Haircut For Volume On Medium Hair

To find their ideal image, women are constantly changing something in their appearance. Thin hair with a lack of volume is almost the number one problem. You can dramatically change literally in an hour by visiting a hairdresser. A haircut on the middle hair volume will save you time and add confidence to your beauty. You can achieve volume, lushness, beautiful design, and a sophisticated image with the right haircut. Such haircuts are especially relevant in 2020.

Bob That Adds Volume

The classic version of this haircut is characterized by elongated strands near the face and shorter strands in the back. It allows you to create a natural volume and emphasize facial features.

In 2020, the bob had several variations: lengthening, asymmetry, graduating, with the effect of torn strands, bangs, etc.

A bob on medium hair looks stylish and elegant. In addition, you can create different hairstyles depending on the style. Dyeing the entire hair or a few strands in a bob haircut also helps to create your unique image.

Visually adding relief and volume will help to color. It can be a shatouch, relief coloring, and air touch.

Light shades can play to your advantage. Light pigment reflects light and creates the feeling of a lot of hair.

To make a beautiful style, it is enough to dry your head using a hair dryer and a brushing brush. First, you must dry the root zone, highlighting and lifting one strand at a time. Then lay the ends.

A bleaching treatment can make your hair stand out. It creates a beautiful relief.

Bob can be styled into soft waves. A curling iron or curling tongs will work for this. This length will take no more than 5 minutes, and the style will last long.

Cascade Haircut For Medium Hair

A cascade visually adds volume to the hairstyle by layering it. In this case, the shorter hair will be on the top of the parietal part, and then it becomes longer. With the help of a cascade, you can achieve the effect of density to correct the shape of the face. It is suitable for any face and does not require monthly updates. The slight mussiness of the cascade will give the hairstyle creative originality.

Layers can start at the top or be only at the ends. The master can fillet the ends. The more filleting, the softer the layers are on top of each other.

Light layers at the ends – beautiful, simple, convenient. Just curl the ends a little, and you’re ready to style.

If there are bangs, they can become an extension of the hairstyle. The layers at the face will gently transition into steps in length.

The hair can be styled with a proper drying process. First, tilt your head and blow-dry the hair at the root, directing the airflow from top to bottom. Then, using a medium brushing brush, blow-dry the ends.

You can create beautiful waves with tongs. They will visually create a handsome volume.

Who Is The Volumetric Brace Suitable For?

The bob initially had a precise geometric shape. Later it began to change, adding new elements and applying different techniques. Nowadays, the braid can be asymmetrical, voluminous, elongated, on a leg, and others. Such a square is ideal for the owners of thin hair. Volumetric square-cut is performed by degrees, through which you can achieve multiple layers and smooth or jagged transitions. This square-cut looks harmoniously on women with a triangular face, softening its angularity.

A smooth cut can look attractive. The hairstyle acquires clear lines and looks stylish. The lack of layering does not deprive it of volume.

This haircut is easy to take care of – wash your head and dry it with a hair dryer.

A simple shape can be emphasized with attractive, embossed coloring.

You can do a soft stretch. The AirTouch looks nice at shoulder length.

Ladder – Features Of The Haircut

The famous staircase is easy to do and care for. With it, you can correct the shape of the face, emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages. It gives your hair lightness, airiness, and volume. The face type for the staircase is not principal. It suits everyone. However, women with curls should not do it, as the hairstyle contour will not be visible because of the curls. The medium length of the staircase suits me best. With bangs, this haircut becomes more lively and exciting because the strands are as if they embrace the face.


A variation of the cascade. The master cuts the hair in the crown area short, keeping the base length unchanged or slightly filleting. This undoubtedly makes the hairstyle lush, but, as a disadvantage, it can make a face look fat. Women with a round and square face shape to do aurora are not recommended. In general, however, this haircut is considered versatile and is not difficult to care for.


For a haircut with asymmetry to look presentable, you do not need to spend much time in front of the mirror. Use hooks, hairpins, and elastic bands. It is enough to dry your hair with a hairdryer and a round brush. You can fix the result of five minutes of styling with nail polish. Asymmetry on the average length also allows you to do different hairstyles so that the haircut will not get boring, even when the hair grows a little. You can change the parting, direction, and individual dye strands – each time, the hairstyle will look new.


The main attribute of the haircut is also the bangs. The cap structure is created in a staircase type, giving the hairstyle airiness and styling the unruly curls in the correct form. The haircut can also be made with lengthening or asymmetry. It emphasizes femininity and sexuality, adding mystery to the image. It is not recommended for curly women.


The sloppy tresses and the slight disorder of curled strands have been at the peak of popularity for several seasons. Fashionistas have fallen in love with the ruffled hairstyle because of its relevance and versatility. Shaggy is easy to wear and style, versatile, combines with different clothing styles and does not require regular updates. However, to properly perform shaggy, it is necessary to apply to an experienced master. Of the inconveniences will be the difficulty of making a ponytail or wisp and the daily washing of the head not to lose volume.

Long Bob

The long bob is one of the most trendy hairstyles in 2020. It is excellent for straight or slightly curly hair of medium length. Straight parting or oblique, torn or flat strands, coloring individual strands or the entire hair, with curls or straightened hair – this is an incomplete list of styling options.

Haircut With Voluminous Bangs

Such hairstyles look organic on women of any age. Voluminous bangs are a universal tool for giving airiness to the entire hair. To provide a lushness, a small filing or a unique styling technique with the help of a curling iron or a curling iron is. Also, the visual volume can be achieved using coloring techniques. However, when choosing such a haircut, you should still consider the face’s individual features. Refuse such an idea should be girls with a thin or, on the contrary, massive chin, wide cheekbones, long heavy hair, or curls. Voluminous bangs, in this case, will look unnatural and visually aggravate facial disproportion.

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