How To Choose A Blouse Style

Many women desire to always be in the trend of modern style and keep up with the rapid pace of fashion. In the closet of the fairer sex, there is such a part of clothing as blouses and tunics. The most firmly entrenched in the consciousness as part of the business style. But time is fleeting – the fashion itself and the style of wearing certain things is changing. Changes have affected various items of clothing. Elegant styles of blouses are so diverse that they have become not only a part of the business suit but also a sure alternative to modern T-shirts.

White blouse

Blouse with patterns

Blouse Styles: What To Choose?

Over time, women and girls have decided to do incredible dress experiments. Now the feminine and always stylish models of blouses can be seen worn with classic skirts and pants and in a set with jeans. The main thing is to choose the right model for this closet item. When choosing such a fashionable piece of high-quality knitwear, you should pay attention to the details. For example, the usual chiffon bow will add a touch of uniqueness to the most common thing. Such a decoration is appropriate for becoming an integral part of your evening or business style. You can also decorate tunics and blouses with small charming silk flowers.

Sleeveless blouse with pants

Usually, as clothing for work, many women choose discreet models with short sleeves made in matte colours. Accordingly, choosing an evening outfit is worth paying attention to brighter and more unusual models of elegant shirts. If we are talking about the fabric “under the metal,” it looks like great shades of gold or silver. The composition will look stunning even when choosing ordinary long pants or a “pencil” skirt. Do not forget about the shoes. Ideally, it can be shoes of any colour with a heel or a pair of pumps, picked up in tone.

Blouse with a pencil skirt

Red long sleeve blouse with black pants

Well-Thought-Out Image Starts With Harmonious Closet Selection

Girls, accustomed to public attention and admiration, often prefer blouses with long sleeves. This is ideal for an ordinary walk with friends. Especially effective will look a tandem of bright red pants and no less bright yellow chiffon blouse – in such an outfit, you can glance into the club. Harmoniously selected images, whether a silk tunic or a jersey blouse, will help make your date unique. You need not make a mistake when creating a look for clothes and shoes. Therefore, to the calm shades of blouses with short sleeves, you should add pumps or sandals in a neutral colour.

Blouse with long sleeves

Choosing the right style for women’s blouses can help advise stylists. The world’s trendsetters this year recommend giving their preference to the folk and classic style with short sleeves. There are many styles and styles of blouses. It seems that some tunics will always be the trend. This is true. Analyzing the fashion of past years, you can notice that certain looks (from silk, knitwear, chiffon and other types of fabric) do not give up the leading positions and are always present on the runway. This applies to the unchanging selection:

  • A classic long-sleeve blouse;
  • pencil skirt;
  • pantsuit.

Long Sleeve Blouse with Pants

White blouse with black pants

Folk Motifs

More and more often in recent shows, we notice a growing interest in women to the folk style, mainly – in long and short shirts. And here, certain styles of knitted blouses have taken pride in place. There are many long models with characteristic features:

  • ornamentation;
  • high collar;
  • patterns;
  • Unusual cutouts on the chest;
  • natural fabrics (tunics can also be made of silk or chiffon);
  • loose fit.

Blouse with ornament

The folk style will be an indispensable closet item for romantic women. Silk models will be flawlessly combined with delicate skirts or pants. Such a look is ideal for everyday wear. Short-sleeved tunics made of chiffon are not necessary to wear with skirts. They will easily suit a pair of jeans (boyfriend model) or skein. For convenience, you can wear ballet shoes or sneakers for a walk, and as an accessory, choose a shopper bag (any fabric model or model with a long handle).

Blouse with ornament

Having studied the models and acquainted with fashion trends, we can conclude that the blouse is an ideal choice to complement a woman’s closet, versatile and stylish thing. If suddenly you do not find this miracle in your closet – immediately go to the store and buy the most favorite model!

Long sleeve blouse with fringes

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