How To Choose A Fashionable Mohair Hat For 2022

Mohair is a wool yarn with long fluffy fibers. Its use gives women with needlework talents the opportunity to implement the most daring and original ideas. A hat, tied with their own hands, as if permeated with notes of coziness and lightness. For those who can not knit such masterpieces, designers have come up with many models, which are easy to buy in any store.

Those who are just stepping on the path of learning the unsophisticated science of knitting should not be frightened by the fact that mohair yarns have different thicknesses. This is not considered a defect and makes it possible to use both needles and crochet.

This natural wool was brought into our country by the inhabitants of Turkey. The province of Angora is home to goats, whose wool is considered very warm and soft. Fortunately, due to the development of navigation in ancient times, these animals have traveled to different continents, and now they are raised in North and South America.

Now briefly about the advantages:

  • This species has a subtle natural luster, which makes fashionable mohair hats look very stylish and original.
  • Fluffy caps do not cause allergic reactions and are suitable even for owners of sensitive skin.
  • Down models can be worn in the winter – they perfectly keep warm and go well with solid outerwear.
  • Hats made of wool perfectly endure all the hardships of constant wear. After you repeatedly wash the thing, the knitting will not stretch, the loops will remain elastic and durable for a long time, but this does not mean that you can neglect the requirements of delicate washing, which apply to all mohair products without exception.

A mohair hat is a versatile and practical option for women of all ages and nationalities. The only rule that must always be observed – when buying the model you like, take into account your colour type and face shape.

Next year wool products will be a real hit. The focus of the designers is a voluminous mohair hat and a bini hat with spectacular prints and embellishments.

  • Tacori. The author of this model was Svetlana Tacori. These women’s hats became popular last year, and the trend is still going strong. They look reminiscent of a woman’s stocking in the classic English elastic band design. It is the mohair that makes them look stylish and beautiful due to their fluffiness.
  • With lapel. A wide lapel will make any hat original and extravagant. In this case any variants are allowed – skinny girls can afford skinny variants, and full ladies – lush products, creating a harmonious balance between body and head.
  • A beret hat. If you consider yourself a fan of French style, do not deny yourself the pleasure to buy a few of these models. In fashion today are pastel colours and colours that can hardly be called provocative. They are turquoise, ruby and emerald. The nobility of the precious palette will help you to emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes.
  • Hooded cap. Such solutions are good for those who do not like to hide their hair under tight models. If the weather is sunny and warm in the afternoon, the cap can be turned into an elegant snood.
  • A turban is an original way to maximize your individuality against the background of others. It should be said that such models do not suit everyone, so fans of retro-style before buying should try on a hat and ask the opinion of friends or a spouse.

Fancy Colours

Mohair yarns are easy to dye, so hats made of this wool dazzle with different palettes. Designers do not put any restrictions on colour, so the choice of a suitable tone is always left to fashionistas.

  • Ladies of a mature age can give preference to undying classics. This now includes white, black and gray.
  • Beige shade is used when the outerwear has a catchy colouring.
  • Light pink, sky blue, peach – these colours are preferred in everyday life, because they give femininity and elegance to the image. They do not strain with their intrusiveness and look very bright.
  • Purple, fuchsia, orange, lemon – they can be used to create a youthful style. In winter we always lack juiciness, so these solutions will appeal to those who are not used to grayness and boredom.

As you have already realized, mohair hats are versatile and practical. They are perfectly combined with all kinds of outerwear, and can even make a beautiful duet with an expensive fur coat. In order to maintain their exquisite appearance, pay attention to mohair care. Always follow the rules of delicate washing and use special detergents for woolen clothes.

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