High Waist Jeans: Fashion For Select Few

Jeans with high rise are especially relevant this season. The right model and the right style is quite difficult to choose, especially for women with irregular shapes. For this reason many ladies try not to buy high rise jeans, limiting themselves to more universal models. In fact pants with a high waist can look just charming.

The jeans of 2022 present a big variety of styles, colours, cut and decorative elements. The black high-waisted jeans are a perfect base and designers have experimented to their hearts’ content creating new collections.

High-waisted jeans can come in a variety of lengths. Topical options for the season 2022:

  • To the floor;
  • Up to the ankles;
  • Ultra-short fashion jeans.

Women’s jeans with a high waist can be skinny, boyfriend, or kleshlesh. Loose jeans with a straight minimalist cut are also popular.

Topical Décor

Rhinestones and stones have completely outlived their usefulness. Such decorative elements are virtually impossible to find. Metal accessories are in trend. These are plaques, snakes, stars, chains. Creating images with jeans in a similar brutal style is a joy.


The colour palette is quite restrained, almost classical. In place of the bright “coral”, peach and mint shades came the usual white, black, dark blue models. The following shades are also in trend:

  1. Light blue jeans;
  2. All lilac tones;
  3. Saturated shades of the purple palette;
  4. Dark green denim pants;
  5. Classic blue jeans;
  6. Gray jeans.

Fans of colourful stylistic trends such as grunge, military or boho create stylish images with high-waisted jeans in unconventional colours. For example, bright mustard, crimson, and light jeans with unusual patterns.


The high-waisted jeans themselves look original and interesting. However, designers are trying hard to “refine” styles. Short models with a very high fit decorated with suede fringe, metallic elements or lace. Flared jeans or stylish banana jeans decorated with embroidery, ethnic motifs, original applique.

High Waist Jeans Fit Who?

Wide, straight, narrow jeans with a high waist can be a worthy addition to the closet of almost any girl. The model must be correctly chosen, colour balance must be considered, and flashy decor should not be abused. Owners of “triangle” or “hourglass” figures may wear bananas, skinny, flares, straight jeans with a high landing. Any style will only emphasize the seductiveness of female shapes.

Girls with a “pear” shape can also wear a pair of bell-bottom jeans or cropped models with a high fit. In this case, paying attention to balance and silhouette is vital. “Pear” girls need quite a massive top, which will make the figure more balanced and seductive.

Girls with the figure of the “apple” should not only choose jeans with a high waist in harmony with the top, but also select an appropriate accessory – a belt. He will be able to place the right emphasis on the waist, thus improving the features of the figure of this type. It is better to avoid models with an elastic band in general.

High Waist Jeans: Why Buy Them?

Fashionable boyfriend jeans with a high waist, stylish klesh or spectacular bananas have a number of special advantages. So, the main advantages:

  • Skinny jeans with a high fit allows you to correct the figure flaws, making the silhouette more feminine, and the waist slimmer;
  • Hourglass silhouette most men find the most seductive;
  • Many models of stretch denim pants can hide the tummy, acting as a specific corset for the lower torso;
  • High-fit skinny jeans perfectly emphasize the chest.

Unlike other models, high-waisted pants allow you to feel comfortable and as natural as possible. You can wear your favorite high-waisted stretch jeans at any time and not worry that they might cause discomfort at some point.

High Waist Jeans: How Do You Wear Them?

In response to the question, how do I wear jeans with a high waist, it is important for you to arrange all the accents. It should be understood that this style itself is quite bright and unusual. Colorful skinny jeans or spectacular boyfriend jeans with a high waist look very colorful; therefore, the remaining parts of the look should be more restrained and calm.

Versatile Top

You can choose virtually any top element from the basic closet, regardless of the colour solution for the bottom. The most popular options:

  • T-shirts in neutral colours (black, white, gray, blue);
  • Simple T-shirts (can be with contrasting lettering or discreet patterns);
  • Shirt free cut or tight models like a body;
  • Turtlenecks in neutral colours;
  • Long sleeve sweaters with a shortened torso.

