How To Accessorize A Sequin Dress

Chic and elegant dresses with sequins never fall out of style. In addition to their beauty and decorative qualities, such outfits are ideal for noisy parties, trips to a restaurant and even formal ceremonies. Dress with sequins can be any: from evening to cocktail to wedding to casual. A mini, a floor, and an average-length model are available. The style may also be different. A common feature is the decoration on the exterior in the form of shiny sequins of different sizes and colors. This article looks at the features of dresses with sequins – what models are currently the most fashionable, and what to wear such a catchy outfit with.

History Of Sequin Dresses

Dresses decorated with sequins came to us from the 80’s, the heyday of disco style. At that time it was madly popular to appear at discos in such shiny dresses – with sequins and often with fringes. Their sparkle was especially delightful as the girls danced under the bright lights of the disco.

Then for a short period the popularity of these outfits dwindled down – there was a focus on naturalness – for a while everyone tried to dress discreetly and not to stand out. Today, however, sequin dresses – both casual and evening – are once again winning everybody’s love thanks to their extreme extravagance and ability to accentuate a woman’s appearance, making it memorable.

Moreover, whereas previously a dress with sequins was only worn for evening events, it is now unnecessary to wear one. Modern designers-stylists create, including versions of everyday models, decorated with shiny decorations.


Let’s find out what characteristics are inherent in dresses with sequins.

The choice of colours and styles allows you to choose a dress for any figure. But if your build is very slim, it still makes sense to refuse buying such a dress, as shiny fabrics make it look fat. The black dress is the most slimming, but the white, beige or light blue dress, unfortunately, will add extra pounds.

The style of dresses with sequins can be anything; there are almost no restrictions. However, the most commonly used fit or semi-fit silhouette – mini or floor. There is also a cut with a fluffy princess skirt that is embellished with sequins for evening dresses. Often you can find fashionable styles with open shoulders or showing one shoulder.

Models with sequins look stylish with and without sleeves. However, you should understand that with sleeves you get more formal and formal attire, and without them – more informal and clubby. Depending on where you are going, choose a model.

As for casual models, in this case fabrics are not fully decorated with sequins. Here it is critical to emphasize some stylish elements, but not to create a garish effect. Therefore, daytime dresses are trimmed with sequins on collars, sleeves and embroidered patterns on fabric. If, of course, the dress is not too short or too long, it’s quite possible to wear it to work – it looks formal enough.

Many designers now demonstrate evening and wedding dresses with sequins, which in the waist area have translucent inserts of taffeta or chiffon. Additionally, they often have an open back. They look very impressive, but can only be worn by women with a perfect figure – transparent fabric will not hide any folds on the waist.

Sequin Evening Dress

This option is the most common. Both long and short dresses of this type look chic and festive. Any woman can become the queen of the event. It simply will be impossible not to notice – a spectacular dress, especially if it has an open back, will not leave any chance to remain in the shade. So, if you do not like everyone’s gaze, perhaps you should wear a less garish version.

Evening gowns are decorated not only with standard and customary round sequins. Nowadays, designers are much bolder in using unusual materials. Thus, evening and wedding models can be decorated with matte or holographic types of sequins, and the decor can also be unusual: triangular, square, very large or small, even in the form of a grid. Such a variety of sequins allows the designer to express his idea more clearly and create a dress with the most attractive decoration.

The most attractive colour of an evening dress is, of course, still black. And dresses with sequins are no exception. Black is able to add style to a dress completely studded with shiny decorations. That is why so many designers use this combination in their collections. Black slims and shows the figure of a woman in the most attractive way. An open back black dress on the floor looks especially exquisite.

Among all styles of evening dresses fashionable dresses with an open back – a separate category. They are charming feminine outfits that look stunning, emphasize the charm of their owner, and are suitable both for formal occasions and for restaurants. Looks good in a mini version and with a length to the floor.


Wedding models with sequins deserve to be put in a separate category. Stunningly elegant and stylish, such an outfit can make any bride feel like a princess. Recommendations:

  • Since sequins give the effect and make the outfit catchy, the cut of the wedding dress should be simple. So you will become not only beautiful but also stylish and elegant bride.
  • The best look white and light beige dress.
  • You should not wear a lot of flashy jewelry with this outfit. Especially if it is additionally decorated with rhinestones, fringes or patterns. It is better to complement the wedding dress with sequins with a thin chain and a wedding ring.
  • The best with sequins look wedding dress to the floor. In such a long dress it is good to go to the solemn registration. But for an evening celebration and dancing with friends it is better to choose a short white model embroidered with sequins – it will allow you to dance and have fun actively.

How To Style A Sequin Dress

A few useful recommendations on properly combining outfits with sequins with other clothing and accessories.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that a sequined dress is already a decoration. Therefore, when choosing shoes and accessories it is necessary to show restraint. The best option is to choose calm, neutral, classic colors, but without shiny or bright decorations. Particularly true are the floor-length dresses with an open back and the spectacular options with fringe – these models would not require additional embellishment.

The shoes are suitable for monochrome and calm colour combinations. If you have a white or beige dress, then choose light shoes, and if you have a blue or black dress, choose dark-coloured shoes or sandals.

It is better not to use fashionable handbags and mini clutches with rhinestones – they are completely “lost” on the background of shiny clothes. Highlighting something in an outfit is better. Therefore, let the purse be neutral – against its background the outfit with sequins will look even more luxurious and decorative.

A wristwatch is a stylish addition to the shiny images. It is advisable to choose a model with a leather or plastic strap – gold and silver bracelets are superfluous in this case. However, it may also be interesting to look at elegant cocktail lace models, decorated with sequins, with shiny watches – the metal should not be chrome-plated, but rather matte.

We don’t advise you to wear bright and shouty wearup, because it can wear you look vulgar. It’s best to tone down your natural beauty a little bit by choosing fresh, gentle colours for your wearup.

If you are overweight, a dress with sequins in this case is a very controversial decision. Especially if it is equipped with a puffy bow, has too large patterns or is made of mesh fabric. Such an outfit can unfavorably emphasize the appetizing forms, making them seem too voluminous. So, it is better to choose in this case models that have small sequins of neutral or dark colors, which are placed only on certain portions of the outfit and not on the hips or chest.

If you want to outshine everyone around you with your party appearance, choose a dress decorated with sequins and rhinestones. The glitter of such an outfit will not be overshadowed by anything. The white or beige dress is suitable for a visit to a restaurant, while red or green is appropriate for visiting a nightclub. If you are wearing such a spectacular outfit, wear elegant solid-color shoes and don’t wear any accessories.

A dress embroidered with sequins does not need additional decoration. You should not wear flashy necklaces, rings, or bracelets – the outfit itself is already very effective. Especially if it is already decorated with a fringe or a beautiful bow.

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