Feminine Tulip Skirt – A Universal Closet Model

A tulip skirt is popular among women of all shapes and sizes. The model resembles the inverted cup of the May flower, although experts say it is the version of the pencil skirt with extra volume on the hips. Classic models work well with things from a strictly romantic closet, offering a successful image for an active or gentle look. This season’s garments feature zippers, high waistlines, hidden or patch pockets, experiment with length and prints.

Features of the tulip skirt

Designers have proposed a tulip skirt style to fashionistas in the last century. The length of the classic models covered the knees, gradually narrowing to the hem.
Christian Dior decided to twist the puffed skirt underneath, obtaining the first “tulip”. The cut emphasized the waist, widened at the hips and narrowed to the bottom of the piece. As a result there was a drapery on the hips line, hiding or giving the desired volumes. The model reflected the new look style, suggesting to try on the feminine floral image.

What does a tulip skirt look like nowadays? Nowadays, many styles of garments suitable for any type of figure have been developed. Consider the length and silhouette of the product to visually stretch the figure. Experiment with the length of models and the height of the waistline in the current season.

Slim girls choose tulip skirts to draw attention away from the voluminous tops with elongated models with zippers. Long garments will help to hide thin or full legs, although luxurious young ladies are advised to avoid flounces and ruffles at the hem.

Who is suitable for the tulip skirt

For girls with different physiques, the model is a success. In addition to adding a note of seriousness to young ladies, the tulip skirt will soften the look of a woman up to 35. A fashion style that balances the figure will hide flaws in the thighs and abdomen. Who needs a tulip skirt in their closet? Wear models of high or medium-height young ladies with shapely legs. There are no restrictions regarding excessive size, since a high waistline successfully hides the volume of the body.

Tips for wearing the model:

  • Slim girls should wear midi models with an accent on the waistline. The cut creates volume on the hips.
  • Chubby women try on skinny clothes without excessive drapery or ruffles. It is desirable to choose models with a high waistline of midi length. The cut will elongate the silhouette and balance the upper and lower part of the figure.
  • Owners of the figure “inverted triangle” strict style will help hide massive hips, and give a sophisticated look.
  • For the “rectangle” type of shape fit tulip skirts with a zipper or slit. The belt will highlight the waist and puffy pleats on clothes will give the missing volume.

Short girls cannot wear the model. The garment visually reduces the height, makes the figure squat, adds extra dimensions.

You can conceal your bouffant hips with various products to correct your figure. It will be in the trend of garments for winter and summer, so the skirt will become a universal closet item. For the warm season a pattern with a fashionable asymmetric hem or basque is chosen, and decorated with applications or embroidery.

Models are in demand as a substitute for school uniforms. The bottom is made from natural fabrics of dark colour, supplemented with a belt and pockets. Short products are inappropriate here, the optimal length is midi. Adolescents wear such clothing to conceal their thinness or completeness, which helps to develop their sense of style. Also the tulip skirt looks beautiful in tandem with school jackets and coats.

Model with a high waistline

One of the most popular configurations is the high waist. Large girls choose the cut to hide a protruding tummy. Girls also demand such products with a rectangular figure, which helps to bring the silhouette closer to the “hourglass” standard.

It is enough to make the basque a bit wider on the pattern to get a popular cut. There are models with a fabric belt, a wide elastic band, a bow or a strap. Designed from a material of contrasting shades, the belt can harmonize in color with the product. It is erroneous to complement a tulip skirt with a basque to avoid overloading the image.

Flared model

Classic garments with a zipper are equipped with clasps, so it is easy to adjust the desired volume at the waist. If sewing flowing or light materials, clasps are considered an optional element.

The cut completely repeats the floral petals of the tulip, so the finished midi length piece completely repeats the models of the past. Designers suggest changing the scent with pleats of draping material.

Model with pockets

How to sew a tulip skirt with patch or hidden pockets, so as not to lose the fluidity of the figure? Place pockets at an angle to form folds on the molds, which further expands the model at the hips.

