Gentle manicure for the New Year: 203 photo designs for short and long nails

Winter is a time of cold light and pastel shades. Therefore, a gentle New Year manicure is especially popular. It is performed on both long and short nails in a variety of shapes: almond, oval, square, ballerina. Below are the best novelties and trendy designs for every taste.

On short nails

A beautiful New Year’s manicure on short nails is always relevant:

  • the short length is comfortable to wear;
  • Light shades are suitable for evening gowns and sports or business suits. The versatility is important because gel nail polish lasts for 3-4 weeks;
  • Nude and pastel colors look chic and expensive.

That’s why delicate designs on short nails are so popular for the New Year.

Many people think that for a small length can only do a monochrome manicure without a pattern, or a classic French with a couple of snowflakes.

In fact, there are a lot of options for short nails. Naturally, at a small length to overdo with the abundance of decoration is not necessary. It is better instead of a lot of rhinestones and bright colors to choose a simple, but stylish design.

It is not necessary to refuse from the jewelry at all, but if you want exactly the tenderness, it is better to choose not too flashy jewelry.

On long nails

The greater length of the nail plate allows you to implement many more ideas.

But this does not mean that on long nails it is necessary to stick all the available decorations, otherwise it will not be a delicate New Year’s Eve manicure. After all, the drawing can look garish, even if it is made in light colors.

It is better to stop at the modest jewelry. And if you still want glitter and rhinestones, then let them be neat and small. This option will look more beautiful and harmonious.


Each woman is comfortable with her own nail shape. But not every drawing is universal. The photo below shows a gentle New Year manicure, which is suitable for almonds, but, for example, on a square it will not be possible to embody it in this form.

Therefore, when choosing an original idea, you need to consider the individual shape and length of the nails.


The square shape is distinguished by smooth lines and clear corners of the free edge. To smooth out this severity, a delicate New Year manicure on the square is better complemented by openwork patterns, as in the photo below.

When using flat lines in the design, it is desirable to choose not too contrasting combination of colors.

Soft square

The soft square is characterized by smoother free edge lines and smoothed corners. Designs on this version of the square shape look more delicate and refined, even on short nails.

If the length allows, then the manicure can be turned into a real “delicacy”.

The main thing is not to overdo it with contrasting colors. This does not mean that you should refuse bright colors altogether. Red, blue or even black shades can be added, but it should be a supporting tone, not the main one. Otherwise, the effect of lightness and airiness will disappear.


Almonds are perhaps the most delicate and elegant shape of nails. That’s why bloggers and manicure masters most often show their designs on almond-shaped tips.

The only disadvantage of almonds is that they look chic only on long nails. On short nails, the almond shape doesn’t look as pretty.

The Oval

The oval shape of the nail plate is the most natural, so many women choose it. Almost any idea will look gentle on the oval. The main thing is not to choose too bright and contrasting color combinations.

The peculiarity of the oval shape is that it looks more elegant and neat on short nails. When the nail plate is long, it is more difficult to get a delicate manicure, and it doesn’t matter if it’s for the New Year, a wedding, or another event.


Ballerina is one of the most difficult shapes, not all masters know how to qualitatively file such nails. It is also worth bearing in mind that in order to obtain a delicate design, it will be necessary to increase a rather long length. It is impossible to make beautiful pointe nails on short nails.


Sharp nails look quite aggressive. Even light pastel shades can look provocative on this shape.

In order to get a really delicate New Year’s Eve manicure on a sharp almond, you will have to give up the obvious design. The less decor and embellishments you have on your nails, the more elegant they will look.


Snowflakes, Christmas trees, garlands, balloons or stars – any New Year’s Eve design can be trendy and delicate. The main thing is to choose the right shades and not to go overboard with the amount of decor.

With snowflakes

The snowflake design has long been the main symbol not even of New Year’s, but of winter manicure. During the three cold months it manages to flicker on the nails of literally every girl.

The beauty of this solution is the huge number of techniques. That’s why it’s hard to find two women with the same snow crystals on their nails. After all, snowflakes are drawn and glued, made of rhinestones and confetti, used decor in the form of ready-made stickers and sliders, or simply transferred with a stamp.

With such an abundance of options, each Christmas manicure with snowflakes turns out unique. And its versatility allows you to wear this decoration not only on holidays, but also at work and even at school or college.