Considering colours and decorations, you should be more modest, but in terms of textures and materials, you should be open to all. Wide jeans will look exquisite with a knitted top.

Stylish bananas can be safely combined with a silk blouse or tunic made of satin. Skinny jeans with an elastic band will look nice with a “fluffy” angora sweater and with the original short top “under the skin”.

Organic Looks For Summer And Spring

During warm weather, ripped jeans with an elastic band pair perfectly with simple shirts, short tops (cropped tops). Also appropriate are bright T-shirts or light shirts. Always wear a shortened top under high waist pants. However, such a combination will effectively work only on girls with ideal proportions.

For chubby girls, a fashion duo like this will be a failure. Choosing a classic length top or a tunic with a winning cut is better. Let the image be freer, simpler, and there will be no emphasis on the high fit. Full-figured ladies are always able to hide their flaws, thereby emphasizing their strengths.

Winter Images

In cooler times, ripped jeans and overly light models are almost never worn. Especially popular are images with black simple skinnies, which, thanks to their high fit, tighten the stomach, correct the figure, and let you play around with proportions.

T-shirts are replaced by warm sweaters, turtlenecks, insulated shirts, longsleeves and sweatshirts. The structure of the top will largely be predetermined by the overall stylistics of the look. Ideal everyday image: black or blue bananas, long-sleeved blouse of neutral colouring (drawing is allowed, but not discreet).

For a walk in the city or a romantic rendezvous you can combine flared jeans (can be with an elastic band), a checkered loose-cut shirt and a vest, which will contrast with the colour of the other elements of the look. This look is suitable for chubby ladies and for tall, slender fashionistas.

It is also worth mentioning a new trend – a sweater with an asymmetric bottom, where a short front segment passes into a lengthened back. It perfectly combines with the following styles:

  • Ripped straight cut jeans;
  • The boyfriend’s minimalist design is a kind of rough men’s jeans;
  • Jeans with holes, perforations and other flashy decorations of the shortened type;
  • Skinnies with an elastic band in any length;
  • Strictly Bananas.

All these models will complement the look of full ladies and slender girls. The only model that may not “make friends” with asymmetric sweaters are bell-bottom jeans.

On Weekdays And On Holidays

If you love ripped jeans and laconic bananas with an overstated fit, you’ll be happy with their versatility. It is enough to combine light flared jeans with a high waist and a chiffon blouse of a “festive” shade in one look to create a festive stylish appearance.

Rough boyfriend jeans with impressive holes, perforations and metal accessories, often complementing the stylistics of men’s jeans, will always look impressive with black cropped tops and fur vests. A creative and provocative image like this would be appropriate for an informal social gathering.

To wear to work (especially if you have to adhere to a certain dress code) will wear simple jeans in gray, black, navy blue tones, devoid of decor. You will be able to demonstrate the philosophy of a strict official style from a slightly different angle if you wear high waist pants. With this model of pants, “boring” office jackets and cardigans look much fresher.

It is worthwhile to choose simple “men’s” jeans, adding a few “typically female” elements to your image, like silk blouses, “fluffy” blouses, and longsleeves of romantic colors, if you can still appear restrained.

In the brutal models, reminiscent of simple men’s jeans, you should give preference to the classic length. The combination of short pants and a solid-colored top shortens the silhouette and makes full girls look disproportionate.

Outerwear And Shoes

Women’s and men’s high-waisted jeans are easy to combine with any outerwear and shoes. As well as any clothing made of denim, such models are very practical and versatile. The main secret to wearing jeans pants successfully is to balance colour, style and texture.

The simplest options: jackets, cardigans, elongated and classic jackets. Sports direction can be supported by “blown” vests, leather jackets and loose sweaters. Taking into account the figure’s individual features and the model’s growth, the combination of all elements must be suitable to the individual.

Those who are looking for jeans of this type should enjoy this style to the maximum. This applies to both full beauties and skinny fashionistas.

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