Flower Headbands: Trendy Hair Decorations

Hairstyles are of no minor importance when creating a spectacular image. A variety of hairpins, hairpins help to fix the curls. A delicate flower headband will give a charming, demure look. It is not even necessary to construct a complex hairstyle – you can fix a headband on the loose strands.

Flower Headbands Models

Individual flowers on the headband are no longer relevant. In fashion are compositions of artificial, natural buds and leaves. Among the many options, you can select headbands for festive events and every day. The accessory looks interesting on the hair of different lengths, and fashionable women of any age can choose a suitable model.

For girls

A headband with delicate florets will stylishly decorate a child’s image. The little girl will be interested in choosing and changing the accessory for each outfit. Therefore it makes sense to buy several products of different shades. Stylists recommend buying satin ribbons in tone with flowers, which are easy to tie as a sash or a bow.

For women

Of course, adult fashionistas are more critical about composing looks. Nevertheless, it is possible to fit exquisite hair ornament into different styles. Delicate flowers will organically complement outfits in boho styles (dresses, skirts, and blouses). Fresh and original looks, headbands in sets with jeans/shorts, t-shirts/tops, and summer sundresses.

Flower Headbands Types

When choosing products, it is desirable to consider not only the closet’s style but also the situation. The original look hoops with decorations of different sizes.

With little flowers

For everyday looks, suit accessories of a modest appearance. Designers suggest considering headbands decorated with satin ribbons and single flowers or small bunches. Decorations decorated with small rosebuds are trendy. As a rule, for everyday pick up products in pastel colors (soft pink, cream, pale yellow).

With big

Large flowers on headbands are appropriate when composing images for solemn occasions. Always exquisite and stylish lush buds look in wedding dresses. Brides choose wreaths on the head from artificial flowers, densely arranged along the rim.

Such hair ornaments fit seamlessly into a wedding outfit in boho style.

Varieties Of Artificial Flowers

Naturally, products with artificial flowers are more practical and popular. Different materials are used for decorating headbands with flowers.


The material, which resembles a dense sponge or suede, is in demand in various kinds of needlework. The flower buds made of foamirin have many advantages:

  • do not lose their shape when pressed;
  • do not burn out or deteriorate from moisture;
  • are environmentally friendly;
  • the material is easy to color (you can even use eye shadow if necessary).

To give the material the desired shape, it is heated. To glue the flower petals and attach the buds, use silicone glue or Moment glue.

Kanzashi Technique

The headbands decorated with textile elements look exquisite and luxurious. It is not difficult to make a headband with flowers. Thanks to a special technique of folding petals from pieces of material, we get elements of different shapes and sizes. You can use tweezers to collect the individual parts into a bud or flower. The assembled flowers are attached to the hoops.

Flowers for headbands are made of silk and velvet. Beads and rhinestones are often used as additional decorations.

From polymer clay

Self-hardening clay is excellent for creating delicate flowers. The polymer material does not need to be specially baked – the products naturally dry in the air. Plastic clay easily molds all kinds of flowers for the headband with your own hands.

If there is cellulose in the composition, the surface of thin and light products becomes matt. Such products do not tolerate contact with water, so the accessory can only be cleaned with a dry brush.

Made of felt.

Thin felt sheets are an excellent material for creating all kinds of flowers (roses, daisies). Making a headband of flowers with your own hands is not difficult. It is enough to have several sheets of felt, scissors, thread with a needle, glue, and a metal rim.

  1. Cut a few pieces of flower blanks of different sizes from the felt.
  2. Petals are sewn together in several layers, forming a flower.
  3. The hoop’s upper side is covered with glue drops and glue flowers.

Since the accessories have a “warm” wool look, it is advisable to match them with a demi-seasonal closet.

From fabric

The easiest way to express floral splendor is with various textured fabrics. Needlewomen use silk, linen, cotton, velvet, velvet ribbons or braid. Depending on the type of material, different techniques are used. To create airy peony blossoms, chiffon petals are fired. Especially effective look textile buds decorated with feathers and beads in the form of berries. Such decor gives accessories elegance and uniqueness.

From natural flowers

Flowers have long been used to decorate hair and hairstyles. Slavic women braided their hair and decorated their heads with lush flower wreaths.

Today, jewelry made of fresh flowers is an essential accessory for the bride’s image. The traditional choice is pink buds. Since plants wither quickly, choosing slowly withering varieties (daisies, dandelions) is advisable. Or you can spray the buds and leaves with a special liquid.


The color palette is capable of satisfying any fantasy. Lovers of contrast or bright combinations combine red and white, pink and blue, and orange and blue flowers. To balance the image, things choose a muted or neutral color palette.

Solemn and unconventional look headbands decorated with black flowers. An accessory with satin elements will effectively complement an evening look. For a romantic date you can choose a headband with delicate buds of pastel colors (pink, mint, pale blue).


The stylish accessory is gradually conquering the catwalks. Designers offer wide headbands decorated with flowers or stylized elements (petals lined with stones and beads). The rich decor is appropriate in a festive closet.

The unexpected idea is to wear several different headbands at the same time. As an option, the accessory with white and red flowers effectively complements the headband with a lush glass-and-white decoration.

Popular Colors

Flowers in pastel colors are in fashion. The classic is a composition of white, pink, and blue shades. Beautiful and unusual look wreaths less common colors: lavender, violet, turquoise.

The headbands decorated with dark blue, black or brown buds do not look dull or mournful. Such decor will organically complement everyday looks.

How To Wear Flower Headbands

Flowers are always associated with tenderness and romance. The best option is to complement your summer closet (sundresses, light dresses) with the original accessory. For the boho style, suit things with a small floral print.

In the spirit of street style will look like an ensemble of thin floral headbands and denim clothes (shorts, jeans, skirts, sundresses).

Hairstyles With A Headband

This stylish accessory is a great way to create original hairstyles for a festive event or to decorate your braids for everyday life:

  • Long strands are gathered in a bun on top of the head or in a regular ponytail;
  • Thick curls are braided into a lush braid;
  • Curly hair can be left just unraveled, elegant look and a headband on smooth long hair.

Of course, a professional hairdresser can create an extraordinary festive style with a beautiful headband.


For a floral accessory not to look incongruous in the image, the shade of colors must be “supported” by some item in the closet.

The accessory is not recommended for a business look. Even a small flower in the strands would be superfluous.

The effective hair decor is a great way to add a touch of creativity and individuality to a look. You do not have to wait for a special occasion. A few accessories of different kinds can help to diversify your looks in an original way.

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