Here Are Some Current Combos With Burgundy Pants

Many ladies want burgundy pants in their closets but do not know what to wear them with. They perfectly match the top, featuring a calming colour palette and closely related shades. You can read our review for more details about the features of such pants and what will go with them.

Features Of Burgundy Pants

Burgundy pants come in many shades, but the actual colour is marsala, light cherry or wine. Such pants should be combined with clothes of calmer tones, such as white, beige, muted neutral shades or a related burgundy scheme.

Who Looks Good In Burgundy Pants

Stylists say that pants created in this colour scheme suit all girls and women without exception. They look equally gorgeous on redheads, black-haired and blond-haired ladies with any skin and eye colour. Nor do their parameters matter. It is possible to have either a very slender or a full figure. Burgundy pants highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages. Height does not matter either – tall and petite girls can wear such pants.

Pants Style

Among the styles of these pants stand out:

  • wide;
  • flared;
  • shortened.

All of them fit any type of figure and combine with many closet elements.


You can pair burgundy pants with nautical clothing. It is enough to wear such pants (for example, culottes or capri) with a cropped top in stripes and white or dark blue slip-on shoes to create a stylish image. The accessories to such an image will be massive bracelets in nautical style and a small handbag on a long strap. This handbag should match the colour of the pants or top.


In recent years, this type of clothing has become less popular, but some women still wear it. An elegant pair of burgundy pants with a simple cut and minimal flare. Wide trousers can visually correct figure flaws, for example, hiding full legs. Under flared pants, a shirt with a strict fit and loafers in a muted colour.


This option looks very beautiful on petite girls, visually elongating their height. Any elegant shoes and a voluminous top will look gorgeous with these pants. In addition, you can wear oversized sneakers and a large sweater. As an accessory, it is better to choose a burgundy backpack.

What To Wear With Burgundy Pants

Top stylists recommend creating fashionable looks with burgundy pants based on the time of year outside the window. Onions can be:

  • winter;
  • spring and fall (demi-seasonal);
  • summer.

More about each of them is below.

In winter

With an oversize top, wear burgundy pants of deep red wine or pomegranate colour. For example, a voluminous coat of ash shade will look magnificent. You can replace it with a denim jacket with a fake fur lining and lapels of the same material. You can tie a snood in a marsh colour around your neck and wear cozy uggs or warm boots on your feet.

In spring and fall

On the basis of burgundy pants, you can come up with a lot of stylish looks during the fall and spring seasons. The style can be anything, from baggy to straight. Instead of pants, you can use jeans of marsala, red wine, ripe cherries or ripe pomegranate.

For the top, designers suggest a voluminous sweater in coarse knit, a black leather jacket combined with a turtleneck in muted tones, or a straight coat in natural shades. Shoes can be anything, from playful rubber boots to rugged boots or elegant ankle boots. Women’s burgundy jeans can be worn in different ways. Photos from fashion magazines confirm this.


Burgundy pants should be made from lightweight, breathable fabrics in the summer. It is better to avoid wearing synthetic pants in the heat. Ideal in the heat is linen, silk or cotton in the colour of marsala or ripe pomegranate. Combined with a white or cream sleeveless blouse, it creates a striking image. Such clothes may be decorated with romantic ruffles.

Also, look stylish with burgundy pants and a vest or a striped top in linen style. Complement the outfit with a sleeveless linen jacket or a denim vest. As for shoes, it is suggested to wear light sandals with straps, sabots, mules or slip-ons of thin breathable cotton in the heat.


As accessories under such pants will do:

  • Effective volumetric bracelets;
  • small gold or silver jewelry in the form of earrings or a chain with a pendant;
  • scarf, snood or shawl;
  • headbands;
  • Necklace or beads (discreet jewelry is preferred);
  • clutches, bags of all sizes or backpacks made of printed fabric, imitation or genuine leather.

Choosing accessories for burgundy pants, you should take into account that their shades should not be too contrasting with the colour of these pants.

