How To Choose A Hand Bag

You can spend hours assembling the perfect image for every day or for going out, but if one detail does not fit – all the work is in vain. First of all, this applies, of course, to women’s handbags.

Now it is very easy to get lost in the variety of this closet item. In order not to make mistakes, it is enough to make your own list of rules, how to choose a bag – and stick to it. Today, we’ll discuss them.

What bags are there

If you go out in the street, you can go all day and not meet a single repeating handbag. How to choose a perfect example among such a variety? The easiest way is to introduce the classification of handbags and then choose, adhering to it.

By type.

Large model, ideal for shopping. The shape is rectangular or trapezoidal without a rigid frame. One drawback – often no lock.
Soft, voluminous, unstructured model. The rounded crescent silhouette and only one handle – wide and small, which allows you to hold the bag in your hand or on your shoulder. Most often, this shape is chosen by active women, young mothers or creative and athletic ladies.
Structural Models
The main feature is a strict form: rectangular, square or semi-circular. Because of the rigid frame, it holds its shape perfectly. The size can be any size, as well as the number of handles.
This is the name of a small women’s shoulder bag on a long strap. Crossbody bags also come in larger sizes, but they are less popular and don’t look as good.
A trendy model lately. More stylish and elegant than the school, but still just as comfortable.
A small handbag that holds only the essentials – there isn’t always room even for a phone. Carried in hand or under the arm, sometimes there is a chain for the shoulder.

By purpose

Obviously, every girl will have a different set of basic bags: a young mother and a businesswoman have completely different needs. But in any case, it is very easy to decide on the size: the purse should fit all the necessary things.

But the rest of the details – the presence of clasps, pockets, dividers – need to be thought through. If you need a bag for business meetings, it should be status-oriented.

If frequent travel and business trips, it is more important resistance, so that it does not fall apart from traveling as luggage.


You don’t need a very roomy bag for every day. The main thing is to check that all personal items (phone, wallet, cosmetic bag, lunchbox, etc.) will fit. It is best to choose a strict appearance and an understated cut – such a model will be the most versatile. It is convenient to have several external pockets for small things.

To work

For office workers, a roomy handbag that looks more like a briefcase would be ideal – medium size and a rigid frame with additional compartments. The most important thing is to fit A4 documents or a notebook/netbook.

For a walk

In this case, the main characteristic of the bag is capacity and comfort. It is best to choose soft models, as they can accommodate more things.

When you need to get a handkerchief or band-aid in a hurry, you will definitely appreciate the presence of separate pockets. It is also important to check the quality of the material and seams – they must be strong to withstand a small purchase at the store.


If you are planning to wear an evening gown and conquer all, then it is best to choose a small handbag for women, which will fit a minimum of things. Most often, choose clutches with a strap or without it, but in the latter case it will have to keep it in your hands all the time – this is not very convenient.

The strap is short – for the wrist, or long, so the bag can be hung on the shoulder. This is convenient if, for example, you plan to dance. Without the strap, the accessory will have to be left somewhere or kept under the arm.

Of course, the accessory must perfectly match the image. Often use the reception of a perfect combination of shades of the dress and bag, but it is not necessary.

For example, if the image is too bright, it can be diluted with a modest black clutch, and vice versa, if you have chosen a classic style, using a red clutch can make the image more interesting.

It is important not to overdo it. For example, if the whole dress is embroidered with sequins, you should not choose the same clutch.

There are recommendations and to choose the shape of the evening handbag. For example:

  • If the shoes are pointy, then the clutch should be rigidly shaped;

  • If the shoes have a round nose, it is better to choose a soft rounded purse.

For the wedding

At a wedding, as well as at an evening out, most often clutches are used to emphasize the beauty and elegance of the girl.

The main task of this accessory on the wedding day is to complete the image, so you should not fill it up to the brim with things: it’s better to limit yourself to the essentials, such as matte wipes and miniatures of lipstick and mascara.

Brides often have busy hands, so it is best to opt for a clutch option with a chain strap.