Another plus in favor of this design is that it suits any nail shape. It doesn’t matter which cut the master has made: square, almond, oval or squash – snowflakes will go well with everything.


A nude manicure is, by definition, natural and delicate. But in honor of the New Year, you can add a “twist” to the classic version without design. For example, use a matte top instead of gloss or add some sequins and decorations. The only point is that the decorations must match the nude. That is, they should be discreet and neat.

With sequins

On New Year’s Eve, many people want to shine and sparkle. But a festive manicure with sequins can be very delicate, not bright and flashy. There are a few simple options:

  • Use a minimum of glitter, as in the photo below;

  • Apply a fine shimmer instead of a larger glitter;

  • Cover only part of the nail plate with glitter;

  • “hide” the shiny background under other decorations. But this method should be used with caution. Yes, multilayered volumetric designs with a 3D effect are currently in fashion. But in this case, there is a risk: to overdo the number of decorations and “lose” the delicacy.

It is also worth remembering that dark and colored sequins look brighter, with them the nails for the New Year will be more catchy and provocative. Although you can’t say that juicy designs look worse.


The white French has long been a classic. In the “winter” version, it is usually complemented by a snowflake. This design is relevant, but many want something new on their nails, albeit the same light and New Year style.

There are several options here, for example, to make a french color or glitter.

This design itself looks very delicate, so it can be done even in quite bold colors: black, red or gold.

The next non-trivial idea is to make just a hint of French, incorporating it into a New Year’s Eve design.

Or make a fashionable in this season double French. This decoration even on short nails looks elegant and harmonious.

Another unconventional solution is to do a French on not all nails. In this case, the remaining nail plates can be covered with a monochrome gel varnish or decorated with a pattern.

But if the nails are too short, it is better to avoid French nails, giving preference to other designs. Otherwise, the nail plate will look disproportionate.

With rhinestones

Do not think that a New Year’s Eve manicure with rhinestones is necessarily bright and provocative. Such designs can be very delicate and neat. The main thing is to observe three conditions:

  • The stones should not be too large;

  • It is better to choose transparent rhinestones, or discreet colors, such as opal;

  • There shouldn’t be too many pebbles.

In this case, the rhinestones will only mysteriously shimmer, emphasizing the exclusive chic of jewelry.

With a herringbone

Many people find multicolored Christmas trees garish. A one-color design looks much more interesting.

To get a gentle manicure with a stylized Christmas tree for the New Year, it is desirable in the drawing to use no more than three colors. Such designs look better on square nails of medium length.

Although a true craftsman, will be able to make any design soft and pleasant.

With a balloon

A classic idea for a delicate New Year’s Eve manicure with a balloon: a light pastel background and a white design on it. You can add some rhinestones or sequins to this design, or sprinkle acrylic powder on the design to give it volume.

The new thing this season is the holographic effect. The holographic style is available in gel-lacquers, waxes, stickers, and foil. Christmas balls in this version literally glow from within, but the decor looks discreet and quite elegant.

But the classic options in the form of a ball of rhinestones are also popular with young people and more mature women.

Christmas decorations are not necessarily balls. Just replace the Christmas ball with an icicle, cone, or animal, and the design will immediately become more original and individual.

With garland

More often than not, cobwebs are used for the design with garland. All variants are topical: white, silver, black and (this season’s trend) reflective.

The original look of the garlands is made of rhinestones or bubbles. They add volume and a real New Year’s glow to the manicure.

With stars

The star is not only a symbol of the night, but also a Christmas tree decoration, and part of the Christmas story with its star of Bethlehem. Therefore, such a design is always relevant for the New Year.

Ombré (gradient)

All the same, a holiday is a glitter of lights and bright joy. Therefore, even a New Year’s manicure in gentle tones suggests a touch of light glitter.


Any design can be turned into a hit of the season if you use trendy new products. For example, holographic varnishes or stickers can add a “twist” to any decor.

Different handles

In this version, the backgrounds of both hands are different. On each hand, the pattern is done in the color of the nail base on the other hand.

However, such a New Year’s Eve design turns out to be only half as delicate as the other half. Usually one hand is much brighter than the other, but sometimes a balance is achieved.


Whether a delicate pearly sheen or a bright mirror – correctly matched wax is able to enliven even the most boring design.

The enigmatic shimmer and beautiful shimmer are sure to attract the attention of all guests.

