Faux Leather Skirt: A Trendy Item For Every Day

If a girl wants to look stylish, she should consider a skirt constructed of faux leather. Products constructed of this fabric are in trend today. A well-tailored garment is durable and maintains its appearance for a long time. Modern models of faux leather skirts help to create youth, casual, office and holiday images.

Advantages And Disadvantages

The advantage of leatherette is that it is not inferior to natural leather in smell, softness. The material’s main advantage is its resistance to external factors. You can create various sets with a skirt made of leatherette. The product is suitable for everyday wear, holidays, and work.

However, artificial leather has some disadvantages:

  • It is virtually impermeable to air. For this reason, the body in leatherette “does not breathe.
  • Does not tolerate low temperatures well. Poor quality products may burst at -10°C.
  • Susceptible to flame. A leatherette closet item will catch fire if exposed to fire.

In addition, leatherette has low elasticity.

Material Features

Artificial leather is a modern material that successfully replaces natural leather. It is used for sewing clothing, shoes, and accessories. There are several varieties of leatherette.


The cheapest kind of leatherette. It is based on synthetic substances coated in nitrocellulose or cotton. The fabric is not durable, therefore the manufacture of quality clothing it is rarely used.


This type of leatherette is used for sewing quality clothing, which is in demand among informal people. For example, a vinyl skirt is considered erotic lingerie.


It is considered a sought-after type of leatherette. This material is treated with polymers such as elastin, lycra and others. Stretch is used to sew various things, clothes, shoes.


The fabric has a high level of durability. It is used for sewing shoes, workwear, gloves. Not used for sewing skirts.

Artificial leather is a delicate fabric, any scratches and scuffs are noticeable on it. A defect in the leatherette will spoil the appearance of the finished product. It is important to check the quality of the material before buying it. If this is your first time working with synthetic leather, first sew something small out of it. It can be a purse or cosmetic bag. Once you have perfected your skills, you can start sewing a skirt.

Tip! Do the stitches carefully, because they cannot be corrected later. The needle puncture is noticeable, so it will spoil the beauty of the finished product.


With a skirt made of leatherette you can create different images due to the rich choice of styles. Therefore, a stylish woman should have relevant and practical products in her closet. You should try a few models to find the right skirt.


Topical products are a product of trapezoidal cut. This classic style will hide extra pounds on the abdomen and make a woman visually slimmer. More often found in two lengths – mini and midi. Trapeze skirts to the floor are very rare.


This style is universal. It sits well on any woman, regardless of the figure. Straight cut skirts look better in medium length.


A win-win solution for fashionistas – a pencil skirt made of leatherette. Fashionable model suitable for everyone. It can be used, for example, to create an office image. In this case, the product should be knee-length.


Lengthened models will help to create a serious image. When they are combined with other closet items, they can emphasize feminine sexuality. We do not recommend that women wear our products on the floor of leatherette because they are too fat.


Faux leather skirt of this cut is characterized by many folds. The cut gives a woman extra volume in the waist and hips. Suitable for slim fashionistas.


The interesting design ideas are short skirts, midi skirts, and elongated models. If it’s warm outside, look at the length of a mini or up to the knee. In winter and for evening events it is advisable to opt for midi or maxi skirts (straight cut is preferable).


Fashion designers offer a lot of short skirts made of leatherette. The mini-skirt “half-solence” will look cute on a young girl. Such a thing is indispensable for visiting a disco, a trip to the cinema, a friendly get-together. If your skirt is too short, the image will be provocative.

Attention! Do not combine the mini with fishnet tights, leather jacket, stiletto shoes. Such an image is considered vulgar.


Midi skirt made of leatherette is versatile as it can be used to create office and street looks. The medium length of the product visually elongates and slims the figure. Such a thing draws attention to the legs, thereby emphasizing their beauty.


Floor skirt made of leatherette is rare because it requires a lot of fabric for sewing. Long models have a laconic cut. Suitable for tall and slim women.

Making A Skirt Out Of Leatherette

A skirt made of leatherette, made by your own hands, is a real exclusive. Sewing does not require much effort or time. Here is an example of how to sew a pencil skirt from synthetic leather.

What you need for sewing a skirt

Materials needed to sew a pencil skirt:

  • leatherette – 1.5 m;
  • elastic band for the belt – 0.7 m;
  • lining fabric – 0.5 m;
  • hidden zipper;
  • thermal tape;
  • tailor’s scissors;
  • needle;
  • threads in the colour of the material;
  • a meter and a ruler;
  • pattern paper;
  • crayon;
  • pins;
  • button.

