How To Choose Neck Jewelry To Match The Neckline Of The Dress

The choice of jewelry for the neck should be approached as carefully as the choice of clothing. Jewelry can not only adorn you but also correct the features of your appearance. When choosing accessories for the neck, it is important to find the right shape; for this, you should consider the dress’s neckline. To have a flawless look, you need to comprehend the tricky science of combining jewelry with the neckline. An important accessory selection rule is that any jewelry piece looks good on monochrome and non-textured dresses.

Decoration for strapless dress

Massive jewelry

Neck jewelry can be divided into these types:

  • The chain is fine jewelry with no additional elements;
  • A necklace is neck jewelry in which the decorative elements are evenly arranged. A necklace is nothing more than a short bead under the neck or slightly longer;
  • beads – jewelry made of beads;
  • Necklace – jewelry for the neck, which has a large central part and narrower side parts;
  • pendant – a single piece of jewelry that is worn on a chain.


The accessory you choose must be in keeping with the style of the overall outfit, combined with the rest of the jewelry in the colour of the metal and decorative part. When choosing accessories, you should adhere to the following principles:

  • The decoration should either repeat the shape of the neckline or fill it out. If both rules are taken into account, this option is optimal;
  • Accessories are meant to complement the clothing, not dominate. Use them in moderation;
  • The embellishment should not end up flush with the neckline.

Necklace for strapless dress

Boat Neckline

A shallow neckline from bone to bone is commonly referred to as a “boat neckline.” Dresses with such a neckline are suitable for girls with a puffy hips, as they “balances” the figure. This neckline fits long beads, which will visually elongate the silhouette and make it slimmer. Rather an effective look tiered beads. A universal variant is the beads strings. It can be both lengthened and shortened. Thanks to this, the jewelry will fit different dress necklines, and you can wear them under several outfits.

Tiered decorations

Tiered decorations

Compact necklaces around the neck will shorten it, so you should give them up.

The collar necklace, a trend item in 2022, will also suit a dress with a shallow neckline.

Complicated Neckline

It suits most women. If the neckline has a combined shape, you can do as follows. To this neckline, you can wear a short necklace. It must be of a contrasting colour with the dress. The neckline will also suit long beads. A great option – is pearl beads, tied in a knot in the middle.

Tiered decorations


The wrong jewelry makes the shoulders look more massive, visually reduces the chest, and weighs down the chin. If you don’t want to face one of these effects, learn how to correctly combine jewelry with your clothes.

V-neckline visually elongates the neck, elongates the face, and makes you slimmer. But if you wear with such a neckline a necklace of unsuitable form, all these properties will come to naught.

For a dress with a V-neck, you need to choose jewelry that will fit into it and not overlap the cleavage lines. Long beads are not suitable in this case. A great option for a V-neck is pendants. You will visually add to your height and elongate your neck with such jewelry.

V-neck pendant

V-neckline with intricate embellishment

Another winning option is large necklaces that repeat the neckline of the dress. Now relevant necklaces of brightly coloured stones, so you can easily find a variant of such jewelry in stores. The necklace should cover only the body but not lie on the dress’s fabric.

Beads and necklaces, tightly fitted under the neck, do not suit such a neckline. They visually shorten the neck and visually expand the shoulders. Compact decorations are contraindicated to a deep cleavage. They leave a big space for a naked body. The image acquires a kind of an understatement.

Dress With High Neckline

Massive necklaces do not suit this dress. The neckline increases the neck area, and a large necklace will make it even more massive. You must pick up the jewelry with a V-shaped line to the outfit. Triangular necklaces and pendants on chains will do. Pendants on a ribbon will be inappropriate in this case. Multilayered beads with an elongated outline are also a suitable option. They elongate and “draw out” the silhouette. A string of pearls will be a worthy decoration for the dress.

Decoration for a dress with a high neckline

Necklace for a dress with a high neckline

Bright necklace for a dress with a high neckline

Round Neckline

For such a cleavage should pick up a necklace, repeating its shape, a pendant with smooth lines, pendant round shape.

Decoration for the round neckline

Square Neckline

If the cleavage is not too deep, you can do without accessories. But in this case, wear earrings and a bracelet, so the image does not look completely “empty.” Laconic pendants, preferably geometric, will suit a dress with a deep neckline.

Decoration to the square neckline

Strapless Dresses

The most appropriate option is a piece of jewelry that will fill the space. But the necklace should not be too long. A necklace, which tightly hugs the neck, will not suit all girls. A compact necklace will emphasize this feature if the chest is small or located low.

Decoration for strapless dress

Cases where accessories are not worn around the neck:

  • The outfit has a T-shaped or asymmetrical neckline;
  • with a one-shoulder dress;
  • A dress with bright decorations at the top. For example, with jabot, embroidery;
  • The outfit has a fancy neckline. For example, the collar neck;
  • dress with a deep cleavage.

An important point in choosing accessories is that they must fit your appearance features. For example, girls with rounded facial features should choose bijouterie, which parts have softly rounded lines. If the face is sharp, choose jewelry with graphic lines. If the face has mixed features, jewelry can also have combined lines.

Fragile girl’s suitable jewelry is small, airy, with no massive parts. All her jewelry should have large details if a girl has a lush shape.

When choosing jewelry for the neck, it is better to make a fitting with the dress under which you choose them.

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