How To Choose The Right Color For Your Eyebrows

The eyebrows always draw attention to the face. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that their contours are flawless. Choosing the right shade of their coloring is necessary, which can give a woman a beautiful look.

Matching Hair Type

It would help if you always strived for naturalness and considered the peculiarities of your face type and makeup.

Finding the most appropriate pigment to match your hair color is worth talking about.

  1. Blondes usually choose coloring products that match the most fashionable shade or one-tone darker. Not a bad option, in this case, would be taupe or gray-brown. Light brown curls are combined with beige eyebrows and a slight grayish accent. But they are never colored with reddish pigments.
  2. For blondes with too light hair, it is required to dye them in darker tones. The main difficulty lies in the variety of blonde options. The owners of sunny golden shades should strictly select the shade of the eyebrows. But at the same time, it is desirable not to overdo it with dark pigment.
  3. The owners of black hair also do not need to choose a solid black tone. It is better to focus on a more suitable for them cool dark brown. In this case, it is not necessary to fill in the eyebrows with a pencil and only to emphasize their mascara slightly. Then the woman’s look will be softer, and the skin tone will be warmer.
  4. It is tricky for redheads to choose the right tone, so they should be painted only in a cosmetic salon. Usually, for redheads, it is best to use the same products as for ash blondes or russet-haired women, that is, gray-brown. When using henna, you should not forget about the coloring of the eyebrows. If your tresses have a red, copper, or fiery hue, it is advisable to look for the most suitable pigment. It is also necessary to ensure that the curves accurately emphasize the woman’s natural charm and do not dominate her overall appearance.
  5. In natural brunettes, eyebrows sometimes look a bit faded. Therefore it is necessary to paint them, choosing the most natural tone. Girls with dark and warm skin tones will suit variations of chocolate pigments. But it is essential to avoid the look visually seeming heavy. The appearance would be too sharp and the look – too strict. When correcting such situations, it is better to choose a dye 1-2 tones lighter than the color of the strands. Only an experienced beautician, who knows all the trends of the current fashion, can carry out such procedures.
  6. A brown hair with brown or terracotta hair will suit cold undertones, for example, dark brown. If the shade of curls is reddish, the eyebrows look good with a pigment that will be brighter than the lightest strands.

Matching The Color Of Your Eyes

It is equally important to choose cosmetics so that the eyebrows’ design perfectly matches the eyes’ color.

Blue-eyed people are better off staying with properly chosen shades of gray and light brown. But they should not prefer a selection of gray and dark brown tones.

Girls with green eyes usually choose a brown palette, which allows you to emphasize the depth of the eyes and hide the light tone of lashes. But if you can see the warm golden sparks in the iris, you should not color the eyebrows graphite or gray.

Owners of universal brown eyes can use combinations of any color. However, girls with hazel or light-brown eyes should take into account that they should not abuse graphite shades.

Gray-eyed people are recommended light brown products. Makeup artists believe that dark gray or wet asphalt shades can distort their look.

Rules For Coloring

In general, the selection of the palette is subject to certain clear conditions:

  • For a precise choice of tone, it is better to first paint the eyebrows with a pencil of the appropriate shade;
  • The paint should be supplemented with various gels;
  • It is not recommended to paint the eyebrows yourself. It is better to entrust such a complex matter to an experienced professional;
  • it is necessary to ensure that the eyebrows are not left uncolored at the roots;
  • When choosing the best products in the store, you need to apply them in daylight as well as in artificial light;
  • when coloring eyebrows, it is allowed to combine 2 or 3 unusual colors for the best result;
  • It is recommended to use pastel pigments less often;
  • Those who use permanent tattoo should take into account their coloring;
  • warm shades of curls need matching tones, and cold shades are combined with similar cold shades, etc.

In order for them not to lose their natural and attractive appearance, they need to be painted at least once every 15 days.

If you follow your beautician’s advice, you will be able to achieve perfect results. Beautiful arches with an exquisite curve look narrower and give the girl particular femininity, sophistication, and refinement.

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