A thin or puffy figure is contraindicated by this cut. The option is suitable for those with a slender figure. Roomy hidden pockets increase the functionality of the skirt, and patches of contrasting fabric will be decorative ornaments.

Variable length

Items with different lengths remain popular. The most ideal option depends on the length of the garment on the palm to the knee. It would be best if you chose a skirt based on your figure and the upcoming event. Young teenagers look beautiful in the mini, medium or long length to the floor. For summer holidays it is advisable to buy a mini and maxi made of flying fabrics, a tapered midi of dense material for the office.


While other mini versions have lost relevance, short tulip skirts are experiencing a peak in popularity. Fashionistas play with the length. Bold young ladies try on a frank mini with a slit in front, repeating the petals of the tulip.

Voluminous mini are made from matte fabrics, it is unnecessary to use additional decorative inserts. For a festive appearance, make an exception by presenting silk or satin models in deep shades of colors.


Midi dresses will complement the office dress code. The laconic cut allows for an elegant image. Dress to work in skinny tulip skirts in black or steel colour, supplementing the image with a blouse and a shortened jacket.

Midi length is suitable for a romantic date. It is recommended to move away from restraint, allowing yourself to try on scarlet, orange, lemon or turquoise tulip skirts. Lace elements, embroidery and beads remain a priority.


Lengthened models successfully replace evening gowns, especially if you use silk or satin for sewing. The popularity of elongated garments that reach the floor and tight tops with an open back or shoulder remains high. It is wrong to choose puffy blouses with flounces or tops made of bright fabrics, it is better to adhere to the principles of minimalism.

Maxi length visually elongates the silhouette of a fluffy girl, gives seductive curves to a thin tall lady. Stiletto shoes should be worn under these models.

Topical fabrics

The choice of material for sewing depends on the season. The fabric is suitable with drapery, well held shape. It is wrong to use chiffon when cutting, which is considered too thin material.

For the warm weather, choose satin, satin or silk models, creating volume and folds. When it is colder, buy products made of dense fabrics such as corduroy or tweed. The bottom does not need to be cut out according to the pattern with a peak, select a skirt with an extension at the hips.


Designers offer fashionable women versatile leather tulip skirts, emphasizing the owner’s individuality. Both mini and long dresses look beautiful. Leather products are characterized by strength and durability.

Models of soft leather form textured pleats, create the necessary volume on the hips. Along with black skirts, garments in saturated and nude colors are in demand.


Create a romantic image with a lace tulip skirt in a light palette. It is desirable to choose models made of opaque fabric, covered with openwork material on top. It is advised to create a one-piece image, complement the set with a lace top or blouse to match the colour.


Denim remains the best option for an urban fashionista’s image. Teenagers will love to flaunt a mini under a T-shirt or T-shirt, complementing the image with sports shoes and a backpack.

Women choose one-piece midi dresses with clasps that fit into a sporty look. Comfortable floor-length denim garments worn as a set with fishnet tops and ballet flats are also in demand.

Spectacular colours and prints

The latest collections of fashion shows are striking with a combination of juicy colors. In the summer, choose from crimson, scarlet, cornflower and lilac shades. The off-season is the perfect time for stylish garments in chocolate, burgundy or mustard colors. Buy steel, black, or green products for the workday.

Lovers of unconventional solutions will appreciate the models with variegated patterns, stripes or polka dots. Serious girls will like monochrome garments of calm powdery shades.


Dress to a business meeting or to school in a classic black tulip skirt, looking harmonious in a duet with a snow-white skirt. If the combination seems boring, select a monochrome blue or beige blouse with flounces.


A flirty tulip skirt in red is not going out of style. Combine this universal closet item with t-shirts, shirts, jackets and jackets in contrasting colors. It is mistaken to consider a red skirt suitable only for parties, because with this model you can create an office and everyday city image.


Dark bluish models look stylish in the closet of a modern girl. You can choose from various bluish palettes, including soft bluishs, cornflowers, and cobalts. If combined with a light tone to create a summer image, the rich colour midi looks harmoniously in the office.

