How To Apply Makeup For Red Dress

A red dress is a standout detail of a woman’s image. To create a composition with such clothes, it is necessary to take into consideration all the details – manicure, shoes, and jewelry. Correctly selecting the makeup for the red dress is extremely important. In this case, the makeup for brunettes, redheads, and blonds will be completely different.

Features Of Makeup

The success of the image with a bright dress in general depends on a competent makeup. It is important that the makeup is not lost against the background of the outfit and does not violate its accent. A common mistake of many girls is to create a too pale and unexpressive makeup, which completely overlaps the bright dress.
.When choosing cosmetics to match the dress, it is worth taking into account its shade. There can be many shades of red: from deep wine to warm peach. Only by choosing harmonious colours taking into account your colour type can you get an interesting and stylish image.

Color Combinations

While wearing a red dress, it is important to remember that the cold colours of clothing are combined with the cold colours of makeup, and the warm colours with the warm colours.

Eye colourThe most appropriate shade of dress
GrayRed, red with a hint of pink
Blue“Wine” colours and cool tones of red
BrownBordeaux, coral, dark red
GreenMarsala, red-orange, scarlet

Features Of Application

When applying a makeup for a red dress, it is worth remembering the basic rules:

  • neatness. Smudged and poor-quality makeup will make the entire image look tasteless. If during the application of makeup smeared, it is better not to spare your time, gently remove it and reapply;
  • A sense of proportion. The image with a red dress requires a bright, but not flashy makeup. Therefore, it is important not to overdo it while applying cosmetics;
  • naturalness. Bright colours do not exclude naturalness. When performing makeup, it is better to forget about the acid, neon, green shades, focusing on a brown or beige palette.

There can be many variations of makeup, the main thing is to choose the one that perfectly suits a particular girl.

Cleansing And Moisturizing

Makeup is recommended to begin with gentle care of the epidermis. It is worth choosing products that:

  • moisturize, nourish and tone the skin;
  • smooth out expression lines and other age-related changes;
  • protect the epidermis from UV rays;
  • provide protection against negative environmental factors.

Before applying makeup, it is advisable to moisturize the skin with a day cream. It is desirable that it contains natural ingredients, such as olive and coconut oil. You should use a UV-filter in the summer, and a waterproof cream in the winter.

Basic Tone

In all the photos of the makeup for the red dress, you can see how much this outfit emphasizes the complexion. While wearing such a garment, it is imperative to ensure that your skin is flawless with the help of cosmetics. It is imperative to conceal all redness, pigmentation and acne manifestations.

To get a base tone, it is necessary to choose a foundation that closely matches the natural skin tone. Apply it with a sponge or brush. If there are blue spots under the eyes, you can mask them with concealer. As a finishing touch, you can apply a fixing powder to the face in order to solidify your make-up.


Any well-groomed look requires adjustments to the eyebrows. You should give them the right shape by removing excess hairs. If there is a need, the eyebrows can be corrected with a cosmetic pencil. Its tone should be selected based on the tone of the hair.

Eye Makeup: What colour shadows will go with a red dress

All shades of green, red, lilac and other bright colours are contraindicated in combination with such an outfit. The most optimal solution would be the choice of nude shadows. You can give preference to beige, sandy or brown shades.
As for the eyelashes, you can apply black mascara with a lengthening effect. It is allowed to paint the hairs in several layers to increase the volume. Along the line of growth of eyelashes it is possible to draw arrows with a black liquid eyeliner. If there is a goal to create a femme fatale look, it is possible to use a smoky eye.


Many of the fair sex assume that the image of a girl in a red dress must necessarily imply the presence of red lipstick. However, this option will be correct only for those whose colour type is winter. Other girls should look at other shades of lipstick – for example, nude.
If the decision was made in favor of red lipstick, you should make sure that its shade is identical to the colour of clothing. If the event is inappropriate bright shades of makeup, you can cover your lips with a transparent gloss.
Performing makeup for a bright dress, it is worth remembering the basic rule: the accent is on the lips or on the eyes. It is not allowed to put two bright accents in the makeup at once.

Makeup By Hair Colour

When applying makeup, the hair colour of the fairer sex is very significant. Thus, the makeup for sensual brunettes should be bright and expressive, and the makeup for fair-haired girls should emphasize their natural beauty.

