Gold Makeup: How To Put On Makeup Beautifully And Not To Overdo The Glitter

A few years ago, gold makeup was only for New Year’s Eve or a nightclub party, but fashion has changed, and today gold shades and colours appear in everyday makeup very often. This is acceptable and even welcome. However, following fashion trends, it is important not to forget one rule: in creating makeup, you can use no more than two cosmetics with gold shades.

General Recommendations

If you want to change your image, you should pay attention to the gold eyeshadow, lipstick or powder. Stylists say that gold makeup suits everyone. You need to choose the right shade and find one that will fit your style.

Also, do not forget that there are daytime and evening versions of gold makeup. For the evening, you should use denser tones and textures: dark shadows and lipstick of saturated colour. And the daytime makeup should be very light. For him, go for a light golden shadow, almost invisible, and, for example, a lip gloss with a minimum amount of gold grains. It is very important to feel the measure in creating gold makeup.

You should learn to use such cosmetics gradually. Makeup artists recommend starting with one thing at a time. At first, it can be a lip gloss. And if you like walking around with it, and it does not spoil the image, you can add shadows or gold eyeliner.

Gold makeup for blondes is created using lighter colours and very light textures. Brunettes can use darker lipstick, shadows and powder.

Gold sequins look good on perfectly smoothed skin, so before you apply the powder, which should even out the relief of the skin, you should use a light foundation, makeup serum and other products.

Gold makeup should not be done if you have;

  • wrinkles;
  • acne;
  • scars and irregularities on the skin;
  • acne;
  • pigment spots.

Gold always attracts extra attention. And in this case, the gold glitter will emphasize and make an accent only on your imperfections.

Doing Daytime Gold Makeup

Nude makeup with gold shadows will be perfect for the daytime look. If such makeup is done correctly, it will make your face look fresher and younger. In this case, the makeup adds a natural shine. Gold eye makeup should be performed only with light monochrome shadows to look good. No gradients or complex transitions. Everything is very light and weightless. It is better to use light, light lipstick or dim lip gloss for daytime golden makeup. Gold may be on the eyelids only. For nude makeup, pink or beige lipstick is ideal, and it is better to refuse the pencil. Powder, too, should be very light and only slightly remove the greasy shine.

By the way, light golden shadows can transform your eyes beyond recognition:

  • They make brown eyes look warmer;
  • blue eyes become deeper and more penetrating;
  • green becomes more intense when combined with gold;
  • gray eyes combined with gold become more expressive.

You can also use gold blush for gold makeup, but it should be very little to emphasize the cheekbones and correct the face.

Evening Gold Makeup

Evening makeup with gold should be more complex than daytime makeup. Its main condition is to combine gold shadows with other shades. For example, you can combine gold with black-brown or dark gray to create a smoky gold eye, which is incredibly popular today. It would be best to choose a denser, more saturated shade of shadow to get the effect.

To make the eye look more expressive, open, golden eyeshadow in evening makeup is applied to the inner eyelid. You can put the shadow in two layers: first light shade, and on top – more dense and saturated. Then, from about the middle of the eyelid to the end of the outer corner of the eye, darker shades are applied. A line is shaded between the shadows and the light shades. To make the eyes more expressive, a thin line of eyeliner is drawn on the lower and upper eyelid. Lashes and eyebrows also need to add colour. Be sure to use black mascara and a pencil or brow pomade. You can choose chocolate or dark brown lipstick.

In creating a smoky-ice look, you can deviate from the common rules and replace black shadow with green-gray or marsh. A great option for women with green eyes and dark blond hair. Here the emphasis should be on the lips and use dark red, glossy lipstick. Matte shades are more suitable for daytime makeup. However, if you want to make an accent only on perfectly painted eyes, then the lipstick should be nude and discreet.

In the evening, makeup stylists strongly recommend combining golden shadows in dark green or deep blue colours. To make the image more festive and luxurious, you should not be afraid to put gold on top of coloured shadows.

Gold shadow can be used to correct some facial flaws visually. For example, if the eyes are close to the bridge of the nose, the shadow should be applied in the following way from the inner eyelid to the outer eyelid: gold – light shadow – dark shadow. This method will achieve the desired effect and make the eyes more expressive.

If you want to shine and attract attention to yourself, be sure to use dark-coloured powder with a gold effect. But it should be applied not only to the face but also to the decollete area. You can also purchase a body bronzer with a gold effect. Just imagine how perfect a dark evening dress and shining jewelry will look against a background of tanned skin with a golden hue.

Gold makeup can and should be used to create evening and everyday looks. However, to not look vulgar and to use makeup with gold, you need to know the limits. Gold should not completely cover your face, like the pharaoh’s mask. It’s enough to apply a maximum of two decorations with gold; powder and lipstick, eye shadow and lipstick, eye shadow and gold polish, and lipstick and eyeliner with gold. Don’t be afraid to shine and experiment!

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