Heels: The Shoes That Make A Real Woman

For decades, stiletto boots were an indispensable part of every woman’s wardrobe. Women love these shoes for the fact that they allow them to stay on top, even in the cold season. This is because the closet is taken over by flowing dresses and elegant sandals.

Pros And Cons Of The Stud

Millions of women around the world choose stiletto boots because they:

  • visually slim the leg;
  • make a slimmer figure;
  • add a few centimeters to your height;
  • combine with different clothes.

Girls choose fashionable boots with stiletto heels and wear them every day to appear taller and slimmer, but when pursuing beauty, it is important not to overdo it. Stiletto heels should not be taller than 14 cm; the ideal height is from 7 to 10 cm. If the heel is even higher, then the gait becomes ridiculous and unnatural.

Popular Models And Styles

Stiletto boots can vary:

  • the height of the heel;
  • the length of the cuff;
  • the shape of the nose;
  • the presence/absence of decorative elements;
  • material;
  • color.

As mentioned earlier, stiletto heels can be any. It must be chosen individually, taking into account the height, the completeness of the calves, the peculiarities of the gait. Slim long-legged girls will suit boots with a stiletto heel more than 10 cm. Full ladies, who, despite the disadvantages of the figure, do not want to lag behind fashion, should choose the height of the heel more thoughtfully and look for boots with a stiletto heel 6-8 cm.

Depending on the model, classic stiletto boots may have a calf-high or knee-high cuff. These shoes are suitable for the vast majority of women. The cuff can be straight or gathered into an accordion. For comfortable feet, choose the first option. If your legs are too fat, you can wear boots with a flared cuff – it will hide the flaws and make the figure proportional.

Boardshorts on stiletto heels also remain popular. These long lace-up boots look spectacular, but are only suitable for girls with slender legs of medium to high height. If you have a large figure and low height, you should not buy high boots – in them the figure will seem square. Correctly chosen boots do not overstretch the leg, the upper edge remains free and does not encircle it. Also they should be easy to unbutton and remove. You should not purchase boots with stiletto heels that are hard to put on, since these shoes are quite insidious, and can turn the most innocent image into a vulgar one.

Heeled boots differ in the shape of the nose. It can be pointed, semi-circular or square, and which version is better, it is impossible to say unequivocally. In boots with a pointed nose, the leg looks more feminine, and the whole image is elegant. In these boots leg seems slimmer, but there is a disadvantage – a pointed nose visually elongates it. Women with a leg size 39-40 should not wear pointed-nosed shoes. Classic high-heeled boots with a pointed toe have already become an obligatory attribute of the office closet. They are worn with classic pants, dresses, and skirts, as well as with evening dresses. Legs look slim and elegant in these shoes.

Boots with a blunt or square nose look rougher and more concise. They are suitable for girls with big feet. This model will make a full calf more accurate and will not draw attention to the imperfect bottom. Stiletto heel boots with a blunt toe are universal shoes that can be combined with different styles of clothing.

Choosing The Material

Stiletto boots can be made from:

  • skin;
  • leatherette;
  • suede.

For fall, the ideal option would be leather boots with stiletto heels. With proper treatment and regular care leather will not let water penetrate, so feet are always comfortable in such shoes. Also autumn boots on a stiletto heel can be made of leatherette. Gone are the days when synthetic leather was cheap and considered a sign of ill taste. Many global brands today increasingly present collections in which shoes and bags are created from eco-leather. This material is used for humane reasons.

Leather can be matte or patent. Matte leather shoes look more restrained, laconic, suitable for daily outings and combined with different types of outerwear: sheepskin coats, blown down jackets and leather jackets. Lacquered stiletto boots are a shoe option that you need to know how to wear and combine correctly. Lacquered boots look sophisticated, a bit defiant, and not suitable for everyone.

Winter stiletto boots can be made of suede and any kind of leather. Suede shoes look more spectacular and elegant, but they have their drawbacks. With prolonged exposure to moisture, it begins to leak, quickly wipes off and loses color. If the thermometer outside the window often shows plus in winter, then suede boots are definitely not for your latitudes. They can be purchased for nights out, but for everyday wear it is better to buy shoes made of leather or imitation leather.

Color And Decor

Today, stores offer stiletto boots in a variety of colors. Timeless classics remain black boots. This is a universal option that is comfortable to wear and pairs equally well with jeans, classic suits, skirts and dresses of different styles and colors. Brown boots are also versatile. Jeans of a deep blue color, pants and skirts of beige, dark green, marsh, clothes that have fine lace will complement them perfectly.

A modern woman can also have beige boots on a thin stiletto heel. They should be worn with clothes of warm colors: cream, cream, milky shades. This recommendation also applies to outerwear. Shoes of beige color are worn with light coats and sheepskin coats. Boots with a low heel will pair well with blue jeans and a cream sweater. And a high stiletto will look gorgeous in a set with a cream knitted dress and a light beige sweater.

White stiletto boots look elegant and sophisticated. In such shoes you will definitely be noticed. These boots will look great with a fitted midi dress in cream or beige color. In a business closet, outerwear must be in light shades. And in casual style white boots can be combined with coats and down jackets of bright colors, blue jeans, wide wool pants.

If you are not afraid to draw attention to yourself, then you will like the bright colors of shoes. You can buy red, purple, blue stiletto boots. But, making such a purchase, you should understand that under one pair of shoes you will have to pick up a coat, at least a couple of sets of clothes and accessories.

Heeled boots can be laconic or decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, rivets, decorative buttons. Official business style does not welcome boots with decorative elements. Boots with stones and other decorations will be suitable for nights out, romantic meetings, receptions. Very fashionable boots on a stiletto heel, decorated with additional details will attract the attention of others to your feet. And if they are not flawless, it is worth to buy shoes without unnecessary decorations.

What To Wear Stiletto Shoes With?

Classic high heeled boots always look stylish with a narrow knee-length skirt. Wear a mini-skirt and a bright top with boots and tight-fitting legs. This image would be appropriate for going to a party or nightclub, but not for work or a business meeting.

Short boots can be worn with a flared skirt. For a proportional figure, loose skirt and boots should be the same color or the shoes should be darker. Look original with stiletto skirts, popular in recent seasons.

Heeled boots are worn with classic pants of standard length. If you want to look taller and slimmer, then the pants and the boots should be the same color. It is imperative not to make a mistake with the length of classic pants – they should reach the middle of the heel, and on no account be shorter. Boots on stiletto heels look stylish with warm capri pants and shorts. Under the latter, the owners of slender leg designers recommend that women wear stocking boots.

It is still fashionable to tuck blue jeans into stiletto boots. This option is only suitable for slim girls. If you are overweight, then in this outfit your hips and buttocks will seem even more voluminous. Complement this image with a silk shirt with a vest or a rough-knit sweater.

For stiletto boots you need to choose accessories carefully. A flat clutch or a voluminous classic bag on short handles will suit the shoes. In addition, square bags with long handles over the shoulder or leather backpacks should not be worn with these shoes. Wide-brimmed hats, belts with a substantial buckle, thin chiffon scarves and woolen stoles look well with high stilettos. Earflaps or knitted hats with a pompom will not look good with these shoes.

Heeled boots are the kind of shoes that every woman has bought at least once. These boots are loved because they do wonders for your figure – they make you look taller and slimmer. However, in order to look royal in these shoes, you need to find boots that will suit you in model, shape of the sock, height of the cuff and heel and color.

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