Headbands For A Stylish Look

In 2021, the fashion for long hair and elegant styling returned, and in 2022, stylists decided to “domesticate” socialites with the help of an ancient accessory – a hairband. Fashionable headbands allow women with hair up to the waist or medium length to feel confident in any environment. Ordinary elastic bands or hairpins make the image look plain, and stylish headbands are subconsciously associated with the crown.

Original Headbands For The Coronation Of Long Hair

Women of antiquity believed that beautiful hairstyles should be accentuated with tiaras. The Greek hairstyle is free and elegant. The main part of the hair is braided and a few strands are knocked out, creating a bohemian look. A stylish headband or headband helps to preserve the charismatic image, but makes it more practical.

In 2022, designers brought back the fashion for headbands, making them iconic accessories. Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy, Mara Hoffman and Marchesa, Louis Vuitton and Akris experimented with materials, colours and jewelry, making simple headbands into real crowns. Opinion leaders encourage women to wear their hair loose. Hairpins and elastic bands make curls constrict and make the image too strict and unapproachable. Headbands allow you to create original hairstyles, devoid of puritanical spirit.

The Best Types Of Headbands For Hair

Wear headbands is appropriate everywhere. Laconic accessories of coloured plastic or metal will suit a business suit. Evening dresses perfectly complement headbands with lace and precious stones. For home use wooden headbands, as well as ornaments made of felt (with wide margins, funny ears) and spring headbands.

Vintage headbands

Dolce & Gabbana designers call for the revival of antiquity and decorate hair with headbands with vintage decorations. Antique brooches, aristocratic ornaments, pompous embroidery make the simplest models of headbands real works of art. Such accessories will suit romantic individuals and women who prefer classic clothes. Lace is acceptable, as well as decorating headbands with large flowers and even fruits! Needlewomen can turn ordinary headbands into a designer accessory with the help of foamiran. In the hand-made industry, fomeran is revered as an unpretentious and pliable material with which you can sew hundreds of exquisite decorations (roses, orchids, peonies, exotic and wildflowers).

Ethnic chic

Boho-chic style and folkloric elements have been at the peak of popularity among the bohemian crowd for years. Creative people desperately need daily contact with nature, so they love decorating their outfits with flowers, ethnic ornaments and fairy-tale symbols. Especially distinguished Indian designers Reem Acra and Naeem Khan created collections of headbands in Indian and Arabian styles. While the accessories look regal and somewhat bulky, the inclusions of semiprecious stones, coloured beads, and rhinestones are acceptable. Geometric and floral patterns, natural colours are preferred. These headbands require smooth hairstyles – hair is pulled back and braided with ribbons or discreet hairpins.

A Futuristic Symphony

The Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton design collections are far from pompous. The upcoming era needs upcoming crowns, so women suggest wearing stylish headbands made of modern materials. Metal headbands of any shape (from a standard spring to flamboyant zippers), plastic monochrome headbands (mostly white, black and silver) with narrow and wide margins are in fashion. Such a look will suit austere ladies who have found their place in the world of science, business or politics. The hair can be loose or tightly gathered with a ribbon or geometric barrette.

Elegant Frames

According to designers Givenchy and Marchesa, felt and smooth plastic headbands are symbols of elegance. Black headbands highlight the beauty of the face, so women who are confident in their irresistibility should wear them. Soft material does not harm the hair, so it is suitable for everyday hairstyles. Style your hair with a discreet accessory to pair with any type of clothing – from conservative business attire to casual casual.

The Asian trend

Japanese animation continues to grow in popularity. In the past, only Asian women preferred to wear headbands with ears (traditional for cosplay), but in 2022 the fashion for cat ears has become widespread. The most attractive look is for ears with a metal frame that protrudes from under the hair. It is imperative that the headband is almost invisible – this will help create a coveted anime look.

You can wear these types of headbands not only to emphasize your femininity, but also your independence. Idle young ladies are alien to practicality, but active women need an accessory that will not allow your hair to dishevel even after a hard day’s work.

Headbands: How Do You Choose?

It is possible to look chic with “not much blood” – all designers are convinced of this. The impression of a woman’s appearance depends 60% on her hair. Well-groomed hair helps to create a favorable impression. Tricky hairstyles and bulky styling takes a lot of time, making them unsuitable for everyday wear. Want to look festive even in the middle of the work week? Do you not want to worry about hair at a banquet or a nightclub? You can look like a king in any situation by purchasing popular headbands!

Wear headbands skillfully – tips from stylists

There is a misconception that headbands suit only women with classic looks. However, professionals are convinced – you need to choose the right shape and size of the headband to look stunning with any head shape or hair structure!

Loose and gathered hair

For loose hair, moderately large or thin headbands that don’t draw much attention are appropriate. For smooth hair, bulky, ornate designs (futuristic, vintage, ethnic) look better.

Headband fit

Depending on the head’s shape and the hair’s characteristics (straight, curly, light or dark, liquid or thick) the headband can be placed very close to the forehead, or shifted to the middle of the head. It is critical that the accessory fits snugly, but does not squeeze the head.

Width of the “margins” of the rim

Women with thin facial features suit elegant headbands and black headbands made of non-slippery materials (felt, cotton). Wear thin tiaras and headbands of medium thickness, avoid plastic. Beauties with large facial features should crown themselves with wide hoops, headbands with large flowers and geometric ornaments.

Every woman looks gorgeous with a crown! Find a headband that fits perfectly on your head and emphasizes the beauty of your face and hair to look chic in any situation in life!

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