Of Earrings Are Best

Earrings should harmonize with the jewelry you have chosen for your neck and hair. They can be different in length, color, and material, have all sorts of clasps, etc.


Here everything is clear – an option for those brides who do not have pierced ears but want to wear earrings, as the decor of such items often uses stones, crystals, pearls, rhinestones and pendants. Very heavy clips should not be chosen. Otherwise, you risk losing them during a sudden movement, for example, during the dance.



These are simple earrings, slightly elongated in shape and without any dangling details. They are often covered with enamel, rhinestones or small stones. Gorgeous look stud earrings are imitating pearls. In addition, they are perfectly combined with cameos, necklaces or beads.



This is the kind of earrings most brides choose – solemn and elegant. There are plenty of options: simple chains, droplets, flowers, etc.



Ring earrings cannot be called traditional wedding jewelry. But still, they are perfect for a bride who has chosen an original or even extravagant outfit without the veil and puffy skirts.

Ring Earrings

Hair Decoration

Wedding hair jewelry comes in all sorts of forms. However, if you will have a veil, its choice narrows considerably.


This is an excellent option for high hairstyles. The combs are often decorated with rhinestones, stones, flowers or unusual patterns. They are perfectly combined with a non-puffy veil and necklaces.

Important: do not use a comb with an abundance of stones or other details, otherwise you will visually make your hair look heavier.



This kind of jewelry is also trendy. And the choice is huge: ordinary products without decor, with the presence of rhinestones, small stones, in the form of flowers, butterflies and not only. The number of hairpins depends on the thickness of your hair and the complexity of your hairstyle.



Another original piece of jewelry, which is screwed into the hair, very tightly held, and most importantly – looks spectacular. But compared to hairpins, this wedding bijouterie is much more comfortable – it fits well to the skin and does not cause discomfort. Suitable for beads and necklaces.

Hair spirals


Wreaths are not necessarily only fresh or artificial flowers. No less original would be small wreaths made of rhinestones or stones as a separate decoration or as an addition to the veil.

Wedding wreath


Not many brides complete their image with bracelets. Nevertheless, it is wonderful. If you wear gloves, try decorating them with a thin bracelet with tiny rhinestones or stones. You can also choose a more straightforward option – a regular string of pearls or beads (do not forget the same earrings).

In addition, some bracelets can replace gloves. For example, a product in several tiers of chains or beads with a loop for the middle finger and a bracelet in the form of a snake braiding the hand. Unusual and very stylish.

Wedding Bracelet

Worth Knowing

– The richer the decor of the wedding dress, the more modest it should be selected bijouterie.

– To the outfit embroidered with beads or pearls will suit earrings of similar stones and a thin string of pearls.

– Wedding bijouterie should also be in harmony with the overall color scheme of the outfit and shoes. For example, a white dress should not be complemented by a necklace in gold. It is better to choose platinum or silver shades.

– In the presence of a deep neckline on a dress or heart-shaped corset, categorically do not fit long earrings, and even more so pendants on the neck – they will easily fall through the neckline.

And, of course, do not forget about the material of your wedding dress. Light flowing fabrics do not combine with massive heavy necklaces and other jewelry.

Long Wedding Earrings

Wedding headband and earrings

Wedding Earrings

A variation of engagement rings

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