How To Choose Elbow Length Gloves

The history of gloves as the most popular women’s accessory dates back to ancient Egypt. Only the Pharaoh and those close to him in those ancient times could afford gloves. While the Egyptians used gloves to show their status, the Romans did not shy away from using them to protect their hands from dirt, cold and all kinds of work. The Middle Ages was an actual epoch that popularized gloves. They were worn by knights, doctors, peasants and ladies of the court. This accessory began to penetrate into people’s lives actively and became a successful addition to any image. Then the glove became a symbol of power, both male and female. Masters embroidered female gloves with stones and ribbons and decorated them with various jewels, while men’s gloves were simple and laconic in design.

Long black leather gloves

In Europe, the fashion for gloves spread very quickly, and the accessory was particularly warmly welcomed by women. In large cities, glovemakers did everything to please beautiful ladies. Gloves were made of satin, velvet, suede, brocade, fine leather, etc. The noble ladies ordered not just one pair but for each dress. As for men, they were not so passionate about gloves, but their outfits were supplemented with them, as well as women’s. As time passed, it was hard to imagine a ballroom look, an outfit for a walk in the autumn garden, horseback rides and even the hard work of a craftsman without gloves. In the last century, gloves complemented the images of famous actresses. They were worn by Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Sarah Bernhardt. At their suggestion, gloves to the elbow became fashionable, perfectly complementing any evening dress.

Gloves As A Look Element

Gloves have long since ceased to be an element of luxury. They are now the perfect addition to any image. For those who do not follow fashion and fashion trends, it may seem that gloves have lost their former value and romance, but no. World-renowned designers do not miss the opportunity to pay due attention to this accessory – each season, the images of models presented in the collections of haute couture or Prêt-à-porter are supplemented with gloves. And there is no limit to the imagination: they can be above the elbow, up to the wrist or just covering the fingers. Designer gloves can be so original and interesting in color and patterns that they can adorn even the most boring daily image.

Wedding gloves up to the elbow

As an element of the image, gloves bring to it a certain zest:

  • Long gloves complement the evening gown;
  • Leather gloves are perfect for going out under a coat or coat with a three-quarter sleeve;
  • Short gloves are good for any outfit, depending on the outfit’s style, season and purpose.

Women’s gloves are often presented in their collections by male fashion designers. Depending on fashion trends, they give the beautiful half of humanity the ability to adorn any outfit with them – from sports to every day and evening. Openwork short or satin high gloves often complement even the bride’s image.

Elbow Length Gloves: What To Wear

A woman is so attentive to the fact that her image is always complete that she pays special attention to the clothes and the appropriate accessories. If jewelry emphasizes a woman’s taste, style and wealth, then such an accessory as gloves will highlight the grace and sophistication of their owner’s hands.

Elbow-length leather gloves with a coat

After film stylists began to play around with long gloves in the images of actresses, designers did not lose sight of this subtle point and gradually turned long women’s gloves into a real trend. Soon after their appearance on the catwalks, popular mass-market brands picked up this trend. They included gloves above the elbow in their collections, sewn from different materials, with embroidery, drapery and various decorations.

Fashionistas worldwide, watching the fall-winter collections, now and then ask what to wear high gloves. Popular glossy magazines did not lose sight of this trend and picked up a lot of images for which such gloves are ideal.

  1. Leather gloves will go with any coat with short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves.
  2. Under a coat with a short sleeve or 3/4 sleeves (some designers advise wearing such gloves under a coat with long sleeves). They also suit well under a fur vest or cuff.
  3. Many designers suggest complementing them with ponchos or capes.
  4. Satin white gloves above the elbow will match the bride’s outfit, and black gloves will complement any evening or cocktail dress.
  5. Long gloves are worn under a jacket with short sleeves.
  6. They will fit under a trench coat with short sleeves in Japanese kimono style.
  7. Completing the image of the gloves and adding a twist will help bracelets worn over them.

White long gloves

Long gloves are worn today and in summer under flying sundresses or dresses, but such a look must be appropriate.

Women’s gloves to the elbow or above the elbow can safely be combined with the following styles of clothing:

  • Classic style in all its manifestations;
  • Casual style – under a trench coat, sneakers, snickers and wedges;
  • Under the grunge style and rock outfits;
  • For baby-doll style outfits;
  • For outfits in the style of the 20s and 60s.

Of course, you can try to wear long gloves with clothes in the style of disco or the 80s, but picking them for such an image must be very careful.

