How To Become A Makeup Artist

The advantage of our century has been the possibility of free working hours and the emergence of many ways of self-fulfillment, especially in the creative sphere. And the beauty industry is developing incredibly rapidly. These days people don’t just go to the makeup artist for special occasions, it’s becoming more and more of a high-demand profession, and makeup has gone beyond the nude classics. Even amateurs can become professionals in this field. There are many good ways to learn makeup, from courses where everything is explained literally on the fingers to complete self-education.

Where To Start

You need to figure out if this profession is right for you. Start with YouTube videos or free Instagram tutorials from famous makeup artists, try to replicate red-carpet makeup, and read up on theory online. There are plenty of resources for self-study, and self-education is a good place to start.

Try to create a harmonious image for yourself, not just a daily or even evening look, but competent, original makeup that suits your color type Practice on people you know. Choose people of all ages, with different colortypes and face shapes. These skills will help in the future when working with clients because everyone is different. A makeup artist needs to be able to correct flaws and emphasize advantages. You may not have the talent of an artist. Not everything will work the first time. But these ways will help you understand if you are ready to learn if you want to master the profession.

Where To Learn

Great, you have discovered a great desire in yourself. The next step is education. Although you do not need specialized higher education, the more eminent teachers you have, the more prestigious the certificate and diploma, and the easier it is to attract clients in the beginning. But it all depends on your skills, experience, and diligence.

1. in-person courses Training is available in almost every city. It is provided by multidisciplinary educational centers, beauty schools, or beauty salons. Education is paid, and the average duration of such courses is from 2 weeks to 3 months. The cost of education is reasonable, in many cities, from 5-10 thousand rubles. Most often, such courses are weekend or evening courses. It is realistic to combine them with work or school. Choose basic training with the basics about the peculiarities of the skin and types of cosmetics. You can find courses that will give out materials right away. It all depends on the size of your wallet.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that a diploma or certificate is issued at the end of the training, preferably of international standard. Look at the rating of organizations, word of mouth works well – ask your friends, read reviews, and compare prices. Look for a high-profile name of the teacher, study his portfolio, and find his Instagram account.

2. Distance courses and master classes Also, pay attention to the teachers and certificate availability. Here it is worse with practical skills. You provide yourself with them. But if you have a tutor who will point out the mistakes and answer questions, such courses will be no less valuable. Also, they can be resorted to in the future to develop in the field of visage. A big plus of this option – is the different price range and wide choices.

How To Find Your First Customers

First, don’t forget the relatives and acquaintances who will start word of mouth. Feel free to promote your services yourself: hold contests, do makeovers in exchange for advertising on social networks, and invite models for a small price. Be sure to take pictures of your work. You may not be able to work for yourself right away. Try starting with a beauty salon or modeling agency, but they will need a portfolio. After a while, think about renting your own office. It is better to make a name for yourself and gain a client base by this time.

Tips For Mastering Makeup

1. Take high-quality photos of your work. This is an investment in your future. In time you will be able to see and analyze your mistakes. In general, the camera of almost any moderately modern phone allows you to take decent pictures. The main thing is good lighting. A ring lamp is ideal.

2. Collect a portfolio. It should contain all the colortypes and a variety of makeup styles: wedding, evening, day look. Especially interesting are the “before” and “after” photos. Design your portfolio both electronically and as a photo album on paper. Be sure to have an Instagram profile with your work.

3. After the basic course, decide on the field of activity. The main areas: are makeup artists on the set and in the theater or masters in a beauty salon. Styles and techniques for applying makeup are entirely different. Next, choose courses based on specialization.

4. It is worth buying cosmetics on the advice of your teacher. Then try new things, and choose what is comfortable for you to work with.

5. Remember the constant progress. You must improve your skills and learn about new fashion trends and cosmetic novelties.

Becoming a makeup artist from scratch is not an easy challenge. This profession requires a lot of practice. But it is pretty easy to get it, so the big role here is played by the desire and the efforts made. Due to the demand for this profession in time, you will be successful.

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