How To Choose A Beautiful Eyebrow Shape And Maintain It

A beautiful eyebrow shape makes the makeup expressive and attractive. Thanks to it, the proportions of the face become symmetrical and harmonious. Masters in salons guarantee a perfect result, but also, at home, your efforts can properly shape the eyebrows. Even though naturalness is in trend, it should not be left without intervention. Otherwise, the image will reflect untidiness, untidiness.


All types of eyebrows have the same composite segments:

  • The head is the area directly at the base of the nose;
  • body – representing the middle part of the hairline;
  • The ponytail is the narrowest sector. It extends to the temple.

A pencil or ruler is applied to unite the ponytail and the head to make symmetrical eyebrows. A single level characterizes a straight line. It is suitable for girls with elongated faces, as it visually expands the forehead and balances the upper part with the proportions of the chin. The lowered shape is characteristic of women in age. It needs careful correction. An elevated line also requires care so as not to create a theatrical, unnatural impression.


This type of eyebrow visually widens the face oval, which is a plus for owners of elongated proportions. The eyes may look narrower than they are, so it is advisable to place the hairline close without creating a wide “bare” space. The area should not be thick, overgrown and fluffy. Otherwise, the look will become harsh, and the girl will look older.

This form will not suit the owners of a short, wide oval, small pale eyes and in those cases where the facial features are large and rough.


This is a beautifully versatile line. In the classic version, it does not impose restrictions on the shape of the face. The upper eyelid remains wide and loose, which is convenient for creating complex makeup. The shape softens harsh features and expressions of the face. You get an open, expressive look with the most feminine contour of the oval. The solution is optimal for girls of Oriental type with a sharp relief of the face. It adds natural roundness and smoothes the clear, dynamic lines of the bone structure.

The option is not desirable for women over 40, the owners of wide-set eyes, and round-faced girls.

Type with fracture

This image is in demand among artists, actresses and media personalities – the eyebrows have a characteristic elevation closer to the center, making a face look fragile and refined. Pros of this shape:

  • angular, coarse features are smoothed out;
  • visually raises the cut of the eyes;
  • The face looks beautiful and young;
  • attention is drawn to the eyes;
  • The proportions of the round, diamond-shaped, oval face are balanced.

The solution allows you to eliminate a slight asymmetry and reduce the visibility of sharp features and narrow eyes. This technique is not suitable for owners of large round eyes. It should not be used if the upper half of the face has swelling, dark circles, or acne.


As a result of plucking the hair part into a curved line, it is possible to give a mysterious look, to make the eyes more round and open, and to bring an unconventional look to the image. Such a solution allows highlighting the cheekbones to make a well-proportioned face with a big nose. This variant looks perfect on owners of elongated and triangular ovals.

Long eyebrows are contraindicated to girls with a rectangular face, the owners of wide open incision, a small nose and narrow cheekbones.

How To Determine The Shape

Makeup artists explain how to make a beautiful eyebrow shape: it is necessary to be guided by the natural characteristics of the facial oval. The hairline is amenable to correction but cannot be changed drastically, so it will be correct to consider the original physiological data.

Oval face

These are universal proportions combined with all types of logical accents. Here it is only necessary to intelligently choose the width and length of the brow arches, the maximum height. If the oval is naturally elongated, it can look coarse, in which case it is desirable to reduce the curvature of the hairline. When the chin and the lower part look heavy, it is desirable to lengthen the tips of the arches.

Round shaped face

Here the task is to visually lengthen the face so that a bent brow will be optimal. A circular line is not suitable. It will only exacerbate the problem. To keep the face from looking flat, the lines should be ascending. When removing hairs from the side of the eyelid, it is important to control the process and observe moderation so that the arc is not too elevated. In the latter case, instead of the desired open look, it is easy to get a surprised, theatrical, age-defying effect.

Shaped like a heart and a triangle

To balance the proportions, makeup artists use techniques that visually narrow the upper half of the face. They ensure that the arc line is not too long and is not close to the temple. If round cheeks make you uncomfortable, it is worth paying attention to curved and rounded variants.

When deciding which eyebrows to choose, it is necessary to prioritize soft lines, so that the bone structure of the face does not look rough. To visually shorten triangular outlines, it is possible to give preference to arcs without obvious curvature.

