How To Choose High Heel Shoes

Shoes with high heels look elegant and stylish on a woman’s leg. They are suitable for different clothing styles – dresses, pants and skirts. Men consider these shoes very sexy. Not noticing their owner is simply impossible.

Stylish high-heeled shoes

Nowadays, almost all women wear shoes with a heel, regardless of their age. Shoe houses in their collections every year present models with a heel on the market because they are in great demand among ladies. New trends are also offered in 202. Classic models are still at the peak of popularity, but extravagant and unexpected solutions appear on store shelves.

Heel Shoes Have These Advantages

Girls need to choose high-heeled shoes to be both comfortable and beautiful. Among its advantages are:

  • It will make you slim and visually increase your height. Your figure will look trim;
  • It will help create a sexy image, whatever you wear – evening gown, short skirt or jeans;
  • Heels change the posture and gait of the wearer, giving her femininity and charm;
  • It promotes self-esteem and makes you more attractive and confident. Such shoes are always in fashion.

When the heel is very high, the leg can quickly become tired, increasing the load on the back, knees and ankles to a large extent. It is uncomfortable to go to work every day in these shoes. But for special occasions, they should be in your closet. A safe and optimal height of the heel is 3-5 cm.

Bordeaux shoes with strap

Rules For Choosing Heel Shoes

Determine the goal you want to buy women’s shoes: Do you want to become taller, attract the attention of men or be stylish at work? This determines the design, appearance of shoes, height and shape of the heel.

Pink shoes with straps – a great option for a walk

Consider the peculiarities of your feet when choosing boots or high-heeled shoes. If you have narrow feet and skinny legs, buy shoes with a high narrow heel – they perfectly complete your image. If your legs are full and your feet are wide, you do not need to choose high-nose stiletto shoes. It is better to buy pumps with a stable and wide heels.

White strap shoes with a stable heel

Do not rush to choose. Put on shoes in the store, and listen to the feeling. If your calfs cramp and your foot is uncomfortable, refuse this model. When you don’t feel any discomfort, walk around the room, and don’t take the shoes off right away. Do not hope the tight shoes will get broken and the model will fit. It is better to try on another size – maybe it will suit you better. Tight or wide shoes will bring you only trouble – blisters and nagging pain in the feet.

Heel Shoe Types And Models

Whatever fashion trends designers come up with, they use the most popular types of heels in women’s models. In the catalogue of the online store, you will see shoes with such a heel:

  • in the form of a column or straight form;
  • flared – extended to the padding;
  • The heel-hoop – has a curve, similar to the waist;
  • in the shape of a carrot – narrowed to the padding;
  • French – vertical in the front but curved on the side;
  • on a stud – it is faceted, oval and round in cross-section;
  • The heel is flat in profile and wide at the back.

The most exquisite and sexy is considered a stiletto heel. Such a seductive attribute in the image of a lady conquers men’s hearts. French shoemaker Vivienne Roger invented shoes on a stiletto. The world saw elegant pumps on thin and high heels for the first time in 1954. Since then, they have become a symbol of sophisticated style and elegance of women, almost always among the current trends.

Black stiletto heels with straps

Pick The Top Of The Shoes You Like

There are high-heeled shoes with different uppers on sale in retail outlets – these are shoes, boots, and sandals. Because the upper varies, every fashionista will be able to find the right version of shoes for themselves. There are such models:

  • closed type with accessories and without – “classic”;
  • with an open heel is a very seductive version of the shoe;
  • with open toe and heel – comfortable for summertime products;
  • Booties – they are always popular, suitable for everyday and holiday attire;
  • sandals or open shoes of different designs and styles;
  • with a closed toe and heel, open sides and a bracelet around the ankle;
  • Shoes with a strap on the instep – a comfortable and stylish version of shoes.

The named shoe designs can also be modified. Some manufacturers make pumps with an open heel – they are popular among women. For formal occasions, recommend classic women’s shoes – pumps with a smooth texture, a deep neckline and a high stiletto heel. There are models with original decorations decorated with bows, lace, and flowers. They must be combined with clothes of a more austere style. In fashion – women’s boots with high heels.