Important! Clutch with a chain will not work under a lace or openwork dress, as it may lead to hitches and puffs.

The clutch should be combined with the dress: if it is simple and elegant, then the bag should be without unnecessary decor. A bonus is that such an accessory can be used later – in evening looks. The classic decor is pearls or beads.

The standard color scheme, of course, is white. But it is worth considering many shades: Ivory, milk, cream.

You can make the clutch a bright contrasting accent – for example, combine it with flowers from the wedding bouquet.

If you want something very special, but are sorry to spend for one time, you can rent a dressy accessory.

By color.

The classic choice: white bag in summer, black in winter. This still works, but designers suggest shifting toward less contrasting solutions in favor of beige and gray shades.

But it’s still better to expand your range and look at the following options:

  • brown;

  • blue (from a soft blue for summer and a dark cool one for winter);

  • pastel shades like pistachio or pink;

  • Muted tones of red, burgundy, or even dirty purple;

  • shades of green from light to dark and so on.

If you plan to wear the bag often, it is better to avoid garish colors to make it easier to combine it with the rest of your closet. There are no more rules.

What should the bag go with (color-wise)?

They say that you have to choose the color of the bag at the shoe closet.

But this rule is outdated and can not rely only on it, because the purse can be combined not only with shoes, but also other details of clothing.

Modern fashion is so free that a bright berry handbag can be the only accent in the whole image – it is not necessary to choose a strap or sandals to match the tone.

It should be understood that the color itself is not the only thing that should go together. It is important to consider the material, the season, and the style.

The most universal color

Even in the most modest closet you can usually find two models – a light and a dark one. Stylists recommend abandoning the classic black and white, because these colors are difficult to fit into the image, and they are quite boring.

Where better to use beige, nude, taupe, gray, dark green or blue.

Of course, it is better to pick up some light and some dark bags separately for warm and cold seasons. If the budget is modest, you can settle on gray or brown shades – they “work” at any time of year and fit well into the closet.

By body type and height

It is important not to violate the proportions of the body. For example, a large, bulky, shapeless bag will look absurd in the hands of a fragile girl. She will immediately want to help rather than appreciate the overall look.

You can determine the ideal size of a purse mathematically. To do this, divide your height by 4 and subtract another 5-10 cm.

This should be the maximum size of the bag. For example, here are the calculations for a girl who is 170 cm tall: 170/4 – 10 = 32 cm. We are talking about the length of the bottom.

It is important to match the size and style of the pursewith your figure. For example:

  • The crossbody is at the hip, so it draws attention to this area and visually increases its size. For this reason they are not suitable for those girls who would not like to draw attention to their hips;

  • Girls of small stature will not suit too “oversized” shoppers. They are also contraindicated for women with large breasts or broad shoulders;

  • Tall and large ladies should avoid small handbags.


This type of figure is adorned by puffed hips. In order not to accentuate them, it is better to place the bag itself higher – the straps should be short, and the accessory itself hangs on the shoulder. Fashion accessories with short handles are your choice.

Small handbags and clutches are better to refuse. The choice of “pears” – comfortable and large bags with wide and short straps, which can be hung on the bend of the elbow. Experimentation with bright colors to look away from full hips is welcome.


A great feature of this figure is a massive top, as the belly, flanks and arms are the first to get fat. The main task is to correct the figure, shifting attention to the hips or waist (it is usually pronounced even in the presence of a tummy).

Crossbody bags with thick straps or trapeze bags in “Kelly” style by Hermes will help with this. Bulky clutch bags are also suitable.

The main condition is short handles and carrying in your hands: it will elongate the silhouette and accentuate the waist.


Large breasts or broad shoulders can be balanced by blending the purse closer to the hips. The strap should be on the shoulder, but not across the body, as is often done with crossbody bags.

Soft shaped bags are best – rounded tots, saddles, pouches. It is better to refuse from accessories of sharp geometric shape, as they will make the figure rougher.

Choosing the right bag will bring your figure as close as possible to the ideal hourglass parameters.


