How To Choose The Right Short Jacket For Your Figure

As a lightweight version of outerwear short women’s jackets are relevant in the urban wardrobe not only in the off-season, but also in winter.

The world’s designers support the reverent attitude of modern fashionistas to original solutions and rely on leather jackets and bomber jackets, shortened models of parkers and sheepskin coats. The style fits well with the stylish image of a prosperous lady and can be easily combined with trendy elements of the fashion arsenal.

Short Jackets For Women

A shorter version of the outer clothing allows you to emphasize the advantages of the figure and is among the most comfortable silhouettes:

  • With the right approach to choosing a short jacket, taking into account the characteristics of the figure can easily improve the visual perception of the female image;
  • The cropped style looks spectacular with classic cut pants and trendy versions of oversize;
  • The model combines well with dresses and skirts mini, midi and even maxi;
  • The style is a priority for energetic women and auto lady, suitable for fashionistas of all ages.

The world’s catwalks demonstrate the variability of women’s outerwear with a cropped silhouette due to the variety of materials used. Summer jackets are most often made on the basis of denim. Modeled like a jacket, it allows you to look stylish in cool weather on a summer evening. Cut to the waist looks stylish with a shirt and shorts. This version of the fitted cut will look stunning paired with a tight dress with a wide skirt just above the knees and sneakers.


Winter silhouettes are made of dense, insulated materials. Popular fur models, leather and suede versions, douches, and parkas with a shortened cut. Often winter jackets have a hood, which provides additional protection from the weather. Trending versions have a fur collar or hood with fur trim. Models with short sleeves in a turtleneck and skinny jeans, complemented by high boots, look appealing.


Solutions for the off-season are mainly made of leather and polyester and are designed to protect against the vagaries of the weather in spring and fall.

Leathernecks and fitted textile models remain popular. Popular versions without a collar, which in cool weather can be worn with a fashionable scarf-hoof. One of the trendy options are jackets, short in front and long in back, photos of which decorate the catalogs of fall and spring collections of outerwear.

The Main Types Of Short Jackets

Cropped outerwear is represented in a large variation of styles that allow you to diversify your closet with exciting models, depending on your preferences. Consider the most relevant options.

Women’s short leather jacket

In glossy or matte leather model is ideal for creating stylish casual outfits:

  • Lightweight versions with 3/4 sleeves and stand-up collars are good in tandem with a long T-shirt or dress;
  • The soft leather bomber jacket fits harmoniously into the image of a sports style lover;
  • A leather jacket with a tapered waist will effectively complement the street image of a slim fashionista;
  • The winter version in rough leather with a fur collar adds originality and a flair of sophistication to the outfit.

Of particular interest are leather models with suede inserts, fur, and wool.

Women’s short blouson jacket

Sheepskin coats up to the waist and slightly below successfully replace fur coats and warm coats. They are perfectly combined with insulated jeans and other items of winter closet:

  • With fur – fur decor is used in the design of the hood, sleeves, hem and clasp line;
  • Sheepskin-skin – made of thin sheepskin, has a beveled zipper, perfectly combined with things-companionship urban style;
  • sheepskin pilot – belt-length model does not constrain the movement, suitable for girls with correct proportions of the figure, allows you to emphasize the slender hips;
  • straight cut – a classic version of a shortened sheepskin coat looks flawless on absolutely any type of figure and fits well in compositions of different styles.

Short sheepskin coats in fitted cuts will suit slim girls of high growth with a belt and a belted belt.

Women’s Short Hooded Jackets

Fashion variants with hoods harmonize with street-style accessories, enhancing the democratic image. Fashionistas of all ages love the model because it looks original and provides additional protection in inclement weather.

Women’s short denim jacket

Denim shorter jackets are long up to the waistline, look like small jackets or resemble a bolero shape. Designers offer versions with the original decor in the form of colored inserts, and appliques, with leather and fur trim.

Complement your casual denim outfit with fashionable embroidery with beads, rhinestones, sequins and floral arrangements of mouliné.

Women’s Suede Short Jackets

Suede models are among the favorites of winter outerwear collections. Cropped versions with fur collar will bring uniqueness and charm to the lady’s image. Suede perfectly combines denim, leather, and wool.

A shortened suede jacket looks effective in a set with a maxi skirt and with wide pants of dense fabric.

Women’s short parka jacket

Dress it up with a feminine dress of any length to dilute the laconism of a shortened parka jacket made of rough material. No less interesting is the pairing with a leather skirt and wedge booties. Short parkas look great paired with skinny jeans, skinny pants, and joggers.

Women’s short marshmallow jacket

Zephyr down jackets – made of material with a special water-repellent impregnation.

Long oversize versions are often worn in a set with mini outfits and boots. Short zephyr down jackets complement insulated jeans on fleece and are considered an ultra-fashionable element of winter street style compositions.

Women’s short bomber jackets

Models are sewn from denim, leather, and jersey. A characteristic detail is the presence of an elastic band on the sleeve, neckline, and bottom perimeter of the product. Bomber models with cropped styles complement democratic images with boyfriend jeans, straight pants 7/8, and wide-leg midi skirts.

Women’s short quilted jackets

Autumn models with horizontal, vertical or diagonal synthetic stitching to the waist and just below are distinguished by a simple and laconic silhouette. A quilted jacket with a wide belt looks great with a sweater dress or a sporty skirt.

A fitted short jacket can be worn with close-fitting dresses, tight or wide jeans, a pencil skirt or a straight cut maxi version.

When choosing outerwear, remember that classic colors that are easy to combine with elements of a capsule closet are always relevant. At the same time, stylists recommend highlighting such nuances:

  • Black matte leather products are on trend;
  • Suede should choose a beige and brown color;
  • In fashion, marshmallow down jackets in a delicate berry palette, metallic color;
  • If you choose a denim jacket, the indigo version is a priority.

For a short sheepskin coat, or parka, popular color options are muted tones of the natural palette.

How To Choose A Short Jacket To Fit Your Figure

Styles will suit women with an hourglass figure regardless of their figure shape. However, you should choose a close-fitting silhouette to emphasize your beautiful curves. Models with a straight cut, with asymmetric lines, belt, bass, hood or other additions are appropriate.

Stylist recommendations:

  • To balance out the proportions of the figure “pear”, you should choose a shortened jacket voluminous style;
  • For visual correction of broad shoulders and narrow hips, typical for the figure of “inverted triangle”, it is recommended to give preference to a trapezoidal model;
  • Women’s flared jackets or straight silhouette to the middle of the buttocks are suitable for full girls with an “apple” figure.

As noted by stylists, to hide a small chest, you can choose a version with patch pockets. Girls of low height should choose models with vertical accent inserts to elongate the silhouette visually.

How To Style A Short Jacket

For a composition with a short meringue jacket, combining a voluminous top with a pencil skirt is better. Also looks great with pants of a straight narrow cut. The image would be completed with a turtleneck or longsleeve, stylish boots and tote bag.

The skirt style “bell” or “sun” looks good with a laconic top. You can wear a leather jacket or bomber in a set with a close-fitting top. It also beautifully fits into the image of a quilted jacket with a tailored silhouette. Complement the outfit with shoes with heels and medium size bag.

Shorter styles of women’s jackets are in demand not only among the autoladies and young fans of street style images. Models fit perfectly into elegant urban closets and allow you to create spectacular images for all occasions.

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