Long Gloves

Elbow Length Gloves: What Not To Wear

The current fashion trends are under the motto – “combine the incongruous.” Under a classic coat, you can wear sneakers, and under an evening dress, you can safely wear sneakers. That’s why beautiful ladies may think that you can wear your favorite gloves under anything. Forming and thinking about your image, the main thing is not to overdo it to be ultra-fashionable. Long women’s gloves will not always be appropriate.

And that’s why it’s better not to wear them with:

  • With a tracksuit;
  • With jeans, a denim skirt and a sundress, with a denim vest;
  • With pants, skirts and dresses in military style;
  • Leather high gloves will not suit a delicate and feminine image (to the flying silk or chiffon dress);
  • Undershorts and Bermudas of any style (still better gloves fit under pants, skirts and dresses).

Any image will look perfect and complete with the right combination of gloves and clothes. Do not concentrate on the fact that long gloves are suitable only for outerwear. Designers have long ago created many options for gloves to the elbow and above, which are worn to complement the image and do not need to be removed.

Elbow-length gloves with jacket

How To Choose Gloves

Long gloves for women became a real trend in 2011-2012. Since then, they have not lost their popularity and have ceased to be a highlight in any woman’s image.

To choose such gloves correctly need to know a few very important points. Many girls who order gloves in online stores risk making a mistake with the size. Manufacturers do not indicate the gloves’ size or refer to their universality. But to make women’s hands look elegant, and gloves now and then treacherously did not slip, causing discomfort, it is necessary to determine their size correctly.

Elbow-length gloves with a red coat

The size of the glove is based on the width and length of the glove. To find out your size, measure the circumference of your hand at the base of the fingers, not including the thumb. As for how to determine whether the length of the glove fits, you must measure with a centimeter from the base of the thumb to the end of the glove.

High gloves should completely wrap around the entire length of the hand, then they fit snugly and will not slide down the hand. Also, they should not squeeze the hand, otherwise, wearing them will be very uncomfortable, and movement will be restricted.

Elbow-length gloves with a leather jacket

The perfect size gloves will emphasize the elegance of a woman’s fingers, hand and arm. When choosing the size, it is also worth considering the fact that the glove will be worn on the bare hand under the outfit or on top of clothes under a coat, coat or cloak.

Especially carefully choose leather gloves because they tend to stretch with constant wear. In this case, the accessory should be half a size smaller.

What Countries Wear Elbow Length Gloves?

Even though the prototype of modern gloves originated in Egypt, today, in this country, they are not very popular, but they love fashionistas from Europe and the United States.

Long gloves with a coat

Residents of France, Britain and Germany prefer leather gloves for women with a traditional classic cut. Such gloves are popular among ladies of high society and businesswomen. They are usually worn for society receptions or under outerwear in the autumn-winter period. Long gloves for women are preferred to wear with more elegant and sophisticated outfits, and traditionally they are much more expensive than regular models. British women are more conservative in their choice of models and prefer strict classics. In contrast, French women like accessories with charm and like to see a highlight in them (bright colors, unusual textures, draperies and other decorations).

Scandinavian fashionistas wear long gloves mostly under their outerwear. For them, this accessory should be warm and comfortable first and then beautiful and stylish. For these reasons, they prefer leather gloves with insulation and traditional classic models made of warm materials, suitable for cold climates.

Long poncho gloves

Women living in the United States do not pay as much attention to the material or performance of the product. For them, it is more important that the model be beautiful, ultra-fashionable and eye-catching.

What Are The Most Fashionable Elbow Length Gloves?

Even though fashion changes each season and the wind blows, long gloves always remain in trend. They have gained popularity due to their practicality and the fact that they fit almost any outfit and can simultaneously perform two functions – decorate the image and keep you warm during the cold season.

Long leather gloves with a coat

The most popular models are the traditional leather gloves up to the elbow from the classic collection (this group includes a simple smooth glove or a smooth glove with three divergent rays in the center). Female gloves made of felt, velvet and satin are also fashionable. Often the most beautiful, colorful and unusual models are made of leatherette.

As for the color scheme, it depends on what colors are popular in a particular season. Black, brown, white and dark gray are not out of fashion. Recently, fashion designers have been fond of colors such as fuchsia, camel, brick, red, wine tones and dark blue.

Leather blue gloves up to the elbow

Runway collections are full of gloves with fringes, national embroideries, and combinations of different textures. Gloves are sewn from pieces of leather and decorated with original drapery. Even knitted long gloves are not a surprise anymore. Recently, designers have actively promoted the mass fashion of long-fur female seals, which will keep you warm on the coldest days and decorate the coat with short sleeves.

Gloves up to the elbow

Long Gloves

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