Hoodie With A Skirt

Hoodies have become a staple of the modern closet. I will tell you how to wear a hoodie with a skirt. Combine it with a long, short, pleated, leather, and denim skirt.

Hoodie With Long Skirt

Long forgotten, but one of the most spectacular combinations – a hoodie and a long skirt. You can wear this combination with a leather corset belt, wearing it over a hoodie. You get a stylish look.

длинная юбка с толстовкой
An image in one color scheme is a winning combination.

It is best to choose a flowing skirt below the knee or to the ankle. If you correctly set the accents, you can combine such an image with high-heeled shoes.

Tight sweatshirt elongated cut with a skirt to the floor – a fashionable combination. At first, it may seem that the image looks too heavy, but stylists consider such a bow feminine.

The cropped sweatshirt will easily fit into a layered look.

To add lightness to the image, choose flowing skirts or pleated models.

Choose a classic long sweater in a monochrome version to create a simple, laconic image—Black, white, gray, and pastel shades.

Pleated Skirt With Hoodie

A classic skirt below the knee with an elastic waistband and a shortened sweatshirt is a good choice. In this case, the balance of fabrics is essential.

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to wear an airy skirt with an elongated sweatshirt. On colder days, throw a down jacket on top and tights and boots on your feet.

The pleated skirt looks great with a loose top. A pleated skirt optically increases the hips and therefore is ideal for slim girls and girls with the shape of an inverted triangle.

Hoodie with mini skirt

The mini skirt goes perfectly with the sweatshirt. Add a bootie or sneakers, and voila.

This skirt will look different when paired with a pink hoodie. Complete the ensemble with half boots.

High boots are an option for everyone to come out as a winner. Boots will allow you to cover your legs and make the look more understated.

A voluminous bomber combined with a short skirt is a balance of opposites. The image turns out attractive and comfortable at the same time.

The patches with words and numbers in a retro style will complement the image well and allow not to use of a lot of decors.

You can choose white high-soled boots with laces; they will make the outfit look more sporty.

Hoodie With Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt can be very short or long, fitted at the waist, or have a high or low waist.

Choose skirts with a slit in the front to look sexier. Add heels and carry a comfortable bag. Try embroidered, patterned sweatshirts to create a more vibrant look.

When choosing a top for the pencil skirt, remember that the simpler the skirt, the more active and complex the sweatshirt can be. And vice versa, the more complex the cut, the more textured the fabric and intricate the print, the simpler the top should be.

Tight skirts for winter-autumn are usually restrained and dark shades – brown, gray, green, blue, and black. They are made of wool with the addition of elastic fibers.

Hoodie With Leather Skirt

An exciting picture will come out when combining a leather model with a monochrome sweatshirt. A white loose-cut hoodie will go well with a black leather mini skirt.

To put together a warm set, combine a leather skirt, a voluminous hoodie, and chunky tights.

Total black look with hoodie – perfect for fall and winter. It looks stylish and comfortable.

Leather skirts are comfortable at any time of the year. They are perfectly combined with a voluminous sweater, pulled down on the top or tucked inside.

Tight tights, ankle boots, or shoes with a stable heel will complete the fashionable casual look.

Oversize Hoodie And Skirt

A more exciting way would be to combine a sweatshirt with laconic bottoms in a sporty style with sneakers.

Incredibly chic combines a mini-skirt with a long, deliberately voluminous hoodie. Such a set will help emphasize the legs’ beauty and length.

To create a bright and saturated image, it is recommended to use juicy shades – coral, bright red, grass, and ultramarine.

The oversize hoodie can be combined with both narrow skirts and flared models.

An aristocratic look can be obtained by combining a voluminous sweater with a fashionable monochrome floor skirt. This option is suitable both for the office and for formal evenings.

Black Skirt With Hoodie

Black is a basic color combined with all other shades and is suitable for different styles and seasons. A light, the feminine image can be created by using such a skirt as a “companion” for a black sweatshirt.

The cool autumn is perfect for a total black look. This look will help you look both understated and bold simultaneously.

A simple skirt will be the perfect base to combine with a black hoodie. In this case, it is better to prefer the bottom in burgundy, blue, green, or brown.

White Skirt And Hoodie

The white hoodie looks good with other black clothes. The image in black and white looks contrasting and catchy.

The sweatshirt can be monochrome or with a print. It can be stripes, geometric patterns, or an image of black flowers on a white background. Trendy now are striped patterns.

A straight silhouette skirt will look better with a long sweater, which can be supplemented with a belt. Accessories will be appropriate in leather, metal, or wood.

White is not necessarily a snow-white color. It can be milky, creamy, white, pearly, alabaster, pink or blue, etc. These shades, unlike pure white, are softer and cannot add volume. Therefore, if you choose a sweater in one of the shades of white, you will gain fewer “virtual” pounds.

Beige Skirt And Hoodie

The beige hoodie is one of the most versatile things. Much depends on the shade. Bright colors are practical because they are combined with all types of clothes.

Suitable for everyday wear, for walks around town, for evening out.

Black sweatshirt pairs well with a black and beige skirt. Black lightens and emphasizes the beige tones. The combination of black and beige can be used for casual and business outfits.

Hoodie And Skirt Outfits

Photo gallery of images for your inspiration.

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