Flared Jeans: Stylish Classic For All Times

For a very long time, jeans have ceased to be associated with work clothes. They have become quite a stylish element of the female closet. Each season, many fashion houses release novelties of denim pants with an original design or cut. Models of jeans became so numerous that it is difficult to choose one. However, designers pay more attention to some styles, and flared jeans fall into this category.

When choosing a suitable model, attention is paid to two characteristics: fit (waist height) and the width of the pants from the knees to the bottom.

Conventionally allocated overstated, regular and undervalued landing. High bell-bottom jeans are recommended to choose slender women, as such styles emphasize the waist line.
Normal is considered the most common, as it suits ladies of all physiques.

Low cut is mostly worn by young girls. For such a cut, a closet should be carefully selected. Cropped tops (revealing part of the stomach) and low-rise jeans look attractive and fresh on the young fashionista. And, naturally, it is unnecessary to remind that such a dress looks attractive on girls with an ideal figure.

Two models are distinguished by the width of the legs at the bottom. Products with the usual placket (boot cut) can be considered a classic. Jeans bell-bottom expand smoothly from the knee and have the same width at the bottom as at the level of the hips. More flared models (flared cut) are very wide at the bottom and are not popular now.

Particular attention should be paid to bell-bottom jeans. These products cannot be called common, but ladies with wide hips should purchase them. And choose a model made of fabric with some stretch. The thing will fit perfectly in this case and will not have to be tightened. Choosing the length of pants carefully is very important if the shoes have a high heel.

What Shoes Go With Flared Jeans?

The democratic nature of modern fashion allows you to wear these pants with different shoes, provided that such a combination will look harmonious.

A classic set: plaid and flat-soled or medium-heeled shoes. To create an elegant look, choosing pants of the right length is critical, so they don’t drag on the ground.

However, some designers offer short flared jeans. Such models usually have a raw edge. It is easy enough to make with their own hands – old pants are cut short and the bottom is not reworked. Cropped jeans look stylish on slender young fashionistas.

As long as the heel is not considered, denim clothing can be paired with shoes of any kind: sandals, shoes, boots or boots. And you can choose both dressy models of shoes, as well as casual.

What To Wear With Bell-Bottom Jeans?

It is only possible to consider some variants of the closet with the participation of flared models. This is because it is necessary to consider the female figure’s peculiarities, the preferences of a fashionable woman and her lifestyle. We can only recommend some options for women’s wardrobe from designers:

  • Spacious knit top, jacket, flared jeans and sandals. This laconic look is suitable for young slim individuals who lead a free lifestyle;
  • Also young fashionistas with a thin waist can wear a tight top, high-waisted jeans, flat-soled shoes. And the top should always be tucked into the pants. You can emphasize the waist line with a belt;
  • Effectively flared jeans look with high heels. Owners of slender legs can choose clothes of different lengths. For ladies in the body to give preference to jeans, which almost completely cover the heel, to visually “elongate” legs and distract attention from the magnificent forms. Products with lapels look great with high heels.

Models With A Slight Placket

Such jeans with a little bit of a low waist rarely fall out of fashion. And there are several reasons for that. These pants are so elegant around the area from the knee to the hip, making a silhouette even more feminine. And who are suitable for such models? Fashionistas with any figure, especially if shoes and other clothes are chosen correctly.

Boot cut models can be classified as universal since they are suitable for any occasion:

  • For everyday life suit jeans of any shade, combined with knitted tops or cotton shirts. Tops, sweaters can be of different lengths and shapes. Tight-fitting T-shirts should be tucked into jeans. In autumn perfectly combined jeans kleshlesh with coats or oversize sweaters. Complement the closet shoes-ballet, sneakers or sneakers;
  • For work, preference should be given to models in darker shades (blue, black, gray). Products with arrows are emphasized business look (special production technology). Such pants do not “lose” arrows even after numerous washings. An important plus – models visually slim legs, distracting attention from possible flaws (too rounded shape of the hips or skinny legs). To create a stylish office look you should add a monochrome / plaid shortened classic jacket or blazer. Complement the closet with a golf, a tight-fitting sweater or a shirt. You can wear both stiletto shoes and platform shoes;
  • White or light blue jeans and chiffon blouses will add romance to the image. Transparent tight top will complement the elongated tunic of cambric. You can choose the shoes as flat-soled and high-heeled. If the shoes will be silver or gold shades, then such a look is quite suitable for a holiday party.

Non-standard looks like a combination of klesh on top (a blouse with wide sleeves) and bottom. Such images with bell-bottom jeans should be chosen carefully, with an eye on the figure and height of the fashionista.

Decorative Trim On Flared Jeans

Designers never cease to amaze the public with using non-standard and stylish jewelry in clothing.

Jeans with sloppy slits or impressive cuts with fringes break the rules of style and fashion.

The new season offers models with prints, appliques, and embroidery. The jeans will surely draw attention to the owner and make her stand out from the crowd. The set should consist of monochrome t-shirts / sweaters of neutral colors so as not to look like a Christmas tree. Pants can be decorated in separate parts (near the pockets, along the bottom) or their entire length.

These jeans have both ripped slits and applique/embroidery, creating a creative and provocative look.

The most beautiful thing in today’s fashion is the possibility to decorate your favorite models yourself – it is enough to stylize the cut and glue a ready-made applique. And the stickers can be very diverse – from lace to geometric patterns in patchwork style. This is where there is no limit to your imagination – because any option will have the right to exist.

Due to the wide range of styles bell bottom jeans offer, every member of the fair sex can choose a suitable model, preferably, more than one. Especially since it is difficult to find a more fashionable, practical, and stylish outfit. To feel comfortable, you need to pay more attention to choosing shoes, accessories and other closet items.

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