Glitter Eye Shadow

Shimmer on the eyes became popular even in the daily image, and shadows are still a universal option for evening glitter. A huge variety of glitter opens up room for imagination. This makeup does not require special brushes and is made quickly and easily.

How To Choose A Glitter Eye Shadow

You don’t have to be a makeup artist to make the perfect makeup look with the right color combination. First, you should use your taste and products that you are comfortable with. Today, individuality is in vogue. But there are some universal rules for choosing shadows that will always help.

Choice by skin tone

The skin tone can be either with a cool undertone or a warm undertone. The palettes are created according to this principle: all colors are warm or cool. Most often, the tone of the face is determined by the color of the veins. If they are bluish – the skin is cold. If greenish – warm.

  • Cold shades of shadows: olive, porcelain, and cool pink skin.
  • Warm shades of shadows: beige, yellowish, and warm pink undertones.

Choice by eye color

To accentuate your eyes, the way to choose a shade based on their color will be the best. Choose a shade on the opposite side of the color wheel, and lie next to it. But you can also choose a color close to the native shade of the eyes, but the accent is not created. It emphasizes the softness of the image.

  • Blue eyes: shades of yellow, brown, copper, gold, and pink colors, purple and greenish tones are possible.
  • Green eyes: burgundy and red shades, pink and dark brown, purple, lavender and peach.
  • Brown and gray eyes: all berry colors, amber, gold, gray, yellow, and lavender shades.

Choosing A Shadow Texture

Glitter eye shadows come in four basic textures, providing great variety.

1. Satin shadows are a cross between matte and shimmer, akin to a highlighter with the smallest reflective particles. The shadows are translucent and delicate and can be applied with a small, fluffy brush.

2. shimmer shadows are available in various glitter sizes, from subtle pearlescent to eye-catching, festive versions. They are highly visible and applied tightly with a flat brush or fingers.

3. Cream shadows are the most convenient application; you can touch up your makeup with your own hands somewhere in the establishment’s restroom, and the glitter will lay down perfectly. But the shadows can roll off on oily skin, so be sure to require a liner.

4. Liquid shadows have become popular in the last few years. They look like a tube of lip gloss. They dry rather quickly, requiring skill to apply, but they are easy to mascara.

Another interesting thing is glitter, which is a large glitter on a dry, gel or water base, that is, you have to mix it up. Such glitters have different densities and thicknesses and are suitable for eye-catching makeup, presented in the brightest shades.

What Will I Need For My Makeup?

The first is the primer. It can be replaced by a backing of beige matte shadows, makeup base, or concealer.

The second is the brush. For dry textures, choose a wide flat brush or a fluffy one that is not heavily padded. Choose a small, densely packed flat brush or finger pads for denser textures.

How Do I Use Sequins In My Makeup?

It has become fashionable to use products from the cosmetic bag far beyond their intended purposes, such as lip gloss as a wet eye shadow or lipstick to create a blush. So too, glitter eye shadow can be more than just applied to the upper eyelid.

1. As arrows. For this variant, gel textures are suitable. Take a thin oblique brush and draw a line. Either on a clean eyelid or repeat the curves over a black or white arrow.

2. Apply to the lower eyelid. Apply the shadow just below the lower eyelash growth line with a thin brush, and do the makeup with a matte shadow on the upper eyelid. A perfect and competent accent on the eyes.

3. A classic version of upper eyelid makeup. You can fill it with glitter shadows; you can add them only in the center to make the eyes more round, or you can put them on the inner or outer corner of the eye in combination with matte shades.

Lifehacks For Using Glitter Shadows

1. You can use a highlighter or bronzer with shimmer instead of shadows.

2. shades can be combined. For example, silver with gold would be a perfect combination, and any color with some of them.

3. It is always better to use a primer. Unfortunately, all shimmery shadows will roll off, especially on oily skin.

4. Apply glitter in small portions. It can scatter and stay around the eyelid. This is where a wide powder brush comes in handy – shake off the glitter.

5. If the accent with glitter is already on the eyes, do not do it on the lips as well. Just apply nude lipstick or gloss.

6. Stock up on micellar water or hydrophilic oil. Glitter shadows are quite persistent.

Makeup with sequins requires skill, but the variations and occasions for it are many. It is suitable for any occasion and any outfit.

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