Makeup for blondes: which lipstick goes best with a red dress
Blue-eyed blondes have the hardest time choosing makeup to go with a bright outfit. The following recommendations can be used for such girls:

  • The optimal colour for blondes is white, purple, blue, or pearly. It is desirable to choose cosmetics in cool shades;
  • Highlight the eyes with eyeliner. It is not necessary to draw thick arrows – they can spoil the delicate face of a girl with blond hair;
  • You should apply a small amount of salmon-coloured blush to your cheeks.

It is recommended to use gentle and light colors on the lips of blondes, such as beige or pink.

Makeup for brunettes

With the right choice of makeup brunettes can look very impressive and stylish in a scarlet dress. Makeup for such girls should be done with special care, avoiding carelessness. Brunettes with brown eyes are recommended to refuse the pinkish tones in the makeup – they can give a vulgar image.
Makeup rules for brunettes:

  • For eye makeup, use black, brown or gray eye shadow, and a charcoal eyeliner pencil. With the help of a pencil it is worth highlighting both the mobile and the lower eyelid;
  • You can highlight your cheekbones with pink or peach blush;
  • On the lips you should apply a bright lipstick in the tone of the dress. Lately popular is the ombré style. It is a smooth gradient on the lips with the transition from one colour to another.

The right makeup will add a sensual touch to the brunette image. It is not necessary to visit a salon in order to achieve the desired effect. Makeup can be done by yourself, just follow the above rules.

Makeup for blondes

Makeup for fair-haired people should be made in cool and natural colours to emphasize the natural attractiveness. At the same time, the nude makeup should be treated with caution, because it can make a girl less expressive.
The rules for applying makeup for blondes:

  • Smokey Ice will help draw attention to the eyes. You can use dark gray eyeshadow to apply it. It is undesirable to combine many shades of shadows;
  • You can use a soft pink blush to remove the pallor from the face. However, it is important not to overdo it;
  • To make a pale face more expressive, you can use graphite eyeliner;
  • Lip makeup can be as natural as possible, as well as with the use of bright colours. For example, for blond-haired people, bright scarlet lipsticks are suitable.

Often, fair-haired girls with pale skin are prone to allergies. That is why you should use hypoallergenic cosmetics when making up.

Makeup for brown hair

You can accentuate the attractiveness of brown hair with the help of stylish makeup:

  • It is important to use both glossy and shiny shadows. Brown-haired women are best suited for cosmetics in a neutral palette. It can be peach, salmon or gray shadows. On the eyelashes it is possible to apply extending mascara;
  • Blushes of a peach or natural pink tone are allowed. They should match the dress and the lipstick;
  • You can apply a red matte or glossy lipstick on your lips. An alternative is a permanent lip tint.

It is allowed to decorate the eyes with arrows, the ends of which should be turned to the temples.

Makeup for redheads

A red dress for a redheaded girl is a win-win outfit. However, applying the right makeup to complete the look is important.
Features makeup for girls with red hair:

  • It is necessary to choose a shadow in harmony with the colour of your hair. The most suitable options are beige, bronze and brown colours. The eyes can be highlighted with a smokey eye makeup;
  • Redheaded beauties should refuse to use eyeliner in their makeup;
  • Black mascara is not the best option. It is worth choosing cosmetics of brown colour, because it is closer to the shade of hair;
  • lipstick should be chosen so that its shade does not echo the tone of the dress.

The lips should not be the most prominent feature in makeup for redheaded girls.

Recommendations For Choosing Cosmetics

Almost every girl and woman dreams of a beautiful appearance – lush curls, flawless skin, long eyelashes. Modern cosmetics include a wide range of care and decorative products that will enhance natural beauty. Sometimes an abundance of funds scattered eyes. It is therefore imperative to choose the right cosmetics for an image with a red dress.


When choosing shadows, you should give preference to hypoallergenic products. If there is a celebration, you can first check how your skin reacts to cosmetics, because no one is happy with a sudden appearance of a rash.
The shade of the eyes determines the colour of the shadows. For example, green-eyed and blue-eyed girls will look especially spectacular if they choose gray, white or black shadows. When performing makeup, you can combine several shades of makeup.
Brown-eyed members of the weaker sex will look good with light shadows. Their makeup can be completed with spectacular arrows.


