Front Slit Pants: How to combine in 2022

Sometimes small changes in the basic elements can create a stylish trend that looks cool. The pants with a slit in the front became such a trend. I’ll tell you what to wear them with, with what shoes to combine on examples with photos.

Fashionable Pants: Trends 2022

Front slit pants were first seen on Victoria Beckham’s show, and since then, they have been firmly in the closet of fashionable women. The slit on the pants opens up a barely visible part of the ankle and shows off the shoes. It looks very feminine and stylish.

черные брюки с разрезом спереди

Victoria Beckham wore stylish black slit front pants

The popularity of pants is due to their successful cut. High waist, cut around the hips, and then very long, flared pants with a slit at the bottom. All this creates the impression of endless legs. Therefore, these pants are loved by fashionable women.

Classic Front Slit Pants

The original model we first saw looked like the usual black or beige pants. Long and tight, with a slit running from the foot to the beginning of the ankles. They are suitable for formal occasions or add a chic and elegant look to your work kits.

Flared pants with slits at the bottom

Flared pants are synonymous with the ubiquitous ’60s and ’70s, which we see in all the fashion shows of 2022. Flared pants are trendy right now. After a long era of tight pants and jeans, one wants to try another style that satisfies the desire for more comfortable, casual clothing.

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to dip into 70’s fashion, choose a super flared cut combined with a cool platform. Flared pants tend to shorten the leg. So it is better to select full-length models that will almost touch the floor.

Leather pants with slits

Tight leather leggings have given way to high-waisted leather pants with wide pants. Add a blazer, turtleneck, and retro sneakers for a comfortable and stylish look.

Caged Pants

A simple white or black t-shirt, a black turtleneck, a simple black sweater, or a camel hair sweater is a better companion for the cage. The top should be monochrome or with a calm print.

Cropped pants

Cropped pants are a feature of Italian style, which has become a global trend.

Slit Jeans

Of course, this detail has also moved into the world of jeans. Designers offer a range of slit jeans that can be worn daily, in any color. Faded blue, dark blue, and black with contrast stitching, gray, and beige are on trend.

What Shoes To Wear With Slit Pants

Thanks to the cuts, your shoes will always be emphasized, so it is worth choosing models that complement your pants.

There are quite a few options. Try to turn to the base. These are beautiful pumps with sharp noses. Here will fit fashionable booties with a square nose, mules, and sandals with a stable heel if you do not wear shoes with heels – boots Dr. Martens, sneakers.

How To Combine Slit Pants

You can wear a t-shirt, a simple shirt or an original blouse on top. Or you can combine them with a wide sweatshirt or an oversized knitted sweater for a chic casual look.

To keep warm in cold weather, complete the outfit with an oversized colored blazer or a long cape, further elongating the figure.

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