Girls with a rectangular type of figure have a not clearly defined waist – in terms of girth it is about the same as the hips and chest. It is important to smooth out a certain angularity of the body, so it is better to look at bags of soft rounded shapes.

In order not to draw attention to the lack of the waist, the model should be chosen with a long handle. If you really want to experiment with a fashionable waist bag, it is better to combine it with a loose silhouette – that will create the illusion of “hourglass”.

The best option is a hobo.


Owners of such a figure are lucky, because it is considered ideal. There are no restrictions on clothing or accessories. If you want to emphasize a slim waist, you can buy a belt bag, fashionable in 2021.

Of the more classic models are bags with short handles or over the shoulder. The volume in the case of “hourglass” is not important.

By material

Another important parameter for choosing the perfect bag is its material. There are most often three options:

  • genuine leather;
  • synthetic eco-leather;
  • fabric.

Modern fashion does not stop there and shows even plastic accessories, but still most often they remain on the catwalks. Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular “bag” materials.


Yes, now there is an eco-leather, which is almost indistinguishable from the natural material – and the quality is not inferior at least, and sometimes superior, thanks to its durability.

But for many women it is a natural leather bag that remains a matter of status. Such a closet piece demonstrates its value and belonging to a certain level to its surroundings.

There are a few rules on how to choose a good leather bag:

  1. Don’t skimp! Good leather just can’t be cheap.
  2. Be sure to touch the leather –natural leather should warm up from the heat of your hands. This is a great way to tell a genuine leather bag from a synthetic one without a lighter or matches.
  3. Itisalways possible to find wrinkles and small irregularities on natural leather.
  4. Evaluate the heaviness – thingsmade of genuine leather are always heavier than their eco-companions.
  5. Take a closer look at the quality of seams, the strength of the threads and accessories.
  6. Sprinkle water –natural leather will absorb (if it is not impregnated), but the artificial leather will all flow out.
  7. Smell –there should be no smells of varnish or paint.

An important nuance should be considered and lining:

  • The strongest options are nylon and kapron;

  • The nicest thing is the suede trim.

The most practical is calfskin – it is soft, durable and holds its shape well. Separate mention should be made of crocodile leather – bags made of it look chic, but not to everyone’s taste.


Suede is the underside of leather, so it has the same pros and cons as its “underside. Suede bags can give a veil of elegance and aristocratism, so they do not go out of fashion for years. The main thing is to choose a modern shape.

The only disadvantage (besides the price) – this surface is easily scratched and crumpled, so a special delicate care is required. Rarely are suede bags used for everyday wear, but at a special event with it will be able to impress everyone.

Made of eco-leather

It is worth stating at once that leatherette is very different:

  • and one that will give you a head start on leather;
  • and one that will wear off in a month or get blown up in the rain.

Eco-leather or leatherette is a thin layer of polyurethane or PVC, which is applied to a woven or non-woven base.

Thanks to the embossed pattern on the surface of eco-leather in appearance difficult to distinguish from natural material.

Eco-leather bags are dense and durable, and the price is an order of magnitude lower than those made of genuine leather. Many brands specifically develop budget lines of quality bags made of synthetic substitutes.

An additional advantage – the care of such products is much easier.


Textile products are not in great demand and are most often found at beach resorts.

Fabric bags are versatile, and in addition have a huge variety of colors and shapes.

Of course, these bags will look simpler compared to genuine leather, but they are lighter, more practical and will survive washing in the washing machine. It’s perfect for summer.


When choosing a bag, size is just as important as when choosing a man. But in this case it is necessary to proceed from the functional duties of the companion:

  • If you need a bag for all occasions (for a walk, to the store, to visit, to work), it is better to look at medium-sized options – it will hold documents, toiletries, a mirror, a few blisters of pills, cosmetics bag, and so on;

  • If you often have to carry A4 documents with you, you also need a roomier bag – the same model will suit those who do not like to carry bags, for example, after shopping;

  • If you are a minimalist and like to carry with you only the essentials (phone, keys, wallet and passport), then you can look at the miniature models, such as crossbody.

