Glitter Makeup

When you wear makeup every day, it gets boring and annoying. To diversify your makeup, add glitter. Glitter is a great solution. It can be used for an evening out and every day. You need to know the subtleties of the application, and then everything will be appropriate.

Glitter is a cosmetic product that has gained considerable popularity lately. Glitter used to be only for fashion shows or evening outings. Now they are an integral part of everyday makeup.

What Is Glitter?

Before you use glitter, you need to understand what it is. Glitter is a decorative product. It is used almost everywhere: makeup, manicures, hairstyles, clothes, and more.

With this product, you can add a unique touch and festivity. If you know how to use the glitter, you can safely control the amount in the application.

Glitter can be of different shapes, structures, colors, and sizes. This directly affects how it is applied. It has also often been added to cream, eye shadow, lipstick, lip glosses, and even skin care cosmetics.

Varieties Of Glitter

Since glitter has been gaining in popularity lately, manufacturers are trying to expand the range. Everyone can find the perfect glitter for themselves. Glitter can be:

  • Crumbly. The classic version is a container with a dry product. This is the cheapest option. But there are also disadvantages. Such glitter is easy to spill. The texture is too light. It isn’t easy to distribute it accurately. There is no means for reliable fixation.
  • Pressed The product is also made in dry form, only pressed. It is easy to use, as it does not dust and is a shade.
  • Creamy The latest new product is easy to apply due to its creamy base. The product is easy to use to the correct part and dense. It is suitable for drawing arrows with a thin bush.
  • Gel-like is The most resistant variant. It’s easy to apply and blend. It has a low consumption.

How To Apply Glitter

If you don’t know the intricacies of applying glitter, you may have a little trouble with it. These are frequent problems for ordinary users and novice makeup artists. There are a few recommendations that make working with this product easier:

  • Use a glitter base. The loose glitter is applied only on the prepared surface. The same is necessary for the pressed version. To prevent glitter from crumbling, it is required to use a cream base (eye shadow base, concealer, duraline). There are also unique bases for glitter.
  • Use only a brush for application. It will help to apply and shrink the glitter without spills. Only a natural brush is suitable for dry products, and a products brush for cream products. If there is no brush, your fingers will do. But it would help if you remembered that all your hands would be dirty.
  • The suitable combination. Glitter is a catchy and bright product, so nothing should distract from its beauty. It is best to use it with matte textures. Remember: the accent on the face should be only one.

Glitter Splintering Is An Eternal Problem

You need to use a few tricks to get everyone’s hated problem.

Do eye makeup with glitter first. Then it would help if you used your face tone. After the eye makeup, you need to eliminate the glitter all over the face with a makeup remover. Then only apply foundation, powder, blush, and everything else.

If you forget and apply the first tone, then put patches or tape under the eyes, and put a napkin under the eyes. Then do your makeup with glitter and remove any excess product.

What should you do if the glitter is already on your face? Use a fan brush. Gently sweep away all the glitter from your face with it. This will also work:

  • Brush for eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • duct tape;
  • cotton swab.

It’s worth being very careful wearing contacts. After all, shiny particles can quickly get into the eyes and cause discomfort, redness, and itching. In this case, it is advisable to use only the cream version.

Where To Apply Glitter?

There are many techniques where glitter is applied. The most common is on the mobile eyelid as the main color. Making a slight accent in the center of the upper eyelid is also possible. With the help of such a variant, it will be possible to enlarge the eye.

An exciting combination is obtained by using glitter on cream shadows. To begin with, the eyeshadow is applied, and before it dries, the glitter is attached. Thanks to this combination, it will not fall off and last longer.

Make a beautiful arrow with glitter. Draw an arrow and then use glitter on top of it. Or take a creamy texture and use it to draw it. It is effective and not flashy. It is suitable even for everyday makeup.


A glitter is a piece of jewelry you can wear daily on your face. The main thing is to know how to apply it correctly and in moderation. It will add zest not only to evening makeup but also to everyday makeup.

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