But wax is a very tricky design. It emphasizes all the flaws of the alignment. If the work will be done by a novice master, it is better to choose a different nail decor.


Knitted design was invented quite a long time ago. But it looks so warm and cozy that it hasn’t gone out of fashion for years. Nail-masters, only update the patterns and methods of drawing, continuing to actively use this idea.


Another design that has been on trend for years is the sugar manicure. The volume drawings look very original and interesting. But this solution has two drawbacks at once:

  • Such a coating and want to scratch and peel. Therefore, ladies with an unstable psyche, this decor is not recommended (will quickly lose its marketable appearance);
  • This manicure must be worn very carefully. Acrylic powder quickly gets dirty and mopped up, especially in white and pastel colors. So it is better to do this design just before the New Year.

But despite the disadvantages, “sugar” on the nails is always in fashion.

Volumetric (3D)

A 3D manicure is another uncommon solution. The volume effect can be achieved in three ways:

  • Highlight a part of the design with a thick top. But such a New Year manicure is better to do on a long nail plate. On short nails, such a design can look like incomprehensible irregularities;

  • Use a multi-layered pattern. To enhance the effect, you can cover one part of the pattern with a matte top and the other part with a glossy top;

  • to give volume with acrylic powder.

Each of the options looks feminine and beautiful in its own way, and most importantly, to meet the same design with someone else is unlikely to succeed. After all, it is quite difficult to repeat such a pattern “one-to-one”.


Stamping is also called express design. Because this pattern is applied in just a couple of minutes. Such a New Year manicure can be done even at home. It is enough to stock up on everything you need and practice a little.

In addition to this, steamping has two strong advantages:

  • It can be used to hide minor leveling flaws;
  • This design can be done not only with gel-lacquers, but also with regular ones, and even with acrylic paint (but the latter option does not work for everyone).

There are so many options for winter and New Year’s plates for stamping that even from seemingly formulaic designs you can create something layered and unique.

New Year characters

Completely drawn characters look rather a bit childish. For teenagers or female students, such a manicure is suitable, but for older ladies, it is better to choose more creative solutions. For example, leave the reindeer only for the antlers, and from Santa only for the hat – such a design will be very accurate and unobtrusive.

If you want to draw the characters completely, then let them be just silhouettes made in the same color. This way the New Year manicure will look more stylish.


Turning your nails into wrapped boxes of gifts can be another hint of the New Year. This solution will appeal to girls who like geometric patterns and simple lines.

With the symbol of the Chinese New Year

Even such aggressive symbols of the Chinese New Year as a tiger, snake or dragon can look quite stylish and gentle.

What to say about cute little furries like a rabbit, a mouse or a cat. Although some people consider puppies and kittens on the nails a sign of youth or even children’s manicure. This does not prevent these animals from flickering on the nails of women of all ages.


Another “delicious” holiday idea – to depict on the nails of sweets.

A few scoops of ice cream or a gingerbread man will complete the New Year’s atmosphere. But such a design will look more harmonious on long almond-shaped nails.

In principle, the oval, square and ballerina will also work, the main thing is to keep the length long enough for a groovy pattern.


To find the right combination of colors is a real art. For comparison, the photo below shows the same design, but in different colors. Here, it would seem, and the length of the nails are the same, and the shape of the nails everywhere is a soft square. But the manicure looks different, one version clearly loses against the other.


Beige is the perfect color for a delicate manicure for the New Year. This tone looks as natural as possible, so it goes well with any other shades.

It does not matter if the nails are short or long, and the shape is almond or square – beige manicure suits everything.


White is the main color of winter. Light snowflakes and frosty patterns, the best way to emphasize the New Year’s atmosphere and lift your spirits.


The pink palette goes well with festive manicure designs. The main thing is to choose light and muted shades, not saturated and bright. Powdery and natural tones are ideal. They will look chic on both short and long nails.

Looks interesting delicate pink manicure on almond-shaped nails, charming background will emphasize the design invented for the New Year.

And of course the pink base is perfect for the New Year’s Eve French.

The trendy holographic effect also goes well with the pink shades. The iridescent iridescence looks very gentle and harmonious.


Milk color is softer and more natural than white. This shade is most often used for the background of the nail plate. Such a design does not even need additional decorations. It’s enough to add some sequins – and a gentle manicure for the New Year is ready!

Another in-demand solution is gradient with milky bases. The smooth transition will create the effect of layering and depth.