In addition to the size, it is important to pay attention to a few other things:

  • It is very convenient to put things in their places, and then do not look for them frantically all over the bag;

  • The presence of external pockets – again, a great invention for items of frequent use (keys, fare, pens);

  • the weight of the product – sometimes large bags weigh much heavier than small ones. In these cases, it is important to consider the presence and amount of fittings.
  • Lifehack! It’s best to compare the weight of your empty bag and your intended purchase – it’s the easiest way to make conclusions.

In season.

There are no strict rules for bags for spring, summer, fall or winter. This is justified at least by the fact that climatic zones are different everywhere, as is the concept of “winter”.

The choice of bag for the season itself is based on two anchors:

  • current coloring;
  • appropriate material.

It so happens that most people wear dark outerwear in winter – it is more practical because it is not as starchy. This also applies to bags: “winter” colors can be called black, gray, brown, dark blue or dark green.

Just a white bag will not combine with a black down jacket, but you can pick up such an accessory under a white fur coat. It turns out that there are no strict rules – you need to look at the whole image.

The second point is the material. Leather bags may not be able to withstand severe Siberian frosts, such as -35 °C. Moreover, the leather leaves wet and noticeable stains from water, which can spoil the ideal image. Eco-leather has no such disadvantages.

Of course, fabric bags are not suitable for rainy or snowy days, because they can not provide the necessary protection for the things inside.

By age.

When choosing a bag designers recommend to focus not only on fashion trends and established style, but also on their own age.

It is important that the accessories look appropriate, because some bags are more suitable for adult women over 50 years, and others for teenagers. Let’s find out how not to make a wrong choice.


Being young has many advantages. One of them is the opportunity to experiment with style. A young teenage girl can easily wear a neon or clear bag decorated with Swarovski rhinestones and ribbon or plush bows – it will look cute.

Teenagers need to have at least two bags – for school and for walking. The range of bags for walking is huge, but it is better to choose one with which you can free your hands – crossbody or a stylish backpack.

Young girls

Girls aged 20-35 are beginning to be more conscious and careful about bags – their value is increasing. Experimentation with style in search of their uniqueness is still going on.

The optimal number of bags in a young girl’s closet – 4-5 pieces: everyday, shopper, clutch for the weekend and crossbody.

Grown women

Without a doubt, all timelines are quite conditional, because age is in the head, not in the passport. Of course, it is better to refuse outdated, vintage or retro handbags, as they will only emphasize age.

You will also have to give up the most trendy and youth accessories, because they do not look elegant. The best choice is the classic models: tote,



Colors should also be universal: plum, wine, dark blue, cream and so on. Of course, the older a woman gets, the better quality her bag should be to emphasize her status.

What bags to wear with what?

The bag plays a big role in the creation of the image. But it is very important to be able to subtly select and effectively present a successful look – it is valued even more than the demonstration of luxury brands.

Today’s fashion does not give strict rules, answers or restrictions – you need to search for original solutions yourself, relying on your own taste.

Handbags should not enter the closet at random. It’s best to choose them based on a style you’ve already created.

How to choose the right bag to wear?

A bag for every day is the easiest to choose, because there are not many requirements for it: it should be comfortable, but it does not have to impress everyone just by its appearance. Above, we have already discussed how to choose a bag for work, a walk, or a trip to the store.

Now let’s look at the more complex and important cases.

To the dress

To choose a bag to the dress is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. You just need the right style and style, and then just follow the recommendations.

