How Celebrities Wear Mugler Dresses

The fashion world said goodbye to designer Thierry Mugler. None of his creations left us indifferent. See how celebrities are wearing Mugler dresses.

famous people wearing Mugler dresses

The world has lost one of the greatest icons of modern fashion. French designer Thierry Mugler, known for his avant-garde views, passed away on January 23, 2022, in Paris at 73. His legacy includes hyper-feminist collections and shows with political and social messages. Successful commercial explorations beyond haute couture and locker rooms were proudly worn by figures such as Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, David Bowie, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga.

His legacy includes the following.

In the wake of his death, we briefly examine the importance of Mugler’s signature in popular culture and some of his most famous creations.

Who is Thierry Mugler

He was born in Strasbourg. Manfred Thierry Mugler began his career as a photographer in the French capital when he was only 21. He soon visited sewing workshops and fell in love with the business.


After creating his first clothing brand, Café de Paris, Mugler became one of the towering figures in the spheres of French fashion. He designed outfits for films, theater troupes, and local parades. Having established himself as one of the most promising creatives of international “Haute Couture,” the designer began to help everyone who thought they were somebody in this world.

He has dressed Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and Kate Moss, four top models in recent history.

He worked with Cirque du Soleil and sought equality in the industry. He raised his voice against racism and models of non-traditional orientations and transgender women.

The year 2019 is entirely out of fashion. But his place in the fashion history books is more than assured, thanks to his powerful creations—especially those that were part of the image of the great celebrities.

7 Fantastic Outfits By Thierry Mugler Worn By Celebrities

Thierry Mugler has been involved in various entertainment areas throughout his career, allowing him to interact with notable celebrities.

He’s been in charge of the entertainment industry.

He was responsible for the outfits worn in George Michael’s “Too Funky” music video. For creating the famous dress that Demi Moore used in “Indecent Proposal.” Some of his most memorable pieces have appeared on red carpets and at high-caliber events. This is where Mugler has fit in perfectly.

Here’s where Mugler fits in.

From the quirky gowns Lady Gaga wore as a music star to the stunning dress that turned Kim Kardashian into a “wet California girl” on the MET Gala red carpet, these are seven fantastic looks Thierry Mugler has worn by celebrities.

Kim Kardashian in Mugler dress at Met Gala 201

Kim Kardashian’s beauty and personality have made her the object of Mugler’s adoration for one of his most controversial models. In 2019, the Frenchman came out of retirement to dress Kim at a gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City. There, the socialite and businesswoman wore a nude dress that made her look like a “wet California girl,” as Mugler described it. Amazing? Absolutely!”

Megan Fox in Mugler dress at MTV Video Music Awards 2021

Possibly Thierry Mugler’s last big play was this fabulous sheer embroidered bustier dress that Megan Fox wore to the MTV Video Music Awards 2021. Accompanied by her fiancé, singer Machine Gun Kelly, the “Transformers” actress proved that Mugler is perfect for any occasion…even if the design is almost see-through.


Cardi Bee at Thierry Mugler: Couturissime in Paris 2021

In recent years, Cardi Bee has become an entire researcher in the archives of the House of Mugler and has focused on elegantly transferring some of his unknown works. Perhaps the best example of this was when the singer attended the “Thierry Mugler: Couturissime” exhibition in Paris last September wearing a dazzling tight dress from the Mugler Fall / Winter 1995 collection. Undoubtedly, a corset of crystals and sequins, opera-style gloves, and an enormous feathered headpiece can make the difference between a celebrity and a star.

Lady Gaga At A Concert In 2008


From the early years of her career, Lady Gaga has been accused of following in Madonna’s footsteps in her quest to become the new “queen of pop.” Most of these allegations have been somewhat malicious, though. Gaga turned to Thierry Mugler. The French designer worked closely with today’s Oscar winner to create some of the designs that made Gaga a figure as enigmatic as it was provocative.

The French designer has worked closely with the current Oscar winner to create some of the designs that have made Gaga a figure as enigmatic as provocative.

The love received was enough for the “Bad Romance” singer to describe herself as a “Mugler woman” in her song “For Mugler.”

Natalie Portman at the annual Los Angeles Dance Project Gala 2021

Alessandra Ambrosio in Paris 2021


Dua Lipa at the 2019 MTV EMAs in Seville

Miley Cyrus in Los Angeles 2020 MTV Video Music Awards


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