Hair Styles After 45 Which Make You Look Younger

In our article you will learn how to choose a rejuvenating haircut for a woman over 45 years old. With the help of photos and descriptions you can choose options that will allow you to hide flaws and emphasize the advantages. Fashionable short hairstyles that are youthful are sure to please you!

We will also tell you about the preferred colors and lengths of hair, ways to take care of them.

Choosing the right haircut is a delicate matter; there are many things to consider: face shape, figure, glasses, character, lifestyle and profession.

At the end of the article, you’ll learn about the haircuts that famous ladies 45+ have chosen.

Types of hairstyles and haircuts

First, let’s look at successful rejuvenating hairstyles, depending on the length of your hair.

For long hair

Graduated haircut long hair – the best choice for middle-aged women. It will allow you to remain as airy and lively as decades ago, easily lose five years visually and distract from minor flaws in appearance.

Source: @lorealpro

Notice how good the curls are, they add charm and liven up the image.

Does long hair age or make you younger? This question is often asked by grown-up ladies who are accustomed to the luxury of long thick hair from their youth. There is no unambiguous answer to this question: it depends on the face, figure, profession, lifestyle, and character.

Someone does not part with a strict low bun and in 60 years, and the loose hair is not acceptable even in 30 years.

Often long hair, arranged in a bun, is preferred by ladies working in the educational system (schools, kindergartens, studios and circles). Such a hairstyle adds rigor and formality to the image, especially if you successfully choose the color of hair, which is rejuvenating.


Some people are well suited to a length just below the shoulders, it all depends on the woman. But in general, for a number of reasons (hormones, childbirth, stress, etc.) hair thickness after a certain age leaves much to be desired.

When they were 25, they had a waist-length mane and braids as thick as a fist, but a couple of decades later, these ladies choose elegant haircuts and use products that give volume to their hair. Luckily, there are some lucky women who don’t have such problems, but they are the exception to the rule, which only confirms it.

In England, a popular expression is “mutton dressed as lamb,” which refers to women who look (and dress) beyond their age.

What you should avoid when you have long hair and age 45+ is options more suitable for the middle kindergarten group. We are talking about cute braids, perky ponytails, “palm”, etc.

In rare cases, you can use the hairstyle “high ponytail”, picking up the appropriate occasion and clothing.

A more common group is hairstyles for medium length hair.

For medium-length hair

Numerous variants of the braid are perfect for middle-aged ladies. This hairstyle allows women to look younger than their years.

Spanish on medium hair will also allow you to visually rejuvenate:

Stunningly well-groomed on the ladies looks haircut Garson. It is so easy to stay young and beautiful after 40-45 years!

The sesson haircut, which got its name after the English stylist Vidal Sassoon, who invented it, will look great on medium hair.

If you’re pondering how to cut your hair to look younger, check out this worthy option.

Asymmetrical haircuts on medium hair do not go out of style: they look interesting, young and attractive.

The most popular group for ladies over 45 is short haircuts.

For short hair

The classic bob is a trendy haircut that is suitable for adult ladies.

The pixie bob option is suitable for those who appreciate elegant haircuts. This hairstyle is especially good with a melting.

Garson for short hair is one of those few options that youthful and slim a woman.

The boyish haircut is suitable for bold, confident women. If you prefer not to paint over your gray hair, but rather wear a natural “salt and pepper” color, then pay attention to this seemingly simple haircut, perhaps it will be the best option for you.

Hair colors that rejuvenate

How do I dye my hair to look younger? Let’s repeat a classic rule that you probably know for a long time: to look younger, choose a hair dye 1-2 tones lighter than your natural color.

There’s a lot of debate, does black hair color age or not? Most stylists tend to answer in the affirmative.

Too dark shades should be avoided, as they visually make wrinkles deeper, age spots brighter, circles under the eyes clearer.

But if you don’t have such problems with your facial skin, you can choose black hair dye.

But the question if the dark hair color has a definite answer: if your hair is naturally dark, use a tone or two lighter, and this color will not make you look older. But if you are a “northern blonde” type, dark hair dye should be avoided.

What hair color to choose to look younger? Pay attention to warm shades: caramel, golden, brown, chocolate.

Of course, colored hair requires special care, we will talk about this below, but many people dye their hair to look younger.

What is the best hair color to hide gray hair? Here it is important to be guided by your color type. Remember that professional hair coloring works wonders and is able to give a natural shade even with 100% gray, although this information is more relevant for women over fifty.

Appearance problems to hide

A successful haircut has a rejuvenating effect: with its help you can hide some defects of appearance. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Wrinkles in the forehead area

To help come to the rescue will be bangs in short haircuts (bob, cap, braids, etc.), or imitation bangs in hairstyles for medium-length hair. Such options are appropriate after forty years. Especially if we are talking about bangs for a triangular or oval face.

Although it is ideal to cover the forehead (and along with the wrinkles on it) thick bangs to the eyebrows, we advise you not to resort to this method. Especially if we are talking about bangs for a full face, it will visually add weight to the chin.

Sagging cheeks

Sagging cheeks and the oval of the face (called “collapse” by sarcastic wits) can be concealed by a successful hairstyle.

Do not choose a length of hair up to the chin: or five centimeters above, or up to the collarbones.

The best solution – the volume on the crown and smooth lines of the strands, elongated imitation bangs, oblique parting.

Double chin

Visually correct such a defect as a double chin, especially for a full round face, will help a few rules. Avoid:

  • very short haircuts;
  • hair length up to the chin level.

Pay attention to asymmetrical hairstyles, waves, loose curls, layered options.