Style and style of dress Matching purse
Strict office Briefcases, setchels, rectangular clutches, small tote bags with a minimum of decor

Sporty (e.g. polo) Small urban backpacks, padded hobos, pussybags, fabric options

Autumn Knit Uncluttered textile and suede shoulder models

Summer sundresses and light dresses Miniature pouches, chain clutches, round and oval bags

Military style Hobo, Tablets

Grunge and glam rock style Extravagant models with rivets, studs and rough textures

The second thing to decide is the color combination of the dress and bag.You can experiment by yourself or stick to the tips of stylists:

  • A black dress will make friends with literally any handbag. It is best to stick to classic pastel shades, beige, black, white and red;

  • In the case of the blue dress, you need to look at its purpose. If it is a “uniform” to the office, it is best to choose a model of black or gray color with a minimum of decor. With a light summer sundress will look good white, silver, emerald or yellow handbag;

  • The red dress – this is a level more difficult. Here you have to stick to the classics in accessories and give preference to black, white, brown and beige colors;

  • The green color of the dress will be advantageously emphasized by accessories of peach, beige, orange and gold tones;

  • Neutral handbags in white, black or beige colors will suit perfectly to a pink dress. For the evening variant you can choose mint or silver tones;

  • For more original dresses in the color of turquoise or tiffany suit bags in both classic shades (white, gray, beige, and more daring – bright red or yellow.

To the tracksuit

Wearing a tracksuit when a girl thinks about maximum comfort, so the bag should be the most comfortable. The best for female fans of sportswear will suit:

  • trendy backpacks;

  • clipboard bags;

  • bag-like shapeless bags;

  • Toe bags and shopper bags, especially if they have long handles or a strap to sling them over your shoulder.

There are no restrictions on materials and colors, the main thing is that the bag is in harmony with the suit.

The optimal size of the product depends on what is supposed to be placed in the bag: there is no point in carrying a huge bag if it will be half-empty most of the time.

To casual wear

Casual can be translated from English as “careless,” “informal. This is the opposite of boring “officialism”. This style has no limits or restrictions – almost any liberties, unusual combinations or ostentatious sloppiness are allowed.

Irregularity is the main principle of casual. For example, you can wear threadbare jeans, a shabby blouse and decorate it all with a chic luxury, long beads or a bright silk scarf.

Casual is comfort, freedom and individuality. Bags in this style are usually shapeless, but insanely comfortable and comfortable – literally adapted to its owner. the first role is played by practical characteristics: the bag must be roomy and durable, the handle should be comfortable and long.

The shape can be anything, but soft – square or round.

To the shoes

All stylists and designers can be divided into two camps:

  • Some will say that the shoes must necessarily match (repeat) the bag in style, color, texture;
  • others will reply that this is an outdated vision, beyond which it is long overdue.

Bag and shoes will be reasonable to combine in those cases where a girl wants to assemble a basic closet in which things can be combined in different ways. In addition, such a tandem will not distract attention from the clothes themselves.

Shoes and a bag of the same color is a classic option, which will always be appropriate, but it is not an absolute rule, which should be strictly adhered to. Such a decision makes the overall image more refined and complete. Opponents of this approach claim excessive dullness.

In any case, only you have the right to decide whether to combine the purse with shoes or not. In both variants you will be right.

These bags go with everything

Not everyone can believe it, but there are bags that go with literally everything. They are called basic. The trend of minimalism and sensible consumption is gaining popularity all the more, so many girls do leave in their closet one-maximum two basic bags. It’s just a matter of finding and choosing such an accessory.

  • Color goes with everything. The very first step in the search for a universal bag is to decide on the color. Of course, immediately black comes to mind, but this is a misconception – black is difficult to combine with all things, especially in the summer closet. It is better to stop on the beige or gray version – they look great regardless of the season. Read more in our article “For all occasions”.

  • Size for everything. At this stage it is important to understand where a girl goes most often. Of course, you can’t go to the theater with a shopper or a backpack, but it’s not the main pastime either. A universal bag can be called if it is suitable for 70% of tasks and time outside the home. It is unlikely to be convenient to carry textbooks or children’s scoops in a clutch with a bag.

  • The shape fits everything. The shape of the bag depends little on the particular image, and is chosen rather for the figure of the girl – this we discussed above. The perfect basic bag will seamlessly complement the image even if you decide to change your style.

