Gold Face Mask

Korean cosmetics have long held a leading position among facial care products. One of the affordable and effective ways to maintain beauty has become a gold-film mask or, in other words, a gold mask.

Due to the natural and effective components, it was actively used only in cosmetology for a long time as an anti-aging agent and was considered an expensive pleasure. In recent years, the number of manufacturers has increased, and now it is easy to find a gold mask at an affordable price. It quickly gained popularity among girls and women of all ages.

Such a mask comes in two varieties:

  • Aldehyde. The powder mask, called “powder,” has a crumbly structure and needs to be prepared. The composition includes glucose, active gold, aldehyde, and other natural substances. The aldehyde mask is sold in sachets or jars. Dilute one portion of the powder with water or milk; add melted honey if desired. The mask should be carefully applied to the face’s surface with a brush to avoid entering bacteria into the pores.
  • Collagen – an already prepared tissue mask with cut-outs under the eyes, nose, and mouth. Collagen and bio-gold are used in the composition. The collagen mask is easy to apply: take it out of the package, spread out the fabric, and distribute it around the face contour with two hands.

The Benefits Of A Gold Mask

  • Natural ingredients reduce the risk of allergic reactions and help fight red spots on the face;
  • Masks are easy to apply and remove at home;
  • Gold particles and vitamin C help prepare skin for makeup application;
  • Collagen and glucose deeply moisturize and nourish skin cells; Replaces the application of daily cream;
  • Bioactive gold particles soothe redness and firm the skin;
  • Marine algae in the ingredient refresh tired skin around the eyes if you don’t get enough sleep or as a result of a long flight;
  • Nanoparticles prevent wrinkles and restore skin elasticity;
  • Hyaluronic acid helps in the gentle care of problematic skin;
  • Gold ions stimulate the growth of new cells;
  • The mask creates a “rejuvenating” effect after the first use; it is a strong antioxidant;
  • Suitable for all skin types: tightens pores and gives a consistent shine to the face.

Recommendations For Use

Any cosmetic product requires specific rules to be followed. Before using it, you should read the product description and follow the instructions. Applying the mask no more than three times a week for 15-20 minutes is recommended. Owners of dry or susceptible to allergies can use gold masks 1-2 times a week. Some manufacturers suggest putting the collagen mask into the fridge for 20-30 minutes before application. The refrigerated components are more effective in removing redness and irritation.

Any mask is applied to the skin previously cleansed of dirt and cosmetics and is used only once. Use a scrub and steam the skin. To enhance the effect, after applying the cosmetic, you can massage the facial areas yourself: with circular motions of your fingers from the center toward the ears. This procedure will improve blood circulation and help the action of the ingredients.

Choosing The Right Mask

The best manufacturers of gold masks are considered to be South Korea and Thailand. Before buying, you should determine your skin type and familiarize yourself with the ingredients in the composition. You can choose suitable brands in advance, read reviews or watch reviews.

Approved and effective for application to the skin are gold components of Japanese, Chinese or Bulgarian origin. To reduce the time of preparation of the mask, choose ready-made collagen masks. The label “approved by dermatologists” confirms the quality and safety of use.

A gold mask can be prepared from the natural ingredients at home. Depending on the desired effect, you can make the following:

  • Whitening mask;
  • Moisturizing;
  • A mask to fight age-related changes.

The composition of these masks will be different. You need turmeric, ginger, honey, and shea butter for whitening. For moisturizing – gelatin and almond oil. For the third type, you need to mix kelp powder with water and add clay, starch, and algae. It is these that form a quality lifting effect.

Cosmetologists recommend using the gold mask to eliminate peeling and cleansing and stimulate and moisturize skin cells. Clogged pores are supplied with oxygen, and the mask frees them from toxins. The results are not lifelong, but please, from two weeks to a month after each use. A golden mask is a convenient and effective way to maintain a healthy and beautiful face.

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