Square and rectangular face

Decisions without sharp curves and bends will be optimal, as, in this case, it is necessary to smooth out the weighted features of the face to turn the image into a feminine and sophisticated one. Experts do not recommend that owners of rectangular and square proportions use in the makeup of the eyebrows saturated colours of mascara, pencils, and shadows. It is enough to slightly tint the hairline with cosmetics selected by the palette of hair or a tone lighter.

Square lines will be smoothed with arc-shaped accents, and the lines should be slightly blurred, with no obvious boundaries.


The purpose of the makeup is to narrow the central area of the face, so makeup is designed as smooth and soft arcs as possible. Makeup artists consider classically shaped accents to be the optimal solution. It is only important to avoid saturated dark shades and not to trace clear boundaries. Short lines for this type look comical. If the natural length is not enough, the tip is traced in the direction of the temple, making sure that the strokes do not look artificial.

Necessary Tools For Creating A Beautiful Shape

Masters use an arsenal consisting of epilators, tweezers and forceps, scissors for trimming and cosmetics for accenting. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular types of tools.


It is matched to the shade of the hair. It is acceptable that it is 1-2 steps lighter. A dark range, contrasting with the vegetation, adds age and looks vulgar. The pencil should not form a straight line. It is distributed with light strokes. Then the hair is combed with a brush. As a result, this area acquires grooming. A mini comb should be in every makeup bag. It allows you to arrange the eyebrows and remove excess cosmetics.

Tongs and tweezers

Plastic variations are not able to provide the required accuracy of work. Steel tools should be the priority. Besides, they are more practical in disinfection. The edge can be straight, bevelled, pointed or needle-shaped. Thick eyebrows are easier to thin out with tweezers with a sharpened edge. They allow you to remove hairs point by point. Bevelled and straight variations are designed to correct stiff, unyielding hairs. Needle tweezers are suitable for shaping a neat line edge.


They need to be sharpened every six months. Just like tweezers, they need regular disinfection. Scissors will be necessary to care for the trendy natural form of vegetation. They are used in those cases when you do not need constant plucking. Correction is convenient to perform with a professional tool with sharpened edges.


It speeds up the hair removal procedure but requires special care for the delicate area above the eyelid to prevent ingrowth of the roots. When choosing a device, you should pay attention to the number of revolutions and speeds provided – they affect the comfort of epilation. More convenient to use models equipped with batteries, lighting, anesthesia function, and removable tips for massage and exfoliation.

How To Make

Suppose there are difficulties withdrawing the architecture of the eyebrows independently by the physiological features of the face the first time the correction procedure is entrusted to a specialist. Afterwards, taking care of the vegetation according to the existing contour will be easier.

Correction with your own hands

Step-by-step creation of perfect eyebrows at home:

  1. The instruments are disinfected, and the treated area is rubbed with ice for pain relief.
  2. It is worth using stencils to draw a symmetrical shape with a pencil.
  3. Pluck hairs should be plucked by grasping them at the root. Pulling should be sharp so as not to break the stem.
  4. With oily and sweaty skin, tweezers will slip, and it is desirable to pre-powder the area.
  5. The line is combed, and long hairs are trimmed with scissors.

The procedure is completed by treating the skin with a disinfectant and moisturizing cream. On average, redness and inflammation disappear within 2 hours.


Tattooing, made by a specialist, can be a good solution – the eyebrows up to 4 years, keep their brightness, look quite natural, and do not have to touch up constantly. But the procedure is repulsed by its painfulness, and with an inept approach, the result can not benefit the makeup and the image. There is a high risk of inflammation and allergic reactions. The area takes a long time to heal, and the skin flakes off.

With Makeup

If there is no need to trace the contour and hairs, eyebrows are styled with a special gel. Shadows and a pencil will help to cope with the results of inept plucking, making the accents more advantageous. Gels and styling products are indispensable for owners of wide, bushy eyebrows.

Brunettes are recommended dark gray and black pencils, carefully shaded, blond girls’ suit tones of brown.

Care Tips From The Experts

Regular use of a synthetic or natural brush for eyebrows allows you to achieve a well-groomed look. With their help, cosmetics are more evenly distributed. To keep the vegetation healthy, it is advisable to massage every evening to stimulate blood flow.

Nourishing masks on decoctions of medicinal herbs and valuable oils promote hair growth, softness and silkiness.

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