What definitely can’t serve as a universal bag? Trends that change every year. Accent accessories of bright colors or with flamboyant decorations – such things are difficult to fit into a closet. Much preferable are laconic accessories.

Popular Brands

A bag should be of high quality – it should be accepted as an axiom and not to save on such an important part of your closet. In the end, you will only win, because a good bag will last more than one season.

Michael Kors

The most popular brand in the mid-price segment. They are probably the most counterfeit bags, too. Ideal for beginners, as the bags are beautiful and of high quality – they will obviously last more than one year.

Seeby Chloe

This is a separate budget line of the luxury brand Chloe. The lines strongly overlap in style and design, the quality is just as good, but the price tag of SeebyChloe is much lower.


The brand is very popular, but the quality has not dropped over the years. A huge assortment, among which any girl will find the perfect handbag for herself. One of the most popular models is Metropolis.


An Italian brand that stakes on elegant classics. In its lineup you will not find the latest trends, but restraint and excellent quality are found in every handbag. Accessories are suitable for girls and women of any age.


Another brand for girls who are definitely starting to get acquainted with the world of branded handbags. Here again, you won’t find the latest runway trends, but you don’t really need them in your everyday life. The brand has a lot of beautiful and stylish basic models.


An American brand that is gaining popularity in our country as well. The main reference point is the country style. The brand actively follows all the catwalk trends and repeats them. A great option for those who want to stand out and buy something that others don’t have yet.


They started producing bags quite recently, before they were only involved in clothing. But now the accessories are selling like hotcakes, especially during sales. In the line there are no classic models – only trends, stylish and modern. Some people call Pinko bags the equivalent of Chanel bags, only several times cheaper.

TOP 2021

If the basic universal bag is already bought, it’s time to think about trendy options. Let’s tell you about the top popular women’s handbags of 2021 that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Shaped like a ball

Yes, it’s not very comfortable, but it’s at the peak of fashion. “Ball” handbags can be found literally at every show. Perfect as an original evening accessory.


This accessory is already much more practical. The strap is adjustable, so the bag can be worn on the belt or over the shoulder – like a small backpack. A few years ago, this model was considered purely sporty and even outdated, but now it’s just a fashion screech, which can be found in different styles.

Belt pouch

Carrying a bag on the belt is still fashionable and also very convenient, but how to choose it correctly? The most chic option – removable straps. First, so the bag can be carried in your hand or on your shoulder. Secondly, straps can play around with different images.


If in 2020 the world was astonished by miniature handbags that couldn’t even hold two keys, in 2021 practicality is at the top of the list. In fashion are shoppers, and not just any size, but XXL-approximately, so that a liter of antiseptic could be carried with you. The shape is strict, rectangular, discreet.


This trend came from last year, but is still relevant. Now the most popular version of the bucket bag is considered to be a woven base with a satin pouch inside. Suitable only for summer.

If you add a tie on top of the “bucket,” you get a bag-bag – also relevant in 2021.


A perfect example that all new is well forgotten old. The last time this form was relevant was in the 2000s. Now the framing has changed slightly, becoming more modern, but the form remains the same.

How to choose for a gift?

Choosing a bag for a girl’s gift is difficult on the one hand, but easy on the other. We explain.

It’s difficult because you have to know the girl’s approximate closet, her hobbies, interests and tastes. On the other hand, “you can’t have too many bags.

  • If a girl is keen on fashion, you should give her some trendy bag from the list above – she is sure to appreciate such a gift.
  • If there is no such a passion, then it is worth sticking to the classic quality options without excessive decoration.

The main thing is to take into account the age of the girl, her tastes and the field of work. For example:

  • If a woman works in a large company and has a high position, it is ideal for her to have a high-quality bag of noble colors from a reputable manufacturer;
  • If we are talking about a young person, it is better to opt for bright and original models with decorations.


A woman’s bag is not just a pretty accessory. It is a whole world of beauty aides, important documents and stylish image decorations. A bag is a way to show your individuality and declare your status to the world. The main thing is to choose it correctly.

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