How To Choose The Right Lipstick For Your Hair And Eyes

How to choose the color of lipstick? This question is often asked by many women, because they know that a man first of all pays attention to her lips. It’s a gentle smile, a charming voice, and coquetry in the wet lips that conceal many secrets. That is why every woman strives to take care of her lips, as well as to choose the right shade of lipstick to suit her. However, as practice shows, it is often difficult to make a successful choice of lipstick. Finding the right lipstick for your face color type is an extremely difficult task, requiring more than one attempt.

The right color for your lips can make the look unforgettable and unique. Otherwise, the whole look can be ruined. If you want to look younger, you should choose lighter shades for your lips. For those who wish to look older, it is worth using a darker foundation for the lips. To choose the right shade of lipstick, you should pay attention to many factors: eye color, hair color, skin color, age, including the size and shape of your lips.

Main Types Of Shades

Lipstick colors can be of three main types:

  • Warm colors – lipsticks that have a peach, coral, and orange hue according to your color type;
  • Cool colors – lipsticks that have a pink hue;
  • Neutral colors – lipsticks that have brown, terracotta, and beige hues according to your color type.

In addition, the shades can have a dark and light tone, including medium intensity.

Skin And Eye Color Matching

To choose the right lipstick, you should first pay attention to the tone and color of your skin.

  1. If you have a fair skin tone, you should prefer natural and gentle shades, namely from soft pink to plum.
  2. Those who have tanned or swarthy skin should look more closely at brown or beige lipstick. A golden gloss will also look great here. Brown-haired women who have darker skin should try burgundy and plum shades of lipstick.

To choose the right lipstick for your face, you should pay attention to the color and tone of your eyes:

  1. For those who have brown eyes, it is recommended to use beige and brown lipsticks;
  2. For girls with darker eyes, it is recommended to use pastel-colored lipstick, preferably a pale pink or light beige shade;
  3. For blue-eyed ladies, it is best to use pink shades, and in various intensities. In addition, their lips will look great with wine, cherry or bright red lipstick;
  4. Girls with green eyes are recommended to give preference to pink tones. A shade of orange, terracotta and bright red will also look great.

Matching Lipstick To Hair Color

Blondes who have a soft-white skin tone will do. Daytime makeup for the lips is recommended to use pink or peach colors, and for the evening should use coral or plum color lipstick. The main thing is not to use a vibrant lipstick, so as not to look too pale. Therefore, a similar hair color will not suit the vibrant red, orange, and pink shades of lipstick.

Girls with orange hair and pale skin should consider lipsticks in plum, dark pink, brown-peach, coral and brown colors. The warm and hot tones of orange hair will also perfectly complement saturated orange hair. To create a spectacular evening makeup, you can use a lipstick in burgundy shades. Bright pink, orange and fiery orange shades will be inappropriate.

How to choose a red lipstick for a brunette? Here we should pay attention to the complexion. For brown hair and white-pink skin, lipstick colors recommended are plum, pink, dark pink, light brown, and light scarlet. This will accentuate the features of your look. Lipstick in orange and yellow-red shades should be avoided. For evening makeup, you can pick up purple or a stunning purple shade.

For brown-haired girls with dark skin it is necessary to appear for vibrant colors, such as deep pink or red. Dark pink and deep plum shades of lipstick appear more effective on such girls. It is recommended to avoid coral and brown shades of lipstick, because they make the skin appear ashy.

Brunettes with fair skin will suit almost all skin tones. Naturally, there are more favorable colors, for example, bright red, plum and pink. Ruby shades are recommended for evening makeup. You should avoid dark shades and bright orange lipstick.

Lip Size

The main thing to remember is that dark colors will visually reduce the size of the lips. At the same time, light colors will give volume to the lips, enlarging them. To avoid making a mistake with the color, it is necessary to apply the right pencil and to conduct a test. Thin lips will not apply a dark matte lipstick, becaapply this color will significantly reduce them. For volume, it is recommended to apply bright shades and light lipsticks, applying a gloss on top.

The same rule will apply to asymmetrical lips. Bright colors will be inappropriate here. For those with such lips, it is desirable to use translucent glosses of light shades. You can also apply a thin layer of lipstick under the gloss. If you have thin miniature lips, you should use a plumper and a pencil.

Color Type Test

To choose the right lipstick, it is imperative to know what your color type is. All colors can be divided into warm and cold groups.

  • The cold type of appearance will be characterized by skin of a soft bluish tone, gray-blue eyes and ash-colored hair tones. You can perform a simple test: a bright blue scarf should be placed on your face. If the face seems younger and fresher, then you have a cold color type.
  • Green and light brown eyes, reddish hair are the warm type. The test is conducted as follows: an orange scarf is placed on the face. If it has turned colors (the look has brightened, the face has become ruddy), then you have a warm color type.

In some cases there may be a mixture of types. Therefore, it is worth relying on more obvious signs.

For a warm complexion and light skin, lipstick should be lightly colored. For white skin and light brown hair, the following shades are desirable:

  • coral;
  • natural beige;
  • sandy;
  • peach;
  • light pink;
  • scarlet.

With a cold color type, the following tones will work:

  • cold pinkish;
  • soft plum;
  • lilac (all shades);
  • dark wine;
  • dark maroon;
  • silver.

Girls with darker skin and hair are allowed to have brighter colors.

For red-haired and brightly colored blond girls, the following colors will be appropriate:

  • warm caramel;
  • chocolate;
  • brick;
  • orange.

If you have trouble deciding on a color, use a plum or cherry shade.

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