Heels With Socks: Against Fashionable Traditions

Fashion is fickle, and you should not try to keep up with it. If you must stay at the forefront of fashion, it will be enough to allow yourself a bit of naturalness!

For example, how do you wear your favorite shoes? Especially if there is a dress code at work, and on an evening date, you want to impress your favorite slender legs and sexy gait? In the bag, for sure, there is a spare pair of thin pantyhose or even fishnet stockings. If the weather allows, the pumps are replaced by lightweight sandals, which can be worn barefoot. We can only see the results at home when we expose our strained feet. That’s when blisters and bloody heels become apparent.

Forget about such discomfort and try on the hottest trend – shoes with socks. This is not at all tawdry and not bad taste. Wearing shoes like this is not only possible but also necessary! Here are just some recommendations on how the look should be composed.

Public Opinion

Do you like experiments? Even if the thought of a parachute jump evokes fear, experiments with clothes almost always resonate in the girl’s soul. Fashion is undergoing a global change, but people will always approve of her antics. And so it turns out that the trend that causes confusion, in a couple of years will explode the minds of fashionistas.

Why were shoes with socks so confusing? After all, fashionistas, who liked to combine socks with sandals, could wear them that way. Then there was a long period when such a combination spoke only about the unattractive taste of a girl. “Spring-summer 2014” brought fashionistas back to their roots. And the forgotten retro trend is back in style. At Paris Fashion Week, designers from around the world appreciated and diversified a creepy combination.

Choosing Socks

It should be said right away that you can’t put a model into the first socks you see and make her a style icon. The combination of shoes and socks should enhance or transform the image, but not detract from it. An especially popular trend in the off-season, when you don’t want to part with sandals, but to wear them barefoot, to put it mildly, is cool. The image with sandals and socks becomes warmer and more cozy, but remains cute, feminine and light.

Properly chosen socks can also correct the figure’s proportions, such as the thinness or fullness of the legs. But for the visual effect it is not necessary to choose clothes based on their availability in your closet. The texture of the socks should match the shoes. The socks themselves should be lighter than the shoes. For example, thin kapron or cotton socks are combined with summer sandals. The color is also significant. Thus, summer shoes should not be worn with beige or brown monochrome socks. Accordingly, warm woolen socks will be harmoniously combined only with coarser boots or closed shoes.

Who Shouldn’t Follow The Trend?

Fashion should not be a fundamental factor in shaping your own closet, otherwise embarrassing misunderstandings cannot be avoided. Can you wear socks with shoes? Go to the mirror and critically examine your feet. Puffy? Then this trend is not for you, because your feet will turn into a real pillar! By the way, the owners of pumped up calves are also at risk, because the socks will add extra volume.

Girls with thin or very slender legs can still diversify their look with fluffy socks. And the color can be varied.

You can try the new trend out, guided by simple recommendations, if a girl regularly goes to the gym or likes to eat donuts in front of the TV, but the new trend appeals to her for its forbidden quality. It is especially important to visually emphasize the main color of the clothing and shoes chosen, as well as their length. Choosing a skirt or midi dress, and maybe culottes, a girl will hide the widest part of the legs, leaving on general view only the ankles. Sock density remains a personal choice, but don’t go overboard.

Choosing A Color

When a girl opens her closet early in the morning, she’s already almost planning her look. All that remains is to choose accessories and combine them with each other.

Monochrome socks – the easiest and always a winning option. However, it is better not to wear black and brown socks. These are men’s colors, perfectly suitable for a classic suit. Ladies, however, will find the laconic dark color too gloomy.

If the socks are in harmony with the shoes, they literally become an extension of the foot and the overall impression is made as if she wore ankle boots. In this case you can wear black socks with boots, or brown with brogues or loafers.

If there is some bright detail in the look, such as a purse or jacket, the color of the socks may coincide with a bright accent. In this case, the socks can be red or even neon. A print is completely superfluous.

Playing with contrasts must be done with skill. So the color of textile accessories cannot be the same as any other in your image. Black pants look formal, but in tandem with white socks they become a stylish base for a night out. Silver socks with lurex will also look great with black pants, but do not mix more than three colors in this case.

When Is A Print Relevant?

If you want to feel like a little girl, then socks with a print will be just right. In this case, the color of the shoes should not be contrasting, otherwise the print will be “lost”. For example, choosing socks with Sponge Bob, you can pick up blue shoes. These will only emphasize the sea theme, but will not overshadow the main character of the accessory.

The Color Trend

  • Dark socks: Fashion puts gray, brown and deep blue models on pedestals. For matte and patent leather shoes black socks are relevant. They, by the way, you can slightly flatten the shoes, to achieve the effect of slight carelessness. Gray socks look good with the classic shoes “Mary-Jane”. In any case, the shoes should be brighter than the socks. If there is decor, the shoes should be in the same color tones. A little provocative, but effective look dark “men’s” socks with gold or silver sandals.
  • Ultra white socks are a versatile option. In tandem with white shoes white capron socks will add a couple of centimeters of height and lengthen the legs. Cotton socks look good with bright and dark shoes.
  • Colored socks will add playfulness and lightness to the image, and maybe even a little infantile. In the fresh collections of modern fashion designers there is a place for plum socks by Rochas, bright blue by Sonia Rykiel and sky-blue by Hermes. For spring it is possible to choose cherry, orange and bright green models. Summer tones are even more cheerful, but at the same time thin. Bright women’s socks can be worn with silver, black or contrasting shoes. Complement a black dress with orange socks, dark shoes, and green with red socks and beige shoes.
  • Sporty socks included in their collections Gucci, House of Holland, Sibling. They created freaky images with simple shoes in the tone of the top. White models remain an eternal trend but successfully compete with gray ones.
  • High socks socks create a girlish gentle image, giving references to schoolgirls. What socks to choose? Take care of your comfort and prefer warm knitted models decorated with gray or crimson rhombuses. And some fashion designers, such as Prada, have released socks-gaiters with an open toe.
  • Very short socks appeared in the Mary Katrantzou collection. They have a completely open heel! For dark shoes it is right to choose bright models, and complement colored sandals with lighter sandals.

What Do The Stylists Advise?

To create a fashionable “look”, you need to choose the right accessories. And what kind of accessories a girl wears is up to her individually.

  1. Fans of the baby-doll style are recommended with innocent white socks. If the image with a skirt, it should be puffed, and the pants can be shortened.
  2. Student girls who prefer mini can choose dark “men’s” socks to match the jacket’s or shoes’ color.
  3. Owners of a slender figure can afford low-heeled shoes, dark leggings and short shorts. What guy wouldn’t be blown away by such a diva!
  4. Ballet flats and light socks will complement the image of a naive schoolgirl.
  5. But a spectacular sexy “look” will make black socks with patent leather shoes and a mini. If a girl prefers pants, the English length is also relevant.
  6. Fashionable women can combine men’s loafers with short socks.
  7. What kind of girls do guys always like? Of course, the right ones! And that means the classic look is always popular. So polka-dot socks and stiletto shoes are in trend. With ballet shoes the image looks not so right, but nice.

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