Here’S How To Wear A Short Jacket In 2022

A few centuries ago, the jacket was a piece of men’s clothing. And only in the XX century did jackets appear in the closets of the fair sex. Practical and stylish things are appreciated by women. Over time, a variety of models appeared: changed the shape, collar form, the number of buttons and pockets. From an official attire to everyday wear, the jacket evolved. Soon shortened jackets became fashionable. We will talk about what to wear them with.

Shorter jackets may look different. They can vary in length, have a classic straight or fitted silhouette. In addition, short jackets are made from a variety of natural and man-made materials. Also fashionable models differ in the presence or total absence of the collar. Let’s analyze in detail the features of women’s jackets.


There are two main types of cropped jackets:

  • to the waist;
  • to the thigh line.

The first option looks like a bolero. Such jackets are most often made of thick fabric or jeans. They suit the owners of slender figures, who do not need to hide extra centimeters in the waist area. Also this model looks gorgeous in combination with flared dresses.

The second option is more common. Full girls can also choose this style since the length to the hip will conceal the tummy. Especially if you wear a short jacket with loose blouses or elongated shirts.


Women’s jackets are most often made from dense fabrics that can hold their shape. It can be:

  • leather;
  • denim;
  • suede;
  • tweed;
  • wool.

For summer, models usually wear lighter fabrics that can “breathe”, such as linen or cotton.


Short leather jackets are a highlight of any image. Fashionable, but also practical closet items, as this fabric does not get wet in the rain and is wind-resistant. Especially popular among young people are short jackets made of leather. Typically, these models are decorated with different rivets, straps, zippers and pockets. Wearing such a stylish thing, you do not need to think about additional accessories, because the jacket itself will be a decoration of the outfit.

Do you like the look of a leather jacket, but you are afraid to buy it because you do not know what to wear it with? You don’t have to worry about that. It is a universal thing that can be worn on a romantic date and at the office. The main thing is to find the right combination. So, for a walk or a trip to a cafe, feel free to combine the leather jacket with a light, airy dress or sundress, it will emphasize your femininity. Put together a classic set of skirts or pants, and pair it with a white shirt or blouse. In business you should wear a combination of a strict dress and a black leather jacket.


Short denim jackets are ideal for everyday wear. Denim has long been firmly established in the closets of women from around the world. In addition to its attractive appearance, this fabric is durable and functional. Besides looks gorgeous in a combination with other materials. The variety of jeans jackets is sufficient for every girl to choose a model that will emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide flaws.

Shorter jackets made of denim are most often waist-length. Among the short jackets you can see models without sleeves. This fashionable option is suitable for women of any age. Denim jackets with a lock resemble jackets. They are preferred by sports fans. In general, denim products are suitable for creating different images: made of romantic to office. Of course, for a business meeting or a social gathering you will not wear a jacket made of denim. If the office has no strict dress code, a shortened jacket will look appropriate paired with a dress or blouse.

When choosing a short jacket, pay attention not only to the cut, but also to the colour. The classic option is shades of blue. Not only can they be combined with other materials, but also with each other. What to wear with a denim jacket? Young people prefer to wear a spacious T-shirt, shorts with a high waist, and sneakers. A short jacket also looks great with light dresses and chiffon sundresses. Jeans of any cut and a jacket of the same colour is another familiar tandem.

In addition to shades of blue popular denim jackets calm white colour. They are usually worn with contrasting dresses or skinny pants. Black denim jackets are no less popular.
Practical to wear, it looks great in the company of toxic shades. It’s also a great option for creating trendy total black looks.

Natural Fabrics

The right decision is to choose a jacket constructed of natural fabric. So you can be sure that the chosen thing will serve you more than one season. For winter and late fall buy a model constructed of wool or tweed, preferably with a lining. So you will not only look stylish, but also will not get cold. For your summer wardrobe, choose jackets constructed of linen or cotton. Even though these materials tend to crumple, even in the heat this jacket won’t be overly hot because it breathes, and this means even in the heat it won’t be uncomfortable. White cropped jacket – a must have for summer.

We will talk about how to wear jackets made from natural fabrics. As they are most often part of a formal suit, they are usually combined with things in a business style. For example, with classic pants. They can be shortened, skinny or straight cut. Complement such a set with a strict shirt. So a black jacket and pants in tone plus a white blouse – an excellent monochrome outfit for the office. If you want to add colour, you can wear a bright red shirt.

A dress is a frequent companion of a cropped jacket. It can be tight, if the figure allows. Or it can be spacious and loose. The more puffy the dress is, the easier it should be to style the jacket. This rule also works in the opposite direction. In the company of a simple dress of neutral shade you may pick up the original jacket with an abundance of decorative elements, interesting print or volume collar.

Wear a white jacket over chiffon dresses or thin airy sundresses. The traditional combination of white and black is not limited to the office. A classic black jacket combined with a romantic snow-colored dress will look gorgeous in a festive atmosphere.

How To Choose Colors

When choosing this basic element of a woman’s closet, it is wise to give preference to neutral shades:

  • white;
  • Beige;
  • gray;
  • black;
  • brown.

They are in harmony with any outfit, which means they will have no problem taking their place in the closet. Additionally, these colours are usually used to create formal and festive outfits. Also do not forget about the colour blue. In terms of popularity, navy blue is not inferior to black because it fits easily into business images and perfectly tones delicate shades.

However, do not dwell on the classic colours, especially if you choose a model for everyday wear. It is possible to create an unforgettable image using both saturated colours (from toxic red to bright yellow), as well as pastel colors (milky, pink).

A short jacket is an indispensable detail of a woman’s closet. Since you have already learned how to wear a short jacket, feel free to visit the store to choose from an array of models.

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