Gangster Style Wedding And Party

Today it is very fashionable to organize wedding celebrations in a certain style, perfecting the holiday with an unusual scenario. With gangster weddings, you can celebrate a special wedding day with fun contests and enjoyable entertainments that create an unusual, unusual atmosphere, demonstrating an unusual style.

So, let’s try to figure out what is the classic gangster style of dress for women, what is the secret of the extraordinary charm of the parties in the style of the mafia and what attracts men to the traditional style that came from the streets of Chicago.

Party In Chicago: How To Create A Flavor At A Wedding

An imperative element at a gangster-style wedding is the stylish outfits of the bride and groom, as well as the fashionable looks of the guests. In order for the clothes to look appropriate and respectable, however, it is necessary to pay special attention to the surroundings, to have a clear understanding of the philosophy of this style, its core traits.

The following features characterize Mafia parties:

  1. The atmosphere of the 1920s should be everywhere;
  2. The ideal location for a celebration is a tavern, recycled as an American or Italian restaurant, with lots of smoking utensils, dimmed lights and appropriate music;
  3. The abode of gangsters is a puff of smoke, billiard tols, expensive whiskey and elegant ladies sitting on no less expensive sofas;
  4. Any elements with a retro style will be appropriate;
  5. A pantsuit is always a little “out of shape. The pants are a little wider, with a high fit.

Gangster Wedding For Men: Attention To Detail

For men, a mafia style wedding party will be an interesting adventure. The Gangster style of dress suggests an elegant suit for the stronger sex.

The ideal is a classic suit, a bit baggy. Pants should be high fitting. The shirt must be monochromatic.

Look for original, stylish suspenders instead of a tie. Special attention is paid to shoes for men. Loafers, oxfords, classic shoes: any type of shoes should be styled in retro style. The most versatile option for any look is lacquered black shoes with laces.

For particularly extravagant groomsmen you can look for a rough hat of “real mafia”. Decent accessories for the wedding entourage – Cuban cigar, prop gun and other “pure gangster stuff.

No puffy hairstyles. Men’s hair just needs to be smoothed out. Of course, gel on hair is a typical trend in Chicago in the 30s. It would make a great stylistic element at a formal event these days as well.

What A Real Gangster’S Bride Looks Like

There are several formats of stylish wedding outfits for stylish brides, each of which has its own undeniable merits. Fashionistas decide for themselves what is appropriate for the party.

Short silk dress

Gangster clothing features a skillful combination of a slightly rough retro, vintage style, skillfully woven with modern features. An ivory, navy or delicate pearl coloured silk dress is a gorgeous vintage option for a wedding styled in the 30’s.

Gangster girls always look stunning. A silk dress should be decorated with the most expensive and high quality lace. Do not forget to wear a decent piece of jewelry.

Silk wedding gown will give the bride sexy and innocent charm at the same time. By the way, this outfit perfectly “gets along” with creative accessories. For example, instead of the traditional white garter, the bride can decorate the leg with an accessory of black silk. It will not look vulgar if the look is appropriately complemented by other elements of a similar type.

Instead of a veil, you can wear a wonderful stylish hat. This option will be appreciated by ladies who prefer originality and originality in everything. And instead of the traditional bouquet of the bride, you can make a composition of silk flowers and swan feathers. Silver ornate brooches and pearls are some of the traditional attributes.

A long dress for a glamorous party

A long dress, the hem of which is decorated with stones and embroidery is the choice of a true lady who is partial to the style of brutal mobsters. The dress will be in the style of gangsters, a classic European theme, so as to emphasize the entourage of the wedding.

The accessories determine stylistic affiliation. Suppose the dress is completed with a garter on which a small “lady’s” revolver is fastened, no one will be in doubt – we are the chosen ones of the toughest gangsters.

Short dress with a puffy hem

Another great idea: the bride gets a white mini-dress with a bouffant skirt, and the groom is dressed in a strict tuxedo. Again, the entourage is supported by spectacular decorative elements. For example, inspired by the movie “The Godfather” the images of the bride and groom are decorated with carnations.

The most stylistic “argument” is a harmonious combination of black, white and crimson. Why not pick stylish crimson pumps shoes for the bride and a bold pair of crimson suspenders for the groom?

Party For Gangsters: A Godsend For Born Actors

Think about your wedding and a happy bride and a joyful witness, and a stylish guest at the celebration – first and foremost, think about what your wedding outfit will be. If we are talking about a wedding reception in the gangster style, you should highlight two main images, which stylists play.

Raging Bandit

This is quite a “working” version. The image of the bandit is strict and elegant, simple and practical at the same time. This may be a dress with a deep neckline, decorated with lots of ruffles, flounces, lace inserts. Obligatory attribute – a hat and a gun.

For the daring stylists, there are sexy and elegant suits, loose white blouses and of course high-heeled shoes. The most “on-trend” options are ankle boots, which go perfectly with fingerless leather gloves.

The Secular Lady in a Mafia World

Images in the style of “vamp” exude luxury and sexuality. Eye-catching makeup is welcome: strict lines, massive arrows on the eyes, intensely outlined eyebrows, red lips. The hottest hairstyle – sexy big waves, secured with nail polish.

The ladies of those times simply adored dresses with an open back. It is very feminine and seductive. A bride can afford such a luxury on such an important day.

A beautiful expensive cocktail outfit can well complement a wedding gown. Long silk dress must be complemented by a fur cape, manto or boa. The choice of colors should not be limited to pastels. Quite organic-looking products of red, steel, burgundy colors. As accessories, you can use long satin gloves, and a cigarette with a mouthpiece (this element is appropriate for a photo shoot).

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