Any design will look beautiful on such a base: stamping, sequins, rhinestones, drawings or stickers.


In this category are designs in which all the tones are muted, but at first glance and can not determine which color is the dominant role.


A gently blue manicure is a classic winter design. But nails in celestial shades are always fresh and interesting.

Especially beautiful looks blue French, such a manicure is literally saturated with the New Year atmosphere.


A glittery manicure looks especially smart. That’s why designs with silver are especially popular for the New Year.

If bright glitter seems too provocative, silver gel polish and large glitter can be replaced by a crystal cat. This polish has become a real novelty of the season and quickly won women’s hearts. The soft shimmer and intricate shimmers look very intriguing. And if you add a top with reflective particles to this design, the effect will surpass all expectations – the color of the manicure will change almost every moment.


This shade seems to many too bright for modest designs. But if gold is used in moderation, the manicure can turn out very neat and harmonious, but at the same time festive and truly New Year’s Eve.

Gold looks chic on all nails: long and short, square and almond. The main thing is not to get carried away with glitter and not to spoil the stylish design with excessive decorations.


The bright green color cannot be called overly delicate. But if you pay attention to calmer and muted shades of mint, olive or emerald, you can get a beautiful and interesting winter manicure.

If you want to combine a saturated green tone and tenderness, it is better to dull the bright shade with a matte top or sprinkle it with acrylic powder. And if you add to it a pair of calmer nude shades, the manicure will look quite gentle and harmonious.


Not only weekdays can be gray, but also nails for the New Year. But to make the manicure more festive and dressy, it is desirable to add a little silver glitter to the design. A little bit of shimmer and glitter will turn dull gray tones into chic shades of onyx and agate.


Lilac shades have become a trend this year. That’s why they are actively used by manicurists for New Year’s designs.

The beauty of lilac is that it can look both as a warm and as a cool tone – it all depends on the color of the “partner”.

Therefore, the nail industry offers a lot of New Year’s designs in lilac tones.

This shade can soften the strict shape of the square and emphasize the graceful lines of almond-shaped nails, making the manicure more feminine and elegant.


Red manicure for the New Year is already a classic, but to call this color delicate is quite difficult. It would seem impossible to create something graceful and soft from the scarlet palette. But even for this strong and emotional shade has its own tricks.

New Year’s Eve design in red tones will look less provocative if the bright color will cover only a small part of the nail plate. The red French with a small chimmer or a pair of rhinestones looks festive and at the same time elegant.

Another idea is to use darker shades of wine and burgundy instead of bright scarlet. Such designs look rich and luxurious.

If you want to combine a rich red tone and elegant tenderness, it is better to make nails of medium length and almond shape. Such a nail plate will be elegantly combined with a bright manicure, emphasizing the festive New Year’s mood.


Black manicure is stylish and original. But many people think this color is too dark and gloomy for the New Year. In this case, the design should be diluted with a pair of light sequins, shimmering rhinestones or weightless snowflakes.

Another interesting idea is to make black an auxiliary color. And the main tone of manicure pick up in calmer nude shades. Such a contrast will emphasize individuality and will look interesting on the nails of both a young girl and a mature woman.

A light-reflective top or crystal cat will help to dampen the saturation of the black color a bit. In this tandem, in natural light, the manicure will shimmer mysteriously, and in the light of a photoflash, the nails will “light up” with a bright light.

Matte or glossy?

Stylists and nail bloggers persistently assert that a delicate New Year’s Eve manicure under a matte top looks more stylish and fashionable than gloss. But the beautiful gloss of the glossy coating stubbornly does not want to lose position. All the more so for the holiday, such a manicure is more suitable – sequins and rhinestones shine brighter than under the matte.

It is worth noting that even the most fierce fashionistas in the New Year do not choose a completely matte manicure – after all, it looks a little dull. And it rubs off, and loses its commercial appearance much faster than the glossy coating.

A more popular idea is to make only a few nails matte. Such a contrast will not go unnoticed by guests.

If you do not want glossy, then the matte top can be diluted with a few sequins or rhinestones. They will make the manicure more unusual and exclusive.


No matter what kind of manicure will be on the New Year: a bright almond with sequins or a delicate French on the square – the main thing that it was done qualitatively and accurately.

Even a monochrome coating without a pattern will look expensive and interesting if it is made by a master. After all, it is professionalism that is in trend today.

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