Polka Dot Skirt

Slim girls add volume to the hips by dressing in large polka dots. Polka dots print has remained at the peak of popularity for several seasons, it is considered a sign of retro style. Such bottoms are worn with a light top and shoes with a heel or a flat sole.

Striped skirt

Wearing skirts with vertical stripes is considered a way to elongate the figure. For a harmonious look, choose solid-coloured blouses or tops, try not to abuse large accessories.

Floral print

Romantic girls will like the clothes with floral prints. It is also imperative not to overload the image here, so choose a top in a calm palette. The shoes are suitable for light platform sandals.

Models in yellow and white

A bright yellow and cream tulip skirt is more often seen in the summer image. Models are made from flying fabrics, the length depends on the owner’s preferences. It is recommended to make a monochrome image, to combine yellow with cream or blue colour tops. You can combine cream garments with pastels and saturated colours at any time of the year.

Summer models

Brands suggest trying on models made of flying fabrics with motley prints. Priority is given to satin and silk products, flowing over the body. Short summer tulip skirts with a tulip peak are considered floor-length clothing.

How to create the perfect winter look

Fashionistas in winter do not refuse to wear a tulip skirt, but choose wool, tweed or corduroy models. In winter, they wear midi dresses, choosing monochrome turtlenecks, short jackets or jackets. The outfit is combined with boots or boots, beautifully emphasizing the ankle. As outerwear suit jackets, capes, coats or fur coats.

What to wear a tulip skirt with

Girls’ closet is very diverse. If fashionistas have difficulty choosing what to wear with tulip skirt, you should listen to your intuition. Motley colours with an abundance of details can appear on the bottom or top. Wear a monochrome blouse or T-shirt under the laconic bottom or a flirty lace top.

Office option

This photo shows how to wear a tulip skirt to work. Model should wear it below the knees under a light blouse, shirt or turtleneck. It is recommended to tuck the top under the belt, though it is allowed to wear it outside. If you are going to the office, wear a dark bottom with a fitted jacket of the same color, stiletto shoes are suitable.

Out for a walk

Go for a walk in a monochrome skirt with a short denim jacket or jacket. In addition, the bottom can be worn with tight-fitting shirts or sweaters and shirts with voluminous sleeves. As a complement, pick up a thin belt and shoes with thin bindings.

For the party

For a bold look combine a mini with a strapless top to create the illusion of a dress. Women are wearing contrasting colours of tops and bottoms to deliver a provocative image.

Does the style suit the overweight

Plus size ladies look good with narrowed model tulip skirt. The wider the volume of the hips of the owner, the more narrowed the bottom hem is selected:

  • Stylists recommend looking at garments with a high waistline, hiding a protruding belly;
  • relief, pleats and drapery serve as a distraction from excessive fullness;
  • Visually slim figure skirts in rich shades of burgundy, dark blue or chocolate.

Choose a shortened top to the waistline or tuck shirts and blouses into a skirt. Long cardigans or jackets up to the middle of the thigh are categorically forbidden, adding bulk to the physique.

Stylish combinations

When putting together an look, focus on your own preferences. The snow-white skirt looks harmoniously with the blue-and-white striped vest and loafers. The casual style is recreated with dark bottom and cream or pink blouse tucked into the skirt. The sporty style is characterized by pairing a midi model with a crop top, and for a date, replace the top with a lace blouse with voluminous sleeves.

Stylist Tips

To visually lengthen the legs, it is recommended to wear tights under midi skirts of the same colour under the shoes. If you want to emphasize the curves of the body choose a bottom with a high waistline or tie a decorated belt.

The hem of the outer clothing should not completely cover the hips to avoid a baggy figure. The higher the heels of the shoes, the longer the skirt.

The tulip skirt will become a stylish closet solution, allowing you to hide body flaws visually. To create an airy look for summer holidays and an austere look for office dress code, carefully choose the top and accessories.

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