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Do you love joggers as much as Rihanna loves them? We have no doubt that most fashionistas will confidently nod their heads. These comfortable sweatpants have successfully migrated from casual sportswear to more dressy looks. And Rihanna is a shining example of a woman who can wear women’s joggers in sports chic style. With her, you can use an example. And it’s better to figure out for yourself what they differ from other women’s pants. This includes what models there are, what is better to wear joggers with, how to choose the right colour solutions.

Velvet joggers

Fancy white joggers

Differences Between Joggers And Leggings

The name “joggers” comes from the English language, a derivative of the term “jogging,” which means light jogging. A fitness outfit like this was once designed for it. Therefore, the main mission of joggers is to be as comfortable and functional as possible. Thus several key elements of cut appeared in them, which today are considered the main distinctive features, giving originality and style to once exclusively sporty pants:

  • An elastic belt, sometimes varying in fabric texture. Traditional, main element.
  • The elastic band or cuffs on the trousers, made in the same material as the waistband (and stripes, if any).
  • Silhouette, oriented to the natural structure of the female figure: wide hip line and tapered pants to the ankles. Unlike leggings joggers are not tight, they are moderately spacious. But the impression of trousers correct joggers do not create.
  • A low fit at the waist. This element was a must for the classic joggers. In the models of the 2022 collections there is a gradual shift upwards, the fit becomes deeper.
  • Pockets. The classics – side, mortise, beveled. Innovation and trends of recent seasons – patch pockets.

In the latest designer collections many traditional elements of these pants are ignored. Protective flaps at the hips are added, making the decor brighter and bolder. And all for the beauty of capricious beautiful ladies. But, in general, joggers are recognizable in any variant. The semi-free cut is preserved even in the most adventurous decisions made by fashion designers.

Fancy black joggers

Trendy eco leather joggers

What Are Joggers Made Of

Initially joggers were made of cotton materials for sport and home use: fleece, futer, bikini. They are usually single-coloured or two-colour. Gradually there appeared noble linen jogger pants followed by pants of this cut of denim replacing jeans in the closet. These pieces, too, are not distinguished by color schemes.

Cotton jersey is a favorite of many designers. The spring-summer collections of Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, DKNY and others include white joggers made of this material. The latest fashion trends dress up girls in silk and chiffon joggers in the summer and in leather and suede ones in the cooler months.

Khaki joggers

Cotton joggers

It is the light in texture fabrics that allow joggers to be dotted with colours, ethnic ornaments, geometric patterns. When properly combined with the top and shoes it is very beautiful and stylish. The secrets and tips on how to wear joggers properly will be discussed below.

Joggers with heeled shoes

Joggers with patch pockets

How To Choose Joggers

There’s no arguing with the fact that the most critical thing is “to make the suit fit. Joggers are no exception. Because they are not as versatile as they may seem. These pants are suitable only for female figures of “inverted triangle” type. The main drawback – the shoulders are wider than the hips – is perfectly corrected, bringing the mistress closer to the ideal “hourglass. The “hourglasses” themselves need to be more careful in their selection, they are more suited to lampshades or a vertical pattern or print. But white joggers are clearly contraindicated here.

Leather joggers

Ladies with an apple silhouette should give preference to models made of dense cotton, with a weakly marked elastic waistband and a high waist. You can also choose jeans with this cut. Girls with a rectangular figure choose classic joggers, monochrome and without decorations. They help to create the right contrast in the waist and hips. The owners of pear-shaped figures are the least lucky: they are better off if the joggers remain purely a sportswear item. The specificity of the cut of these pants is contraindicated for this figure – the hips will be too overloaded, and the elastic band will simply visually shrink the legs.

Fashionable joggers with stripes

Fashionable striped joggers

The tighter the pants at the bottom, the more the top is covered. In other words, bare tummies and shoulders with tight joggers belong only in the gym.

Height also matters. For tall girls, you can choose super trendy models with patch pockets. For those of low height, classic models with a simple line of the step seam are suitable. Taking into account these recommendations, it is easy to choose your own model.

Now we need to figure out where and how to wear joggers.

Joggers in casual style

Stylish joggers with slits

Style Solutions With A Sporty Twist

If you’re still convinced that joggers should be worn with sneakers, flip-flops and snickers, in summary: you’re hopelessly behind the times. The trends of the last two years give the green light to even stiletto heels. And why not, if the image stands out, and the look is competently composed? For example, for everyday style the top flight is khaki joggers combined with oxfords and tops (sports sweater, longsleeve, T-shirt) of discreet shades of red, blue or brown.

Pink joggers

Fans of casual style can experiment with gray pants, bright cropped tops and topical sweatshirts, while wearing trendy slip-ons. The same is true for joggers in “camouflage” colouring, which very successfully moved from men’s collections to women’s closets.

Gray joggers

Accepts these pants and the office dress code, provided that the top remains austere. Tired classic pants can be replaced by dark (black or gray) joggers. Perfectly combined with a white blouse or shirt in a small check. And complete the look with the right accents with an elegant jacket and high-heeled pumps.

The higher the heel, the farther the joggers are from their “sporty pedigree. And that means not including anything more sporty in the clothing and accessory look.

For the evening look, choose elegant solid-coloured pants of this style, made of noble fabrics and embroidered with sequins or lace. Combine them with a long blouse, tunic, blazer. Because joggers are similar to lingerie, both the bustier and the airy top can also be paired with a cocktail dress. And here is the perfect opportunity to combine them with elegant shoes. As for the accessories, they are chosen to complement the style of the top.

Sports joggers

In general, accessories and joggers are an amazing alliance. Because two extremes work in favor of a successful image here: either layering and many colours, or minimalism and monochrome. Everything is used: bags, crossbody bags, backpacks, massive watches and bracelets, hats and casual hats.

Joggers with stitching

It is not clear when and who released the joggers from the gym to the street and then onto the catwalk. But it is obvious that these (now not so sporty) pants claim their place in the basic women’s closet. If you want to be known as a fashionable woman – wear joggers easily, stylishly, casually.

Joggers in yellow

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