Here Are Some Looks With Asymmetric Skirts

Asymmetry is always a violation of proportionality, an element of surprise, a game. The half-tucked shirt, the dropped shoulder. What did she mean by that? Asymmetrical elements always attract attention, create dynamics, awaken the imagination. After seeing an initially symmetrical image, the eye stops at an unexpected detail, and the image becomes interesting.

Asymmetrical satin skirt

Asymmetrical skirt with fringes

The asymmetrical image is not equal to itself and is perceived differently depending on the angle of view. But it is always dynamic, movement. Asymmetry is trendy in these days of speed. Not everyone likes asymmetry. Some people try to hide and find stability in the modern world, relying on the usual established image, where everything is linear, verified to the centimeter.

Asymmetric skirt in black

Confident, non-trivial ladies choose asymmetry. A way to assert their individuality. It is always a departure from the rules.

An uneven hem, an asymmetrical cut or pattern may seem insignificant, but the effect is stunning.

Asymmetrical skirt with floral print

Asymmetric clothing allows you to create an interesting, unusual image. It is no secret that every woman wants to be unique. Therefore, the asymmetric cut is sure to stay in the trend and will be in demand for a long time.

Dresses, blouses, hairstyles, jewelry, but the most popular is the asymmetric skirt. It always looks fashionable and fresh and leaves no one indifferent.

Asymmetric skirt in ethnic style

Asymmetric Skirt Styles

Asymmetrical skirt with a train

This is one of the most common styles. The front of the skirt falls shorter than the back, revealing slender legs. This model was at the peak of popularity four years ago. The frequent replication resulted in the loss of the uniqueness of the cut, resulting in a somewhat common image. However, the skirt with a train, made, for example, from velvet, has not lost its relevance and is ideal for solemn-parade exits.

Asymmetrical combo skirt

Asymmetrical pencil skirt

Office midi skirt gets a new look due to uneven hem or asymmetrical cut on the side. In addition, the classic colour and texture of the fabric allows you to maintain a business-like appearance.

Fashionistas have been wearing leather skirts for several years. Asymmetry of the hem will help to give it a new colour. Scissors plus imagination – and your skirt is back on trend.

Asymmetrical leather skirt

Asymmetric Sun Skirt (half-sun)

It is wide, flying, made of light fabrics like chiffon, silk, and cotton, and is an essential for summer promenades. A combination of two light skirts is possible, creating an asymmetric bottom. It is not just cuts in fashion, but whole cut fragments, when the underskirt becomes a full-fledged part of the costume. Tiered ruffles, flounces located asymmetrically are in demand.

Asymmetrical summer skirt

Asymmetric skirt with a zipper top

The skirt combines two lengths at once: mini and midi or mini and maxi. Its bottom edge can be cut obliquely or at right angles. This is one of the most popular styles, as well as dresses with a zipper. It suits almost all women. Designers demonstrate skirts with a zipper in a variety of styles: for walking, for a night out, for the office.

Fashionable asymmetric maxi skirt

Who Will Look Good In Asymmetrical Skirts?

Good news! Women of the fair sex look great in asymmetrical skirts. But not everyone will dare! For any woman it is possible to choose a model that will correct the figure flaws and highlight the advantages. A skirt with an asymmetric hem is no exception.

Wide hips will seem narrower if you wear a skirt with a zipper. Such a model with a slanted bottom will not only visually narrow your hips, elongate your legs, but also hide unnecessary tummy. A blouse or jacket with an eye-catching detail will shift the emphasis from your hips and complete the image.

Long skirts are also a win-win, it will hide the extra volume and add elegance. Zigzag hem due to the large number of broken shapes will focus only on what you need to convey – a roundness, decorated with asymmetry.

Trendy asymmetric metallized leather skirt

Narrow hips and broad shoulders will help balance a knee-length or mid-calf skirt with flounces at the bottom. All the attention will be concentrated on the complex cut of the skirt. The top of the set should be as simple as possible.

Pink asymmetric skirt

Owners of narrow hips can often boast of a thin waist. For them, the perfect option would be a puffed skirt, giving volume to the hips and emphasizing the waist. No taboo, and the skirt has a checkered pattern, and the skirt has a cross-sectional pattern.

With vertical flounces, a small height will visually lengthen the skirt. Vertical pleats and cuts on the skirt create an elongated and feminine silhouette. A skirt with a short front and train in the back will also suit short girls with shapely legs.

Fashionable asymmetric mini skirt

What To Wear With Asymmetric Skirt?


The asymmetric skirt can be worn in any season. During the cold season skirts made of warm natural fabrics are ideal for keeping warm. It is imperative to note that they usually have a voluminous uneven bottom and, therefore, will not match a set with a coat. Under them are sheepskin coats, half coats, matched to the silhouette and shape. In the off-season they will be replaced by leather jackets and sweaters. In summer – t-shirts, tops, chiffon blouses.


Whether to wear a heel or not, it’s up to you to decide. Today, designers boldly combine both business and dressy things with athletic shoes and slip-ons. The shoes should match the texture of the skirt. Choose shoes on a platform, if the fabrics are dense and the volume is large. The main condition is that the shoes do not contain bright details that can distract the eye from the skirt’s originality.

Fashionable asymmetric pleated skirt


The rules are the same as with regular skirts. But there is a nuance. Due to the asymmetric cut and cut, the legs are more open and attract attention. Therefore, tights must be chosen more carefully.


Observe the basic rule. Nothing should distract attention from the main accent of the image – the asymmetric skirt. Neither the bag, nor the jewelry should play an independent role. They only complement and shade the “queen of the ball” – the skirt.

The Pitfalls Of Asymmetry

Remember, asymmetry itself is already quite an active element. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain some balance. With an asymmetric skirt wear a laconic classic blouse, preferably a fitted or tight silhouette. If the blouse has any asymmetric detail, it is already too much.

Fashionable skirt with asymmetrical hem

The asymmetrical cut accentuates attention and is the main element of the look. The overload of details nullifies the whole idea and deprives the image of relaxedness.

For example, to visually balance an asymmetrical cut, the bag should be taken in the hand opposite the skirt’s long part.

Fashionable asymmetric striped skirt

Diy Asymmetrical Skirt

The asymmetric skirt is a trend and is present in the collections of many designers, widely represented on store shelves. If you feel like a bright individuality, but do not have the necessary funds, you can try to make do with your own efforts. Even if you are a beginner and not sure, try it! The trick of asymmetry is that it is “wrong” and you simply have no chance to do something wrong!

Blue asymmetric skirt

The easiest option. We take old jeans, cut off the top part of the lock. This will be our coquette. We choose a coordinating stole or scarf. Usually stoles are made of soft, easily drapeable fabric with a full print or pattern. Sew to the basque overlap, imitating the smell. Make one side more authentic, the other shorter. Or without the smell, just a slanted hem.

Asymmetrical suede skirt

Using a ready-made scarf allows you to do without piping or a sewing machine. If you have a machine at hand, you can turn around by cutting and combining fabric of different colours and textures, creating a layered and asymmetrical effect.

Asymmetric skirt with a zipper top

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