Blue open-toed shoes

Fashionable Shoes

The peculiarity of the season is bright and, in some cases, even flamboyant women’s shoes, which are recommended to wear every day. Even if you are a fan of flat-soled shoes, your closet this year must appear feminine and stylish high-heeled shoes. Sharp toe is back in fashion – elegant and flirty models are on sale – classic variants of pumps.

The basic styles of black, gray, beige, and navy blue have been enriched with a bright range of shades and different combinations of materials in one model. Many leading designers have carried away with the embodiment of original and stylish solutions. Apply to their products fancy decorating elements – textile flowers and large buckles. Combine two or three colours in one model. Use seemingly incompatible shades – pink and green, purple and turquoise, etc. The more original and bold the composition, the more likely the shoes will hit the trend.

The original pink shoes

Among the novelties of women’s shoes are models, with the most striking and expressive detail – heels higher than 7-8 cm. They are stable, massive, rounded or rectangular. Often designers decorate them with stones, rhinestones, and metal details. Such decorations of shoes in this season are very relevant.

Black patent leather shoes

Today, even sophisticated designer models of high-heeled shoes are suitable for everyday wear. Beautiful models make it very comfortable for the feet. The main thing is to choose them correctly and learn to walk in them.

Wearing High Heels Correctly

Many girls can not imagine shoes without a heel. But there are some beautiful women who only dream of such shoes. They need to learn how to walk in shoes with a heel.

First of all, you need to develop the right posture. Put on your shoes. Stand against the wall, touching it with five points: the back of your head, shoulders, buttocks, calves, and heels. Maintain this body position as you walk. Keep your shoulders in a fixed position while stepping, straightening your legs. First, touch the ground with the heel, then put the rest of the foot on it, going toe-to-toe.

Black and blue high-heeled shoes

Try to walk in a straight line – work out a modelling gait for yourself, allowing you to walk elegantly, swaying your hips. You can practice the tried-and-true method of walking with a book on your head. To reduce the tension that occurs when walking in the central part of the foot, buy special metatarsal pads for shoes at the drugstore. Professional podiatrists recommend them.

Black shoes with a high stable heel

If you still find it difficult to walk in heels, take a change of shoes with you. For example, if you go to a formal reception, party or theatre after work. Carefully take care of your feet every day. Get rid of corns and calluses – foot bath with chamomile herbs or oak bark. You can use sea salt. Hydrate your feet with moisturizing cream, and massage your feet before going to bed if you suffer from varicose veins. Keep your pedicure up to date.

High Heel Shoes: What To Wear

High-heeled shoes are made from various materials, often leather, leatherette, suede, and textile. Used for their production of decorative elements – clasps, accessories, buttons, straps and more. Combine sandals, boots, ankle boots and high-heeled shoes with any items and sets of clothing. Be sure to match the shoes with appropriate tights.

Black shoes with a skirt

Although many people associate high heels with a festive occasion, they can be worn not only as an evening dress. Designers offer a variety of combinations of clothing with shoes of this type. Thus, the slender legs will emphasize a set of wide tops, short shorts and sandals with high heels. Complement the image fashionable clutch and strap at the waist.

A skirt of any length is great to wear with high-heeled pumps. For a walk in summer, wear a miniskirt with a wide belt and a loose top. For the office, a thin shirt or blouse with a knee-length skirt or a palm below the knee. You can also wear a long skirt to the floor, the top should be tight, such as a blouse with a deep neckline.

Black shoes with a skirt

Wear high-heeled shoes with classic pantsuits or pants of any style. These can be wide-flared pants made of flowing light material. Excellent look jeans to such shoes. Fashionable and stylish women’s shoes with high heels – the original solution to any dress, there are no restrictions. Stunning look with such shoe evening dresses, sundresses, tunic dresses, etc.

Black shoes with pants and a jacket

It is convenient to choose a product in the online store. In the catalogues, which are constantly updated, there are new models of shoes, boots, and sandals with heels of different heights. Choose what suits your size and style.

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