Shoes To Wear With Burgundy Pants

Stylists advise choosing the following shoes under images with burgundy pants or jeans of the same shade:

  • Sneakers, slip-ons or sneakers can be both oversize and regular sizes;
  • office style will suit laconic pumps, loafers or stilettoes;
  • sandals can be different colours and with any decorations;
  • A high wedge is preferable for petite girls, and tall ladies fit variant on a flat sole;
  • loafers can be any colour. They can easily be combined with almost all variants of looks;
  • Rubber boots, oxfords or heavy boots are ideal for spring and fall.

Shoes can be made of synthetic or genuine leather, as well as textile.

These Are The Best Colors To Pair With Burgundy Pants

Many colours go well with burgundy. For example, white or dark green and all its shades. Such tones will suit any style of marsala tone pants. Below are the most interesting options.

Burgundy pants with coat, snood, and white shoes

Pomegranate pants will be a bright, saturated spot when paired with similar shades. You can add a small gray handbag or backpack to the set to dilute such an image. As an accessory, a fine silver bracelet or chain would be appropriate.

Marsala and Burgundy Pants: Combination with Black

Such a combination will look perfect in the office, at the theatre or other events. A combination of burgundy pants with a black tight-fitting turtleneck looks very effective. Add a touch of chic to such a set by wearing spectacular congo earrings.

For men, corduroy pants combined with a black V-neck sweater will suit the image. You can wear a t-shirt or turtleneck in charcoal for a casual look. The accessories would be a watch on a gold or silver metallic strap. On your feet, you can wear white sneakers or classic shoes in muted tones of faux or genuine leather. You can also replace them with loafers or sneakers in the same colour scheme.

With gray and silver

A very striking look that includes:

  • Burgundy pants;
  • Silver lingerie-style top decorated with lace;
  • gray pumps on a thin stiletto heel;
  • clutch bag in silver colours.

Complement such an image pendant on a long chain of laconic shape.

With green, emerald and khaki

These colours are gorgeous with marsala or red pomegranate pants. The top looks stylish with a green jacket and dark shoes. You can wear a simple rectangular clutch as an accessory. You can complete the stylish outfit with small pussy earrings and a thin silver bracelet.

Also, the right accessory would be a shopper bag made of faux or genuine leather. Instead of it, you can use a backpack in the image. It should match the tone of the whole look and repeat one of the shades of the outfit.

Burgundy pants with blue, turquoise, indigo and blue

To create a spectacular nautical-style outfit, wear a blue or blue cropped top and moccasins to match. Such shoes can be replaced with white sneakers. Instead of a top, you can wear a striped blouse in turquoise or indigo. Complete a set of stylish plastic volumetric bracelets. Their colour should be consistent with the elements of the outfit.

Stylist Recommendations

To make an outfit with burgundy pants look perfect, stylists recommend paying attention to the colour of additional things:

  • Silver or ash. Suitable for an elegant office look.
  • Beige. Helps to create a modest and sophisticated look.
  • Brown. Suitable for every day.
  • Yellow and bright lemon. They will be ideal in the summer heat. Choosing such a colour, you must remember that such things should not be diluted with additional bright accessories. The handbag or necklace should be of modest shades.
  • Red. Appropriate in exceptional cases. It is better if the jewelry is red. For example, small earrings in the form of plastic rings.
  • Orange. The same rules apply here as for the colour red. Experts in the fashion industry recommend avoiding this shade in your outfits. It is not combined with burgundy pants or jeans.
  • Green. It will help to add originality to the image. The acidic green colour, in combination with burgundy pants, should be avoided.
  • Pink, peach, powder and cream. Make the look more feminine, delicate and romantic.
  • Purple and mauve. Bring a fresh note to the outfit.

Burgundy pants are now at the peak of popularity. When choosing such an outfit, it is important not to overwhelm the image with unnecessary accessories and colors. It is wise to add two or three closet elements in a restrained colour scheme to the look. Knowing what looks well with burgundy pants, you can create a stylish image that will look elegant in any situation.

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