Short neck

How to visually lengthen the neck? Short haircuts that will maximize its opening and generally make your image more fragile and feminine will come to the rescue.

Source: @ halzova_studio

Pick a haircut that you like, a carriage, pixie or bob, or even under a boy, and this flaw will stop worrying you.

Hairstyles by face type

Haircuts according to the type of face – a necessary thing, you can change beyond recognition, if you make the right choice. Your eyes will look brighter and bigger, age-related flaws will disappear, the image will be more harmonious.

  1. Oval face

Owners of an oval face are lucky – literally any haircut suits them. For ladies of middle age we suggest to consider such options as a square-cut, medium-length curls, and a bob.

  1. Square face

Owners of square-shaped faces should avoid straight thick bangs, smooth long hair, length up to the chin. Young hairstyles of medium length, wavy hair or cascade are ideal – slight carelessness will soften the chin line and give a romantic look.

  1. Round face

Those who have a round face, it is desirable with the help of hair to visually elongate its shape. Suitable for you are long straight hair, with simulated bangs or elongated side bangs, braids with a side parting. You should refrain from such haircuts as a short smooth pixie, straight bangs with hair of any length, puffy curls of medium length.

  1. Triangular face

Good haircuts for those who have a naturally sharp chin, the so-called triangular face: long curly hair, haircuts of medium length with an emphasis on the strands, a square cut. It is desirable to avoid slicked back hair, puffy apex hairstyles, straight bangs. Only side bangs are recommended for a triangular face.

  1. Rhomboidal face

For women with a diamond-shaped face type, layered hairstyles are ideal: a long bob, cascade of medium length, pixie (without volume). It is better to refrain from such options as any puffy haircuts, slicked back hair, and thick bangs.


Hairstyles for gray hair

If you have decided not to cover the gray, pay attention to the following haircuts. They are shown in the photo:



Gray hair requires special care, many people give up years of hair coloring in favor of natural gray hair, reasoning that it is tired of every three weeks to touch up the grown roots.

But – surprise – it’s unlikely that hair will look good just like that. The very structure of pigmented hair is different. Increased care is required.

If with the help of care it was possible to achieve the shine of silver hair – you are a queen! Any haircut will be rejuvenating for you.

Avoid long hair, medium or short length will be just right. Curls, imitation bangs, asymmetry, slight carelessness – you are irresistible!

What haircuts do not require styling?

The dream of any woman – to take care of themselves on the male model: get up, brush your teeth, comb your hair – forward, the indescribable beauty, ready for feats of labor.

Are there any haircuts that don’t need styling? Yes! If you’ve been to a salon with a Master with a capital M.

It’s all about how to cut the hair, you need to take into account the texture of the hair, the direction of the curls and their weight, and other subtleties, this is under the power of a true professional.

With the right choice of master comes the question of choosing a hairstyle. Here is a sample list of the names of haircuts that do not require styling:

  • Kare

  • Asymmetrical bob

  • Garçon

  • Cascade

  • French haircut

  • Gavroche

  • Natural curls or perms.

Haircuts that make you look old

A separate paragraph let’s talk about haircuts, which are not advisable after forty, well, after fifty it is also worth refraining from them.

  • braids and long hair gathered in a ponytail (we have already mentioned this);

  • 80’s style comb-overs;

  • Retro hairstyles for a casual look (for an evening out is a great option);

  • Shaved temples and overly bright colors;

Photos before and after the haircut

How much a hairstyle means in a person’s appearance and how it is perceived by others! Here are a few examples that will serve as a perfect illustration of fashionable haircuts after 45 years of age.

How to take care of my hair after 45 years?

As mentioned above, problems with hair density and shine are almost inevitable as we age. Most women use dye regularly, which also adds to the dryness and brittleness of their hair.

The choice of care products should be made with great care. Look at masks for hair: their regular use works wonders. On the magic bottles should be written: moisturizing and nourishing.

But healthy beautiful hair is not only the right shampoo-foams-conditioners, but also lifestyle, diet and lack of stress.

An eight-hour night’s sleep, a drinking regime, proper nutrition, a sufficient amount of adequate exercise will have a positive impact not only on your well-being, but also on your appearance.

As for the diet – it must be balanced, with a sufficient presence of fats (vegetable or animal). At the pharmacy you can also pick up supplements (e.g. omega or biotin).

Haircuts of famous women

For inspiration, let’s look at photos of haircuts of actresses and stars.

Jessica Chastain (age 43)

We all know the lush bushy hair of this beautiful actress, look at her new look with a medium length hairstyle.

Charlize Theron (age 45)

Beautiful Charlize we saw in different images: and blonde, and brunette, and with a bob, and with long hair. Now the actress wears a short haircut.

Evelina Khromchenko (age 49)

Evelina always gives preference to hairstyles of short length, which favorably emphasize the advantages of her appearance.

Sharon Stone (age 62)

The beautiful Sharon is in her seventh decade, but she still remains a style icon. In different periods of her life she changed her look, but remained true to herself – in front of us a confident successful woman.

Sandra Bullock (56 years old)

Sandra’s calling card is her long, dark, sleek hair, which she lifts up on festive occasions, leaving loose strands at her face. The casual style of her hair combined with her long earrings is mesmerizing.

Holly Barry (age 53)

The actress’ trademark hairstyle, cocky gaze and demure smile are her trademark.

Sophie Marceau (53 years old)

Sophie is getting more beautiful year by year. When she was young and young she had long hair, now she has medium length, which suits her very well.

This is the end of our article. All the best, dear reader. Be the most beautiful and happy!

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