How To Choose A Wedding Tiara

A tiara for the bride is a beautiful wedding accessory, capable of becoming the final chord for the image of a beautiful young girl. Wedding tiaras are called by different names, such as tiaras or crowns. These names symbolize the bride as a queen because the main actors at the wedding are the newlyweds. The girl decorating herself for her wedding with such a tiara will be an absolute masterpiece, filled with grace and beauty.

Wedding tiara


History Of The Tiara

The diadem was originally a type of crown, and it was worn exclusively by the male population. In the past, such adornment was worn by rulers in Asian state formations, Jewish high priests and priests in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. It is from ancient states that the modern name of the tiara has come down to us. In those times, this type of crown was associated with the sacrament of marriage because it was used to adorn the head of the patroness of the fair sex, marriage and childbearing Hera.

Men’s wreath

Tiara As A Decoration For Men

Up until the Middle Ages, the tiara was an attribute exclusively for men. Most often, it symbolized royal power and had the form of a small metal band with patterns or an open crown. In the Christian era, the tiara also appeared in coronation ceremonies. In Byzantium in the 5th century, it was placed on the head of the king’s anointed. Later this rite appeared in the Russian Empire as well.

Bridal Crown

Wedding tiara

Wedding Tiara in Gold

As for the wedding ceremony, the tiara was identical to the wedding crown, which had a sacred character from those ancient times. The medieval wedding diadem differed from the usual modern one, as it was made of organic materials (branches of laurel, wild grapes, olive, hop, cypress) and, therefore, was not durable. Later it became a tradition to make the wedding crown of metal, adorning it in every way, for example, with precious and semi-precious stones.

The sacred meaning of this jewelry was so great that even ancient dream books considered the loss of the diadem in a dream as a bad omen, and its presence, on the contrary, promised the acquisition of greatness or receiving a reward.

Wedding Decoration

Tiaras Are The Pinnacle Of Women’S Fashion

Later, the tiara became firmly entwined in the line of women’s fashion. Shaped like a small open crown, it became trendy among the beautiful half of the population. At the end of the 17th century, ladies of the upper class ordered and wore tiaras with precious stones. Often the stones on them were arranged so the wearer could read her name by the first letters of the name.

Floral wedding tiara

Wedding headband

A small wedding tiara

Today tiaras have not lost their ancient meaning. Such crowns crown the heads of beautiful winners of beauty contests, worn at soirees by the ladies of high society. Also, tiaras are popular among brides, both for wedding ceremonies and during the registration of marriages in the wedding palace.

Wedding tiara

Modern bridal tiara strikes with its brilliance and openwork, and amazing weightlessness. Such wedding headbands do not cause discomfort to the girl throughout the celebration. The tiara adds beauty, luxury and grace to the appearance of a young bride, adding confidence in yourself and your beauty.

How To Wear A Tiara

Such jewelry is made of special metals with sufficient strength and flexibility. That is why wedding headbands are perfectly held on the bride’s head, not constraining her. Active movements, including performing energetic dances, will not be able to throw off the ornament from the head. In addition, the tiara also takes part in shaping the bride’s hairstyle. Stylists, especially to create more complex compositions, often use a large amount of hairspray. Here, wedding headbands have an advantage, partially removing this need. Such a crown will perfectly support braids or curls.

Wedding tiara

A wedding tiara has a special shape that will look perfect with and without a veil of any length. For owners of thick, lush and long hair, such a crown will perfectly emphasize the natural beauty because the decoration should not hide the existing advantages of the girl.

The modern variety of wedding tiaras allows the bride to look like a real queen at the celebration of the young family. They can easily match any face color type and wedding dress model. However, it is still worth trying it on, at least to choose your favorite shade of decorative stones to decorate it. The color variety of such a wedding headdress allows you to pick it up, as under the color of the outfit, so under the color nuances of the bouquet.

Floral wedding tiara

The benefits of wedding tiaras:

  • Perfectly emphasize the taste and modern style of the bride;
  • With a tiara with rhinestones, the bride’s hair will sparkle richly in the sun or the light of the banquet hall;
  • maintain your hair without the use of hair chemicals;
  • make the image elegant and fabulous;
  • The color of the wedding dress, especially the one adorned with a scattering of rhinestones, is perfect for a wedding dress.

With the long life history of the wedding tiara, its popularity worldwide deserves respect and awe. No matter how many centuries have passed, it is still a symbol of the bride on one of the most important days of her life. Wedding fashion dictates its terms, in which tiaras remain a desirable element of the modern bride’s attire.

Wedding tiara

Wedding headband

Wedding Tiara

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