Garnet Jewelry

The garnet is an exquisite stone of the aristocrats. Since ancient times, this mineral has been famous for its excellent properties, and it has positively influenced relationships between people. The pomegranate saturates and strengthens human feelings such as love, friendship, and trust.

Garnet Jewelry Properties

Garnet jewelry is especially popular with girls and women. Gold and silver rings, earrings, and bracelets are strikingly beautiful and chic. The jewelry pieces graced with garnets have uncommon features:

  • They have a beneficial effect on the host and give a good mood;
  • can normalize blood pressure and calm inflammatory processes in the body;
  • This stone is an irreplaceable natural painkiller – it relieves ailments and pain;
  • From ancient times, it was recommended to pregnant women wear rings with garnets, as the stone aids in childbirth and helps in the easy delivery and good immunity of the newborn;
  • it will accelerate the regeneration process in the owner’s body, positively affecting the work of the heart and blood vessels – it is relevant for a person with hypertension.

This way, you can make the right choice when you wear a pomegranate bracelet on your right wrist. At formal business meetings and receptions, it directs the owner’s energy in the right direction. Such a product, on the left hand, will strengthen friendships. Thanks to it, finding a common language with your relatives, friends, and loved ones will be easier.

The garnet is a true patron saint of creative and extraordinary personalities and those who need constant support from the outside. Musicians, artists, writers and designers can feel the energy and vigour of such jewelry. Products with garnet should be worn for a special occasions. They are not intended for every day. Wear them when you need an additional energy source or feel insecure.

Garnet Jewelry Types

The garnet can be used as a solitary mineral or combined with other gemstones in jewelry. The garnet itself is a small stone reminiscent of the seeds of the fruit of the same name. In nature, there is the traditional blood-red garnet and shades of green, yellow and black. Valuable pieces are made of Czech garnet, the most unique and the largest.

Using the extraordinary properties and beauty of natural stones, jewelry brands create unique jewelry. Such jewelry is divided into several types:

  • Gold jewelry with garnet. Such a piece is endowed with a special severity and chic. It attracts glances and will become a highlight of your image, making you mysterious;
  • Jewelry made of silver with garnet. Several stones are used for such jewelry, which makes the composition look more attractive. Rings and bracelets are popularly decorated with placer garnets and other coloured stones. Earrings are made with single large stones. In jewelry made of silver, the garnet becomes the basis, and the silver only gives a modest shade;
  • Jewelry with natural coloured garnets. There are jewelry pieces in which stones of several colours are used. But the most popular and beautiful garnet is green garnet. A piece of jewelry with this stone will bring freshness and youthfulness; it is associated with nature and spring. Jewelry with a green stone is a dream for many girls.

Czech garnet jewelry is much in demand among the ladies, as it is a tourist brand of the Czech Republic. It does not contain any impurities or spots; it is transparent and pure. When under the sun, these earrings, rings, and bracelets play with a fiery red colour because the gem contains chrome. It is a great luxury to get a gift from a Czech gemstone.

Gold And Garnet – A Combination Of Passion And Inner Strength

Gold jewelry with garnets looks luxurious and eye-catching. Dark red stones are fascinating and mesmerizing in all kinds of jewelry:

  • in exquisite earrings;
  • in women’s rings and men’s rings;
  • in branded necklaces of all kinds of styles;
  • in pendants or brooches.

The red garnet is perfect for ladies of substance, women with high social status, and businesswomen. It is especially attractive when surrounded by a delicate scattering of diamonds. Such a piece of jewelry – the dream of many women. It gives its owner strength and passion, making her stylish and modern.

Garnet jewelry looks perfect with red evening gowns. Designers advise wearing jewelry in white, brown, pink and black dresses or suits. Appropriate to them are clothes in beige and gold colours. Yellow and orange colours are not recommended. The products are appropriate in your image at festive events. They are suitable for business meetings, work in the office, and walking.

Not only can women wear gold jewelry with a red garnet. A ring on a man’s hand with a dark red, almost black Bohemian garnet is a real pride. It will emphasize a man’s status and style and be appropriate in all circumstances.

The item’s price depends on its design and the manufacturer who sells it. You can choose a piece of jewelry with one small stone, a scattering of stones, or a large garnet. The most expensive jewelry piece is the one with a Czech stone.

Garnets In Silver – For The Refined Fashionistas

Nowadays, silver jewelry with garnets is still at the peak of popularity. Such natural products are notable for their uncommon tenderness and beauty. They are suitable for different clothing styles, business and romantic images. A silver set with a garnet is a great idea for a gift. Such a gift is an expression of sincere feelings towards the beloved woman.

The green garnet in a silver frame is unique jewelry for girls. Earrings, rings and bracelets with this type of gemstone will suit an evening dress, an office outfit and a youth image.

The combination of “silver and garnet” is a wonderful tandem for your health. This is because even on their own, this precious metal and stone have medicinal properties, and together they are real helpers for your body. They fill it with pleasant energy and protect it from infections.

How To Take Care Of Garnet Jewelry

Red garnet is a fire gemstone. The element of fire can be smothered by water. If you wash the stone under running water, you will temporarily cool its influence and power. Staying under the direct rays of the salt will quickly replenish the properties and energy of the mineral. But it would be best if you did not do sunbathing often. Otherwise, the stone will begin to change its hue.

The garnet stone will need cleaning. Prepare attributes for jewelry cleaning: a soft cloth, a brush, and a salt and soap solution. Do not clean the silver jewelry too often. It contributes to washing off its energy field. It will take some time to restore it.

How To Choose Jewelry With A Garnet

The modern jewelry market offers a wide choice of earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets with garnet. In this variety of colours and shapes, every fashionista, even the most demanding one, will find the accessory of her dreams.

We offer some tips on what to look for when buying jewelry:

  • Do not buy jewelry from dubious outlets. Pay attention to the rating of stores and reviews of customers. Each product should be available with a certificate of quality from the manufacturer – make sure that you do not buy a fake;
  • Before buying a product, look at it in the sun and shade. There should not be too many irregularities, dents, dings, blackouts, and dots on it;
  • One more thing to remember: the stone itself chooses the person. It does not attract you if you are holding a piece in your hands and have doubts about buying it. It is better to consider another piece of jewelry. Perhaps you do not fit the stone by temperament, energy, or zodiac sign.

The prices for silver and gold jewelry with garnet cannot be low. If the price of the jewelry piece is too low, there is some doubt about its quality. It is worth enquiring with the seller about the origin of the stone and the quality of the piece itself. Remember that a natural garnet has magnetic properties, whether red or green. If it is artificially grown, it will be devoid of these properties.

You can be proud if you have a piece of garnet jewelry in your jewelry box. Such an accessory can become your family heirloom. You can pass it on as an inheritance to your daughter or granddaughter.

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