Graduation Makeup

The most long-awaited event of the school year is graduation. When the perfect dress is found, hair chosen, and shoes bought, it remains to complete the image with makeup. It should be in harmony with the outfit and, at the same time, be noticeable, emphasizing natural beauty and youthfulness.

Prom Makeup Features

At school or university, it is not customary to choose very bright colors for makeup. The event itself is light and soulful. But still the image of the evening, so it is pretty appropriate to arrange the accents, for example, to draw a bright color arrow or use a contrasting lipstick. But it is better to use pastel colors as a basis for the prom makeup.

  1. First, start with the outfit’s color, and then pick up the tones to match the shades of your eyes and hair. The palette is varied, so making a few trial versions of makeup is better.
  2. The tone should be perfect. You will have to mask all the imperfections. Powder, concealer, and foundation will help. For tone, makeup artists for problem skin recommend a wet sponge.
  3. All textures should be as long-lasting as possible. The image can be light and airy for the prom, but the surfaces will be pretty heavy. After all, ideally, the makeup should last all evening and all night. So do not forget the primer, the base for makeup, and the finishing powder.
  4. The accent is usually made on the eyes, matching the dress’s color. Do not be afraid of shimmery, pearly shades and sequins. This evening is the time to shine.
  5. Lipstick is better to choose a nude or prefer a transparent glitter. However, some looks may require scarlet lips as an accent. The bold red will add luxury to the image and goes well with a dress in the style of retro.

Choosing The Right Makeup For My Outfit?

First, the makeup should be in harmony with the dress and hairstyle, making it a whole picture.

Delicate pink, cream, and orange colors in the image require natural makeup with the same gentle shades.

The red dress is a timeless classic. The image is noticeable and elegant. Makeup should be strict and concise: graphic black arrows will be ideal, and the lipstick can be chosen in the color of the outfit.

Blue, green, and purple colors attract attention, so makeup should be modest. It is worth making a slight accent, for example, to pick up eyeliner or mascara of the same shade.

Gray, bluish, peach, and sandy shadows combined with brown or black eyeliner look good with a blue and gray dress.

A brown dress asks for makeup in color: a huge range of warm shades of gold, brown, and chocolate shadows will suit such a look.

White and black dresses are solutions for the brave. It’s a misconception that these colors are not suitable for prom nights. It is to these outfits perfectly suit all the bright shades of shadows and competently soften the image smoky eyes

Choosing Makeup Based On The Color Of Your Eyes And Hair

First of all, you need to start with the dress’s color, but if the outfit has a calm shade, there are universal colors chosen by the hair and eye color.

With hair color, it’s very simple. A warm shade of hair is a warm palette of colors and vice versa. Once the choice of tone is made, you can move on to choosing the color itself.

Brown eyes

Ideal options: beige-brown, gold, silver, pink, and light green shadows. They will especially accentuate the depth of the eyes in the tuxedo-ice technique. Be careful with blue, blue, and orange shadows.

Blue eyes

The depth of the eye shade will be emphasized by purple, pink, gold, and silver colors. An attractive solution would be turquoise accents. Makeup in the style of a “doll” is best suited for blue-eyed people. It is better to give up the blue and brown shades.

Green eyes

Topical colors: brown, gray, purple, and gold shades. An unusual look can be created in the style of “metallic” with shadows with a metallic cast. For a softer effect, choose a shadow to match the color of your eyes. For the bolder ones, choose a contrasting shadow to the color of your eyes.

Gray Eyes

Pink, soft green, blue and silver shades look good. Be careful with orange and brown colors.

A classic and versatile look

Nude makeup looks great at every event. It doesn’t age, emphasizes natural beauty, and goes with any outfit.

It would help if you started with the creation of an ideal face tone. To do this, it is better to get a good night’s sleep before, do all the grooming procedures, and then resort to cosmetics.

Apply delicate pink, peach, beige, or brown eyeshadow tones. The contour is emphasized with black mascara and eyeliner, and a thin arrow can be added. Eyebrows without clear lines, all curves are smooth, and only missing hairs are traced.

Blush is chosen in peach or pink shades according to your skin color. A subtle lipstick or transparent gloss completes the look.

A prom is an important event. To create a concise image, you need to consider the outfit, hair, and accessories and follow current trends in makeup. Even makeup artists are afraid to trust themselves, so they often resort to trial makeup or experiment at home on their own.

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