When choosing a lipstick, it is worth stopping at the variants with a dense texture. Such cosmetics will provide even coverage of the lips, making them sensual and voluminous. You can choose a water-resistant lipstick if you fear that your makeup will not last long.


If it is difficult to decide on the shade of eyeliner, it is better to take a black pencil. This colour is a win-win when combined with a red dress.


Most often, girls wear red dresses and blouses for festive events. In such cases, makeup should be resistant for a long time, because few people will be happy about the crumbled and dripping paint by the end of the evening. That’s why makeup artists recommend looking more closely at waterproof cosmetics. If a girl has naturally short eyelashes, you can use mascara with a lengthening effect.


Makeup in red tones usually involves the use of blush. This cosmetic is recommended to even those who do not use it regularly. Without blush on the cheeks there is a risk of getting lost against the background of a catchy outfit. To a red dress from the closet should add blush in peach tones. Under the ban are pinkish and terracotta shades.

Depending On The Style

Makeup for daytime and evening looks are different. For example, restraint is necessary in the first case, while cosmetics are essential to create a vivid and spectacular image in the second case.


This kind of makeup involves moderate use of makeup. A loose tone on the skin can hide major flaws. The eyes can be highlighted with mascara. Shadows with glitter and thick arrows should be reserved for the evening. Lipstick in daily makeup shouldn’t be too bright.


Red dress is often worn for celebrations and festive parties. Such clothes are able to make a girl elegant and sophisticated. Evening makeup is created using the usual set of cosmetics. However, the order of its application is somewhat different.
Makeup artists advise that the first thing you do when applying makeup is paint your lips. Then, depending on the tone of the lipstick, you can determine whether the makeup will be understated or bright. But in any case, the evening makeup should be much brighter compared to the daytime makeup.

You can use chocolate or gold eyeshadow to highlight your eyes. Eyeliner and mascara can be black, because it goes best with a red dress. You can complement the makeup with spectacular arrows, protruding beyond the corner of the eye. Makeup in the technique of smoky-ice will be appropriate.
The rules of eyebrow design for the evening:

  • It is best to use gel-based shadows to colour the hairs;
  • The best option would be straight eyebrows of medium width;
  • The eyelid just below the brow line can be shaded with powder.

In the photos from the Internet you can see what makeup is suitable for a red dress. Some options can be taken as a basis for the image.

How To Properly Apply

There are a few basic rules for applying makeup:

  • The makeup is applied only after the hair is done. Hair falling on the forehead and cheeks will create additional shadows, which must be taken into account when applying makeup;
  • tinting products do not rub into the skin when applying makeup. To create an even tone, you can use a sponge. Powder your face with a wide brush. If the dress opens the decollete area, it is important not to forget about powdering this area;
  • If there is a need, you can correct the shape of the face using concealer. Thanks to this representative of the fair sex in a smart dress will look more effective;
  • For a makeup for a red dress, you can use powder or cream shadows. Both dry and wet way of their application is allowed.

When applying makeup, it is worth taking into account the individual features of the appearance of the fair sex.

Secrets Of Makeup Artists

A red dress is half the success of a stylish look. In order to shine at the event, it is important to wear the right makeup and present yourself in a favorable light. For makeup, it is worth choosing durable cosmetics that will last on your skin for a long time.
Tips from makeup artists:

  • Makeup should begin with cleansing and moisturizing the face. It is important not to overdo the amount of day cream, so as not to get too oily skin;
  • Use a primer as a foundation. It will allow the makeup to remain stable during the day. For the same purpose, you can use a special base under the shadow;
  • If it is difficult to decide on a makeup, you can apply a makeup in natural colours. However, do not make it too pale – this will spoil the image. To give your skin a healthy and blooming look, you can use a bronzer;
  • A bright dress will look spectacular in combination with fresh makeup. Do not be fond of makeup with sequins, because it can spoil the look.

Before the gala event, it is worth thinking about your makeup in advance. The day before the celebration, you can try on the image with a red dress to assess what details are missing in it. Adding the right cosmetics to your outfit will make you feel like a queen at any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, corporate party, or other celebration.

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