You also need a sewing machine for the job.

The pattern

Pattern of a fashionable skirt made of leatherette is based on the following measures:

  • The length of the product – 45 cm;
  • waist circumference – 67 cm;
  • hip coverage – 92 cm.

The volume of the waist and hips must be divided by 3, since the future pattern consists of 3 parts. Draw a line, add 1.1 cm for the seam. On the sides draw a line corresponding to the length of the skirt. Add 1.1 cm to the bottom edge for the hem.


Next, transfer the drawing from the template to the fabric with chalk. Cut out the parts, leaving an allowance of 1.1 cm. The scissors must be sharp, otherwise they will “jam” the fabric.


Stages of execution:

  1. Fold the two halves of the pattern “face” inward.
  2. Attach the top of the zipper with pins, then fix the seam on the sewing machine.
  3. Sew up the rest of the open seam, indented from the edge of 0.7 cm.
  4. Sew in turn the remaining piece to the two edges, closing the product.
  5. Cut the belt from a decorative elastic band (width – 4 cm).
  6. Sew together and sew the top seam of the skirt and waistband with a machine stitch.
  7. Cut off the excess material from the top of the product. Treat it with thermal tape.
  8. Gently iron all seams through a dense layer of fabric without turning on the steam mode.
  9. Sew on a button, make a loop.

The skirt is ready! You can wear it by combining it with various closet elements and creating interesting images.

What To Wear With It

Leather skirt can be worn at any time of year. It can be easily combined with bulky winter clothes and airy summer ones.

Actual images:

  • The black puffy skirt will make a stylish look with a blouse of the same colour, as the fashionable texture, a pleasant sheen will make a woman luxurious;
  • To create a business outfit, you can apply a pencil skirt of dark colour up to the middle of the knees and a blouse of a light shade;
  • Mini-skirt of black A-silhouette in harmony with a light-coloured golf, this model looks stylish with a denim shirt;
  • The medium-length “sun” model of chestnut colour combines wonderfully with an airy chiffon blouse with a floral pattern;
  • The flared gray midi skirt looks elegant with a white knitted blouse with a laconic cut;
  • A trapeze skirt of red colour with a dark blue turtleneck looks beautiful;
  • An unconventional look – a combination of a metallic colour model with a white top of a simple style;
  • For a party, a short leather skirt with a zipper and a light-coloured turtleneck top would be ideal.

If you opt for a skirt in this color, it will be the main accent, the upper part of the look should not be flashy.

You can wear a skirt made of leatherette with T-shirts, tops, bodysuits, T-shirts, blouses, pullovers, denim shirts. It is not recommended to wear a transparent top under such a skirt.

Shoes And Accessories To Go With Faux Leather Skrit

Designers advise to match the skirt with leatherette shoes without excessive decorative ornaments. It is desirable that there are no rhinestones, buckles.

Helpful recommendations:

  • Flared stylish silhouette will adorn the boots with a stable heel;
  • Moccasins with socks go with a set of a pleated skirt and a striped sweatshirt;
  • Booties or boots, as well as the original headdress will suit the trapezoidal model;
  • A dress of a pleated skirt and chiffon top will complement the suede boots with a medium heel;
  • Complete the evening image with a miniskirt shoes with heels and a small handbag.

Designers advise against wearing a lot of different accessories with a skirt. It is allowed to add a fashionable handbag of the same color as the leather or shoe to complete the item. From the bijouterie will do something alone:

  • bracelet;
  • thick chain;
  • necklace.

To create an office look, it is recommended to wear a stylish wristwatch or trendy glasses.

How To Care For Faux Leather Skirt

Modern technology makes it possible to produce synthetic leather, similar to natural leather. Unlike many other fabrics, leatherette is practical, durable and versatile. But such a product needs proper care.

Synthetic leather should be cleaned with special products. Dust or dirt from the product must be removed quickly, before the composition has penetrated the deeper layers of fabric. Wet microfiber material is used during processing. If the dirt is substantial, it is cleaned with a cotton pad, and pre-moistened in a professional detergent composition. The remaining composition should be rinsed off, then wipe the skirt dry.


  • It is not recommended to sew a thing made of leatherette;
  • Do not wash the entire product, as it may lose its presentable appearance;
  • Do not wear the product at -15°C and below, otherwise it will become unusable;
  • The front part of the synthetic leather must not be ironed with an iron.

To avoid disappointment, you should buy a quality faux leather skirt. You can sew it yourself. An original thing like this will transform any image into something extravagant, stylish, and feminine.

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