Forming A Base With A White Blouse

The white blouse is a classic piece that never goes out of fashion and should be in every woman’s or young girl’s closet. It is mistaken to think that this item is only necessary for businesswomen working in an office. A real fashionista with a stylish white blouse can create dozens of different images.

Forming A Base With A White Blouse

Not every white blouse can be used as a basic thing in the closet. Only the right blouse will be a blank sheet on which you can “draw” different images. Many worry about the question, “What to wear with a white blouse?” Here is the answer – a classic blouse can be combined with almost anything.

Selection Rules:

  • The blouse should not have decorative elements. The basic thing should be a simple cut, not fitted, without pockets, rhinestones, ruffles and other unnecessary details.
  • It should be long. In order to create different looks and to tuck the blouse into pants or a skirt, it should be as long as mid-thigh. If the blouse is short, you will have to adjust it constantly.
  • Choose silk blouses or blouses made of chiffon. Girls often buy blouses made of cotton, but cotton blouses are not suitable for every occasion. In addition, the silk thing does not crumple, creating an accordion on the sides, and sits perfectly on the figure during the day.

Following these rules, you can choose the perfect white blouse, which will be one of the main things in your closet. There are many more models of blouses, but only a white blouse with a simple cut will be suitable for any situation.

The Basic White Blouse: How To Wear It

In offices, women usually wear a classic blouse, a classic skirt or pants, and an ordinary jacket, but this image is too boring. And it is suitable only if there is a strict dress code, which is quite rare. If there are no strict prohibitions, then the business image can change and pick up new details every day.

White blouses for the office can be combined with jeans, which will make the image less strict, and a bright accent, such as a bag, will make it more interesting. You can also wear a red skirt, or a black but leather skirt. For many, a leather skirt seems vulgar, but with a classic blouse, the image will turn out businesslike. You can also use a blue skirt to create a bright but businesslike look.

Everyday Images

A white silk blouse with a simple cut will be appropriate for everyday life in addition to the office. It does not have to be combined with a classic skirt or pants because such a thing perfectly harmonizes even with the usual jeans. A white blouse with jeans will create a casual image, which is perfect for a walk around town or a trip to a cafe.

In the warm season, the blouse can be easily worn with black and denim shorts. A good combination would be a blue skirt, adding brightness to the image. Breeches can also look great combined with a blouse so that the daily outfit will be comfortable and stylish. You can wear a blouse open over a bright T-shirt, or combine it with a skirt with prints.

Evening Outfits With A Blouse

A simple white blouse is appropriate even for evening, dressy images. The main thing is to choose the right bottom and accessories. Such a blouse will look great with a lace skirt or metallic skirt. To make the image look festive and elegant, it must be complemented with bright shoes and accessories. Properly selected accessories will make any blouse look festive.

For an elegant look, the best solution would be to complement it with a string of pearls. To make the blouse more interesting and festive, you can use a collar of pearls or rhinestones. Such a collar can be bought in a store, or you can make your own hands using jewelry of your taste.

White Blouse With A Bow

The decoration in the form of a bow always attracts attention and adds femininity and romance to the image. This cotton blouse will be appropriate for work and a festive event.

Silk or chiffon blouse with a bow looks very delicate and feminine, creating a romantic image. At the same time it perfectly combines with classic things and with bright things, for example, with a blue skirt.

White Blouse With Open Shoulders

A white blouse with open shoulders is great for slender women. The especially beautiful white blouse looks on tanned skin. A blouse with a neckline is suitable for everyday wear and allows you to create a delicate and sexy image. There are many styles with open shoulders, and often such models are decorated with ruffles and ruches.

White Blouse With Jabot

The jabot is a gathering of flounces of different lengths located on the chest area. This blouse model looks very festive but can also be a variant for the office image. A blouse with jabot can be completed with a vest, blouse or jacket, and as the bottom will suit perfectly a skirt with a sun, a great option would be a blue skirt.

Blouse With A Zipper

A blouse with a zipper is two pieces of fabric in the front, which are folded one over the other and fixed with a belt. Thus, a neckline is formed, which creates a feminine silhouette. Such blouses usually have elongated sleeves and collars. A blouse with a zipper top can be used as an evening blouse.

White Blouse With A Basque

A blouse with a puffed basque is suitable for any figure. You need to choose the right model. The bass may be at the waist, but there are also higher or lower models, allowing you to pick up a blouse for any shape. Such a thing makes a figure more feminine, visually increasing the hips. Excellent look blouse with wide sleeves and a basque. It is suitable for a festive image.

White Lace Blouse

Blouses with lace can be combined with both classic and casual things. Lace perfectly combines with denim fabrics, and such an outfit is suitable for everyday walks. A blouse of guipure combined with a classic skirt is suitable for work. For the office, a blouse with a closed neckline should be selected. White openwork blouses can be combined with a bright skirt or shorts to create a light summer image.

Blouse With Collar

Blouses with a collar come in various styles, and every fashionista can find the right style for herself. The chiffon blouse is suitable for office style, but if it is a simple cut, it can be used for any image. Such a silk blouse will look great combined with a black blouse. If you like a raised collar, a cotton blouse can easily achieve this effect.

Blouse With Prints

Black polka dots on a white blouse has long been considered a classic, but the thing with white polka dots on black is also relevant. You can create business and romantic images with a polka dots blouse. It is worth remembering that a large print is suitable for plump women, and small polka dots are more ideal for the owners of slender figures. A polka-dot blouse also provides an opportunity to create a retro-style image.

A striped blouse is as relevant as polka dots and is suitable for an office or casual look. The stripes can be either vertical or horizontal. The best colour is black. Such a blouse will look great with a blue skirt. Only very slender girls can afford horizontal stripes in clothing. Owners of puffy forms should prefer a blouse with vertical stripes. A striped blouse with a vertical stripe visually elongates the figure, making it more slender.

Blouse With A Pattern

Blouses decorated with a pattern look brighter and more creative and are no longer suitable for office style. For a spring or summer image that perfectly suits a blouse with flowers, they can be not only in the form of a print but also with embroidery. Combining such a thing is better with monochrome light items so that the image does not turn out too variegated.

As we can see, the white blouse is unique and should definitely be in every woman’s closet. Knowing what to add and how to decorate this seemingly simple thing, you can create new images in different styles daily. You can decorate this blouse with rhinestones, beads or even a knitted brooch if you know how to knit. Various accessories will help to complement the classic blouse, and imagination will make it original and stylish.

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